Getting Started

Installing WordPress

Are you new to WordPress and finding your way to install WordPress?

Don’t worry. We have a clear and detailed beginners guide on how to install and create a WordPress website in less than 5 seconds:

Plugin Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 5.2 or greater ( Latest version is always recommended )
  • PHP version 7.3 or greater ( Latest version is always recommended )
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module (for permalinks)

Installing Helpie plugin

  1. You can purchase the Helpie WordPress Knowledgebase Plugin from our website
  2. You can start our 7 days of a free trial by clicking the Start Free Trial button or using our Buy now button in the top menu of our website.
  3. You will be asked to enter your e-mail address and card details as shown below. Don’t worry if you are just trying our free trial. You will not be charged until 7 days are over. You can cancel at any time within 7 days. You will also be notified 2 days before the trial ends via email.
  4. Once you entered the details, you will receive an e-mail as shown below with the link to download the plugin and activation license key in it.
  5. Click Download the plugins basic version and you will receive the Zip file.
  6. From your WordPress Admin, click Plugins from the main menu, then click the Add New button, and then Upload Plugin.
  7. Next, click the browse button and select the file which you downloaded to your computer. Then click Install Now.
  8. Once WordPress has finished installing the plugin, click the Activate Plugin link.
  9. You will be asked to enter the activation key which you received via e-mail. Enter it and click confirm.
  10. You’ll now be redirected to your WordPress plugins page, where you’ll see Helpie listed along with your other plugins, and also a new menu item named Helpie Kb Wiki in your WordPress main menu.

Updating the plugin

You can check the updates of our plugin in our account section.

Go to Dashboard -> Helpie Kb Wiki -> Accounts. Near the option Version you will be notified about the latest version where you can update it directly.

You can also check the updates in the plugins section itself.

Go to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Installed plugins. You will see a notification to update near Helpie- WordPress Kb Wiki plugin where you could update the plugin.

Demo setup

Do you want to replicate our demo’s exactly on your site?

Here is a complete guide to replicate all our demo’s on your site.

Please follow the following steps to replicate the Demo.

Note: Before following the steps, if you are new to WordPress, you need to get the Hosting to install WordPress and to get your site up running. We personally recommend these two hosting accounts which are much better with regards to the security and Quality: A2hosting and Siteground.

Before following the steps, why don’t you just get the duplicate of our demos by just uploading a single file?  We have attached the XML file of each demo. You can just import it in your site and boom the demo will be ready.

XML file of Star Wars Wiki Demo:

XML file of Star Lite Demo:

XML file of Startup Demo:

XML file of Teamspace Demo:

Steps to Reproduce the demo:

  1. Install Helpie Plugin by going to Dashboard => Plugins => Add New => Upload Plugin => Select Helpie Zip file from your computer => Install Now . Once it is installed, click Activate plugin. Once the plugin is activated, a new menu called Helpie Kb Wiki will appear on your Dashboard.
  2. Note that, By default, the WordPress works on the theme called Twenty Nineteen. If you want to Just replicate our Demo, we highly recommend using Astra which is free. You can also download the pro version for advanced customizations if you wish.
  3. Next, most of the demo has been created by Elementor page builder, so you need to install it. It’s one of the fast-growing page builders and is available for free. You can get the Elementor here where both free and Premium versions are available.

Once you activate the Elementor, create a page and select edit with Elementor option and you will be lead to a new page where you can edit your page with the Elementor as shown below.

There are four important components with Elementor in Helpie which are Category Listing, Article Listing, Hero section, and Stats section. You can check this article to know about all those four components and also other components which will guide you through in creating a wiki demo perfectly.

4. You can also create a powerful Wiki/Kb Main Page using our Helpie settings. Just go to Dashboard -> Helpie KB Wiki -> Helpie Settings -> Main Page which will have the various powerful option. You can also customise using our Styling in Helpie Settings.

If you still have any doubts and need help with anything, feel free to contact us at

Migrating from Mediawiki to WordPress

Do you want to move your site from Mediawiki to WordPress?

Great decision.

Here is a complete guide on how to migrate your site from Mediawiki to WordPress:

Difficult to set-up

If you are a complete beginner and still finding it hard to set up WordPress and Helpie, feel free to contact us at We will do the complete setup for you for a small fee.

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