How to update Helpie

Helpie is updated frequently which provides the users the best possible experience. All our updates are aimed at providing you the best Knowledgebase and we want to make the update process as smooth as possible with no glitches.

The simplest way to update Helpie is to delete the old version and install the new one. None of your content will be deleted. If that doesn’t work you can also follow the below steps to update Helpie.

If you already have “My Envato Plugins” installed then jump directly to step 8, else start from step1.

Please follow the step by step guide for a smooth up-gradation of Helpie.

Step:1 Click on link It will take you to a page like below

Once the page loads click on clone or download

Click on Download zip


Step:2 Login to your “wp-admin” page and click on “Plugins” and then “Add New”


Step:3 Click on “upload plugin” and then on “Browse”. Select the file you just downloaded and click open.


Step:4 After adding the file it’s name should appear next to the Browse button. After the name appears click on “Install now”


Step:5 After pressing “Install Now” wait for the next page to load. When the next page loads you should see something like below. Click on “Activate Plugin”


Step:6 After clicking on “Activate Plugin” you will be redirected to the plugins page and you should find the “My Envato Plugins” in your list of plugins.


Step:7 Click on “My Envato Plugins” from the Dashboard and enter the Marketplace username and Secret API key. Press Save Settings.


Step:8 Once the correct credentials are entered in the above page, you will be notified when an update is available for Helpie.


For any issues with updating Helpie please mail to

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