Create a Knowledge Base for your WordPress website with Helpie  [Step By Step Tutorial]

Do you have a website for your company/organisation?

Do you have a Woocommerce store?

Do you sell any products or services online?

Then, you need a Knowledge Base / Documentation Area for your website.

Here’s why,

There are a number of topics like Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions that you just cannot skip from your website. Then, you have other information like Shipping Policy if you are shipping products, return policy and the list goes on.

Having a section of website specifically dedicated to these documentation of product/service information is crucial to

  1.  Protect yourself from legal/communication problems about your product/service
  2. Provide a better customer service to your customers and potential customers alike. Potential customers will look at the product documentation as a validation of your brand as a whole

Here’s what a recent survey revealed relating to this:

  1. 66% of the people look for warranty information before purchasing
  2. Around 50% look for shipping information from the documentation
  3. 47% look for payment information
  4. 64% people feel uncomfortable without a clear return policy
  5. 6/10 people feel concerned about credit card safety. They would not buy from you if you don’t have clear documentation regarding that ( in addition to SSL )
  6. 81% people do online research about your product and your categories. This is an excellent opportunity for your documentation to shine through. Write excellent tutorials that users would find via Google and increase your chance of getting noticed for multiple keywords related to your domain.

Now as promised, let me walk you through the step-by-step of creating your own Knowledge Base/Documentation area for your WordPress website.

Assuming you already have your own WordPress website, let me help you get started with Helpie.

Step 1:

Have a look at what Helpie can do for you and then you can purchase Helpie here. Before that you might be asked to create an account with Codecanyon/Envato ( Codecanyon’s parent company ).

Step 2:
After you have purchased the Helpie plugin, go to your User menu bar ( at the top-right corner ) -> Downloads.

  • There you will see Helpie listed along with any other themes/plugins you have purchased.
  • Click on the download button near Helpie and in the dropdown options click “Installable WordPress files only”.
  • This will download only the Helpie plugin files you need to install the plugin.

Then you can install the plugin to your WordPress website as usual. That is,

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Plugins’ -> Add New Plugin ( in the dashboard menu )
  3. Upload Plugin and select the zip file you downloaded.
  4. Go to Helpie under Plugins and click Activate

You are now ready to go!

Step 3:

Helpie requires no more setting up. You can just go ahead and add new knowledge base articles.

After you have written your first article, choose a category from the right sidebar in the same Add article page.

Then publish your article.

Step 4:

Customising your main page.

If you want your documentation to reflect your brand’s styling, then you can make use of Helpie Style settings to customise your Main Page.

Hero section:
The Hero section is your brand’s frontier within the knowledge base. Here are some ways to customize your Hero section to truly reflect your brand.

  • You can change the default title/subtitle and add your own title/subtitle.
  • You can change the background color or even add a gradient color to your background.
  • Choose from our collection of vector images to match the mood. For example, you can choose our desk image for your team’s internal documentation.

Categories Listing section:

Depending on the purpose of your knowledge base/documentation and how you intend to use it, you might want different templates for how your categories are listed in your Knowledge Base’s main page.

Helpie comes with 3 templates which you can choose from: Boxed, Boxed1, and Modern Categories Listing templates.

You can now add more articles or check out the various features of Helpie and use them as you fit.

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