Best WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins – 2019 (Free and Paid)

Do you want to setup an affiliate program for your customer to refer a friend for your WooCommerce store? Are looking for an easy to use WooCommerce Affiliate plugin? We have done the research and have the best WooCommerce affiliate plugins list.

Why does an ecommerce store need an Affiliate program?

Affiliate program for ecommerce store is one of the easiest and fastest ways to increase traffic and sales. It is a smart advertisement for your WooCommerce store because many brand ambassadors and influencers could make use of your referral system to promote and earn money.

You could also turn your new customers into loyal customers by making them your affiliate partners. But setting up a reliable and error-free affiliate program is vital because if your affiliate tracking software fails your affiliates may think you are cheating and you don’t want that to happen.

So here’s the list of reliable and best WooCommerce affiliate plugins for your WooCommerce store.

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5 Best Affiliate plugins for WooCommerce stores in 2019

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates


YITH WooCommerce Affiliates has basic features on the free plugin and more powerful affiliate features on the premium plugin. It is easy to setup and use. Affiliate registration is also quite straightforward.

Free Plugin Features
  • Create new affiliates directly from users registered to your site
  • Use shortcodes to allow affiliate registration
  • It automatically calculates and deducts commission in case of refund
  • Affiliates get a dashboard

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Premium Plugin Features

The premium YITH WooCommerce Affiliates plugin is a power packed. It has all the features for running a huge referral system for an ecommerce store.

  • You set different commission rates for different products and users on your store
  • Once the first purchase is made through a referral, two options; Affiliation can be removed for the user or affiliation can be permanently fixed for the referrer. (no other plugin has this feature)
  • Affiliate history and accurate statistics for each visit and clicks
  • Manual / Automatics affiliate approval
  • Detailed commission reports for each of the products

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AffiliateWP is a WordPress affiliate plugin which has a powerful WooCommerce integration.  Other than the WooCommerce integration, it has got free 15 add-ons and 14 paid add-ons which could be very useful.

Best WooCommerce affiliate features
  • Affiliate coupon tracking – connect coupon codes to specific affiliate accounts
  • Per-product per-affiliate rates – set different commission rates for individual affiliates on different products with the free Affiliate Product Rates add-on
  • Product-specific commission rates – commissions can be differently for individual products
  • Reject referrals on refund – commissions can be deducted if a purchase is refunded.
  • Disable specific products – AffiliateWP also allows you to disable specific products from generating referrals.

It has many 3rd party integrations. So AffiliateWP plugin would instrumental if you need many the integrations and add-ons.


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It is a quick and easy solution to setup an affiliate program from your WooCommerce store products. It is also very easy for customers to sign up for your referral program.

Unlike the other plugins mentioned here, ReferralCandy is not a self-hosted WooCommerce solution. It is a SAAS affiliate tracking software which can be integrated with the WooCommerce store.

It is the easiest and the most user-friendly of all the plugins mentioned here. If you are a beginner and don’t have much experience with WordPress and WooCommerce, it is the best option for you. It was initially built for Shopify so that you bet on it that it is optimized for ecommerce referrals.

Since, it is a SAAS model you have to pay a monthly subscription (begins form $45). But considering the benefits you are going to receive from your referring customers on your ecommerce store sales this price is justified. If you are a person who wants to focus on sales rather than spending time setting up an affiliate system, then you certainly have to go for it.

There is a  30 days free trial which you can try using ReferralCandy. I’m sure you would enjoy it.

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Affiliates Pro


Affiliates Pro is also a WordPress affiliate plugin which has a WooCommerce integration add- ons.

It has got a WooCommerce Light add-on which simply links the referral program to your WooCommerce product and a powerful Affiliates WooCommerce add-on which has  WooCommerce-specific options.

WooCommerce affiliate features

  • Coupons – Assign coupon codes to affiliates to credit them with sales commissions.
  • Subscriptions – Grant commissions on recurring payments.
  • Product rates – Set individual commission rates per product.

They also have an Enterprise option with which can build a multi-tier affiliate system.

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SUMO Affiliates



SUMO Affiliates is a simple and effective affiliate plugin for WooCommerce store. It has a user-friendly interface, and it is easy to setup and monitor your affiliate program. It may not be jam-packed with many features but it has the essential features, and it is the most affordable plugin in this list.

Best Features
  • Admin can Disable/Delete any Affiliate
  • Dashboard for Affiliates
  • Multi-Level Affiliate Marketing
  • Emails for All Affiliate Actions
  • Highly Customizable

There is also a SUMO Affiliates Pro which gives affiliate system for the full WordPress site.

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Refer a friend for WooCommerce


Refer a friend for WooCommerce is an excellent free WooCommerce referral plugin for rewarding your affiliates with Coupons. Since they are only receiving only coupons they will have to use it on your Ecommerce store to buy more products. This plugin is integrated with WooCoupons.

Free Features:

This plugin is integrated with WooCoupons. With this plugin, you can

  • Set the value of each coupon, which can be: percentage amount, fixed amount, or even % of referred person order
  • Define the type of the coupon

Download Refer a Friend for WooCommerce free plugin now!

Premium Features
  • Define the minimum order
  • Determine whether the coupon is product specific or not;
  • Set a coupon expiry date
  • Determine whether the coupon is category specific or not
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Subscription. Give your customers a free month (subscription period you use) when they refer someone to your site.
  • Styled Email Templates

Give Refer a Friend premium plugin a try!

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