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Now you can list all your Categories in any way you wish. Helpie has four different ways to list your articles:

  1. Using our Plugin settings.
  2. Using the Elementor Page Builder.
  3. Using widgets.
  4. Using Shortcode.

Using Helpie Settings:

Go to Dashboard -> Helpie Kb Wiki -> Helpie settings -> Main Page ->

Pls follow this article to know about the Category listing in our Main page settings:

Using Elementor page builder:

Note: Before following these below steps, you need to install Elementor page builder. Its one of the fast growing page builder and is available for free. You can get the Elementor here where both free and premium versions are available.

Once you activate the Elementor, create a page and select “edit with Elementor” option and you will be lead to a new page where you can edit your page with the Elementor as shown below.

In the search box, type Helpie category listing which will let you do all sorting, filtering, styling your categories.


You can give any title to your wish.

Sort By:

You can sort the categories in three different ways: Alphabetical which will arrange the categories in its alphabetical order, Article count which will arrange the categories with the number of articles from most to least, Custom type: This will arrange the categories based on the custom order which you have used in your main page settings. To know more about this, pls check this article:


Under the Topics, you can select the categories to be displayed on the page. You can select ‘All’ if you want all the categories to be displayed.


You can select four different views to be displayed on the Main page: Boxed, Boxed1, Modern and List view. To know more about these views, please check this article:

Number of Columns:

You can set the number of Columns (Max 4).

Number of Articles:

You can set the number of articles which will be displayed under every Category. Remember Boxed view won’t show the articles.

Show Image:

You can either show or hide image for your Category. Remember this won’t apply for the list view.

Show Description:

You can show or hide description under every Category.

You can customize all the style settings as you wish using the Style and Advanced options.

Using Widgets:

You can also filter, sort or style your articles listing through the widgets in WordPress.

Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets. There you will see the option “Kb Categories listing” in the available widgets. You can take that and place it anywhere as you wish, let that be sidebar, footer or header accordingly as your theme allows.

Using Shortcode:

Please refer to this article to use the category listing shortcode:








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