Can non-logged in user create Wiki?

Are you looking for a way to let any users create or edit your wiki? Helpie makes it simple by setting up capabilities for non-logged in users to edit or publish your wiki.

1. Enable Front-end editing:

First, Go to Dashboard -> Helpie Kb Wiki -> Helpie settings -> Front-end editor -> Enable Front end editing.

2. Dynamic capabilities:

Next, Go to Dashboard -> Helpie Kb Wiki -> Helpie settings -> Dynamic capabilities -> “Can Edit” -> Who can edit -> Select By: “All”. This option will give the capability for everyone to create or edit any article which will be sent for approval.

3. How do I let anyone publish it directly?

Under the same Dynamic capabilities option -> “Can Publish” -> Who can publish -> Select By: “All”

You can do the same way to give the approval capability also.


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