Can non-logged in user create Wiki?

Are you looking for a way to let any users create or edit your wiki? Helpie makes it simple by setting up capabilities for non-logged in users to edit or publish your wiki.

To get this up, Just go to Dashboard -> Helpie Kb Wiki -> Helpie settings -> Core. Under Publishing, you will see an option ” Who can edit Articles”. Select “Anyone” in the box. By setting this up you have set permission for any non-logged in user to edit an article but cannot publish it. So if they create a new wiki or edit an existing wiki, their changes will be saved as revision but will not be published. Either the admin or the user who has approval capability can approve or reject the changes made.

So How do you let anyone publish it directly?

Under the same Publishing option, you will see an option “Who can publish articles”. Again Select “Anyone” in the box. By setting this up, you have set permission for anyone to publish the article directly.

Note: You cannot set anyone to approve the articles as it might lead to much bad content and totally not recommended.


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