10 Outstanding WordPress Themes for your Knowledge Base [ REVIEW ]

Here’s a comprehensive review of WordPress themes for your Knowledge Base. You love Helpie WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin and want to use it for your Knowledge Base website, now which theme would you use to compliment your overall website’s purpose and Helpie’s features?

If you haven’t previously heard about Helpie, Helpie is the most advanced Knowledge Base Plugin that works with almost any theme. You have got to check Helpie out first.

At this point in time, there are not many WordPress knowledge base themes that are outstanding. But here’s an exhaustive list of awesome free and paid themes that along with Helpie does an amazing job:

Astra WordPress Theme:


Astra WordPress Theme is a free, lightweight WordPress theme that was designed to work well with other plugins. Especially, Astra works very well with the page builder plugins.

Astra also works great with Helpie. We took it for a spin and found it very simple to setup and config. Do get started on a Knowledge Base right away using Astra.





Made for page-builders and domain-specific plugins like Helpie:
Astra is built distilled down to the essentials of a good theme without trying to do too many things. And everything is built modularly keeping in mind the functionality of powerful page builders and other plugins. This is what makes Astra stand out.

Super lightweight, super fast and highly-tuned for performance:
The theme has a Google Page Speed score of 95%; the GTMetrics loading time is 400ms and with a YSlow grade of 91%. This is very impressive indeed. These values vary based on your server, website content, etc., still, this is a very good base score to have.

Astra uses vanilla javascript and hence no JQuery dependency is used.

Astra has the essential customization features that you would need in a plugin. This is sufficient for basic users, but we always have the option of using a page builder like Elementor.

Astra has a free version which is pretty good. There are also more advanced features in the pro version.

Sites to Import:
Astra comes with a lot of pre-made data + design content that can mockup a website. You can practically choose a site you like and get started in 2 minutes flat.


OceanWP Theme:


OceanWP started as a fork from another WordPress theme but quickly improved by leaps and bounds, thanks to some great work by the lead developer. OceanWP is also a free theme but has powerful addon extensions that you can get on their website. OceanWP theme is an excellent choice if you want to start an e-commerce website with an added documentation/Knowledge Base on it. And of course, it works well with Helpie.

1. Powerful Extensions:
OceanWP theme has a lot of powerful extensions that you can use to customize your header, side panels for your widgets, Elementor widgets and more.

2. Excellent Support:
OceanWP’s customers rave about its support. That’s a good thing when you consider a new theme. Just check out the reviews in WordPress.org repository, and you can see their support as one of the elemental reasons that people love OceanWP WordPress theme.

3. E-commerce Support:
OceanWP has excellent compatibility with Woocommerce and other E-commerce plugins. It even has specific customization features for Woocommerce.

4. Super Responsive:
A lot of effort has gone to make this theme to be very responsive and also to add several responsive enhancements. For example, the responsive controls feature lets you control your element’s style properties, visibility, arrangements, etc.





With over 1+ million downloads, GeneratePress is an established name in the WordPress themes category. GeneratePress like Astra is a lightweight theme with the developer being more cautious to add more features that would make the theme bloated. On the other hand, GeneratePress has withstood the test of time and is still a well-respected theme.

We tried setting up GeneratePress with Helpie. It wasn’t hard, but we felt the style was pretty dry. This doesn’t matter much because you can easily customise styles with the inbuilt customizer features and a little CSS as needed.

Compatibility with Page Builders:
The main reasoning behind GeneratePress being lightweight is that it should make way for powerful page builders like Elementor to do their thing. GeneratePress has excellent compatibility for Elementor, Visual Composer and also Beaver Builder.

Excellent Support:
This is a recurring quality of the top themes we have tried; they have a commitment to providing awesome support.

Flexibility with features:
GeneratePress gives you the basic theme for free and gives you the option of adding powerful features by means of premium addons. You can get started with the basic lightweight theme and add only the specific features you need for each project.





Hestia is a material design theme brought to you by Themeisle with a free and pro version. According to WordPress.org, Hestia WordPress theme has over 50,000+ active installs and is slowly becoming the favorite free theme for professionals. There’s also a pro version of Hestia that comes with enhancements and additional features.

It has a slick design and is very easy on the eye as well. Hestia is compatible with Elementor, Woocommerce, Flat Parallax Slider among other plugins. The plugins named here are the ones that are most commonly used along with Hestia.


Mega Menu:

If you like Mega Menus, you’ll love Hestia. Even with the free version, you get the Mega Menu. Now, you can add sub-menu, organize them, sort them and customize their style without a fuss. This is a standout feature from all other themes in this list.

Live Customizer:
Hestia’s integration with the Live Customizer is a gem among Hestia’s other features; you can easily customize many of Hestia’s widgets using the live customizer. About Us section, Your team section, Client Testimonials section, Ribbon section are few of the many widgets that are fully integrated with the Live Customizer. Thus, you could have full autonomy over the appearance of your homepage widgets.

The Themeisle team is renowned for their support, and there’s no difference in saying that Hestia is very well supported. Team Themeisle’s support policy is “Be like Blackbeard,” that’s to say that their support is as mighty as the pirate Blackbeard.





The7 theme has been one of the highest selling themes on ThemeForest marketplace for a long time, and it doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. The7 is a rock solid theme with a ton of features. This is a great theme to use along with Helpie to build your Knowledge Base website.


Built for Visual Composer:
The7 theme prides itself on its seamless and complete integration with Visual Composer and Ultimate addons. The theme’s various widgets are coded to be modular and completely customizable using Visual Composer.

750+ Theme Options:
The7 WordPress theme is one of the most customizable themes in the market with over 750 theme options. These options cover everything from Skins, Branding, Typography, Top Bar & Header, Page Titles, Sidebar, Footer & Bottom Bar, Buttons, Post Types, Woocommerce, Archives, Widget Areas, Import/Export Options, etc. The complete set of options is very exhaustive and gives you complete control over your website.

Design Wizard & Demos:
The7 theme has still more to offer, with the Design Wizard, you can setup boutique-quality designs for your website is a flash.

You also get over 30+ demo sites which you can immediately recreate with their setup files.

Premium plugins worth over $100 included:
The theme comes with premium plugins that we love. Some of the included plugins are Visual Composer Profession version, Revolution Slider plugin, Layer Slider, Go Pricing tables, Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer and the Convert plugin. These plugins alone might cost you over a hundred bucks if bought separately. That’s a great deal to get on top of a world-class WordPress theme for $39.

Bridge Theme:



The Bridge WordPress Theme is a multi-purpose theme for creatives by QODE, sold exclusively on ThemeForest. It’s has a clean design and sleek parallax animations that could make your website come off genuinely modern. It could be a little on the heavier side but not too much considering the smooth animations you get. The bridge is a great theme to complement Helpie if you sell technology or fashion products.


Qode Slider:
The Qode Slider is a slider made just for Qode’s Bridge theme. Qode Slider is a perfect partner for the Bridge theme, more so than the other slider plugins out there. Qode Image/Video slider works exceptionally well.

Fully Customizable Headers:
The Bridge theme comes with a fully customizable headers feature that lets you choose from over 10+ header types. You can also customize the styles, layout, typography, skins, color, etc. If you are particular about how your header looks, Bridge is your theme.

With Bridge, you can also customize your title area and the mega menu. There are compelling features to let you add images, parallax, zoom effects and similar actions to your title area. Bridge theme has options to customize your mega menu for different screen sizes. You can change any style property for your mega menu with Bridge’s inbuilt features.

There are also more menu options to choose from; Left menu options and even full-screen menu options that give your control over your navigation and give your website a very distinguished look. It would appear as if your website is custom made and there would be no sign of a theme used on your website.






As you might have guessed, Shopkeeper is primarily a WordPress theme for your online stores. And over 18,000 people have chosen Shopkeeper as their theme of choice. With the Shopkeeper eCommerce Theme, you get a modern, minimal theme with most templates and functionality focussed on helping you build an online store.


Product Layouts:

Shopkeeper’s strong focus on shopkeeping shows through its efforts on the template designs for the product page. It has over 4 template layouts for the product page. The designs work great for different types of products you might have on your online store.

Super flexible shopping layout:
With this theme, you can customize the shop archive’s grid with the inbuilt tools. Also since its very well integrated with Woocommerce, you can customize the product layouts in many ways. Shopkeeper also comes with a powerful filtering and sorting option set that sits comfortably in a sidebar.

The theme also comes with three types of loading which are classic pagination, infinite scroll loading and loading by load more button.

The product templates also have lightbox features for your products to help you see more without going to a particular product page.

Blog about your products:
Shopkeeper theme has three beautifully design blog layouts that complement the products layout and is ideal for you to blog about your products for your customers.

Catalog mode:
Some people choose to showcase your products on your website without selling them there. If you are one of them, you have your theme. Shopkeeper’s catalog mode lets you showcase your products without the purchase option, shopping cart or the payment gateways.





Kalium is a creative theme for professionals. This is a highly sort after theme by creatives and creative e-commerce website owners, especially of the fashion genre. Kalium is a fond product of Laborator, who have been selling in Themeforest since 2009. The folks from team Laborator like to name their products after elements of the periodic table with products like Kalium, Aurum, Xenon, Oxygen, Calcium, Neon, Zinc, etc. Apart from Kalium, I also recommend looking into Aurum, their minimalistic Woocommerce theme.


Font Management Library:
One thing that sets Kalium theme apart from many top WordPress themes is its Font Management Library. Here’s what it has to offer:

  1. Google Fonts support with over 800 fonts available, updated regularly
  2. Typekit fonts support
  3. Font Squirrel support with over 750 fonts, updated regularly
  4. Premium fonts including Function Pro font family worth $149 with no extra charge
  5. You can even upload your own font

Header Types:
Your website’s header is a crucial part of its identity, and hence Kalium gives you a plethora of header types to choose from. Some header options include:

  • Minimal
  • Classic
  • Fullscreen ( left, center, right and inline )
  • Top Menu
  • Sidebar ( right, left )

30+ Layouts:
With over 30 layouts for projects and portfolio hand-crafted for creatives, you are sure to enjoy the varied choices you have. If you ever get more and want your own, you can build your own layout with the integrated Visual Composer support.

You will be delighted to know that Kalium has been prized or nominated for top web design awards including Awwwards, CSSWinner, WeLoveWP, CSSAwards, CSSReel, CSSFox, etc.



Storefront is the official theme released by Woocommerce themselves. It’s a free, simple and basic theme that you can build on top of by yourself. Storefront comes with no sliders, page-builders or shortcodes. It’s all about just the essentials. But Storefront’s core strength is its tight integration with Woocommerce, also its build on the Underscore theme which is a solid foundation to build on. If you didn’t already know, Underscore is Automattic’s starter theme that they use for all their themes at WordPress.com. An e-commerce theme that works well with Helpie knowledge base is better than a knowledge base theme that you can only use as a knowledge base.


Tight Woocommerce Integration:
The cornerstone of Storefront theme is its integration with Woocommerce. With Woocommerce being updated frequently, having Storefront WordPress theme, you do not need to fret about compatibility issues. This also means that compatibility with other Woocommerce extensions is practically guaranteed as well.

Flexible CSS Grid:
The elements used in the Storefront element has been coded within a systematic CSS grid system. You can easily extend or improve the CSS of your elements and implement an enhanced CSS grid based on the provided foundation.

A Plethora of Extensions:
You would have known that Woocommerce has its own army of powerful plugins and extensions. This also means that using Storefront, you can call on that army without the fear of backfiring.




The final theme in the list of amazing themes for your Knowledge Base is a theme dear to us, FoundationPress. Why is it dear to us? It’s because we at Pauple use FoundationPress as the parent theme for the Helpie website and also the demo websites for Helpie. We choose FoundationPress because its based on the popular frontend framework by Zurb, Foundation. We found Foundation to be a great choice of frontend framework and so decided to go with their own version of WordPress theme. This is for people who like to get their hands dirty and do a little CSS work.


Lightweight, Semantic Framework:
The FoundationPress theme has a solid foundation ( no puns intended ) with clean and semantic markup. It’s minimal, and we love minimal. And finally its super light and super quick to load.

Not to forget, Foundation is built for responsive websites, and the CSS is modular. That makes it perfect for you to extend it and working on it is pretty fun.

The Quintessential Kitchen Sink:
Foundation comes with over 34 essential UI elements that you can just use in any of your projects. The elements are coded in an organized and modular way. It’s an excellent theme to use as a base theme for your own child theme as well.

Mobile First:
Zurb’s Foundation framework was made for developers to build awesome mobile experiences. That’s also the mission for the FoundationPress WordPress theme; it makes it easy to build genuinely mobile-first websites.

Hope you find your dream WordPress theme for your next Knowledge Base website. Remember, they work great with Helpie and please contact me for advice on setting up a Knowledge Base, Product Documentation or Wiki website.

You might see Helpie’s WordPress Knowledge Base theme on this list soon.

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