Add FAQ via Guttenberg Block

With our latest release (V0.4), you could now add Helpie FAQ Blocks using the Gutenberg editor.

WordPress has come up with a powerful Gutenberg editor in their latest update (v5.0). If you want to use their latest editor, update your WordPress to V5.0.

Once you update it, you could see a different editor while editing an article or a page. This is the new Gutenberg editor updated by WordPress. In that, you could see a + sign in the top, when you click it, you could see “Helpie FAQ block”. If not, try searching it in the search box and you will see it.

Once selected, the block will appear in the content area. In the right end, under the Block option, you will have options to modify the Title, theme, choose which categories to be displayed, set the toggle to on or off, set the open first FAQ item to on or off, show/hide search, sort the faq’s and much more. You will also have an option to include user submission if you are using the Pro Version.

You could also modify the style of the title and content using the title settings and single item settings in the block.

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