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Are you looking for ways to import your content which is already available in your hands to the Helpdesk? Are you tired of creating new articles everytime which is already available? Don’t worry, you can directly import your content to the Helpdesk articles rather creating it one by one.

We have written a brief guide on Importing articles which are in different formats like XML,CSV, Excel and Docs. If you have your content in XML or CSV format, you can follow the below simple steps which will easily import the content to the Helpdesk. But, If you are having your content in Excel or Docs format, you need to convert it first to XML or CSV format and then follow the below steps. Let’s look at in detail:

Importing Content which are in XML or CSV Format:

1.First, you need to download and install a Plugin called WP All Import ( It has both free and premium versions. We personally recommend premium version as it allows extensive possibilities in the Pro version.

2. Once you installed and activated the Plugin, You will see an option named “All Import” in your dashboard as show in the screenshot below:

3. Select “New Import” under that All Import and choose “Upload a file”. Now upload the XML or CSV file which is in your system.

4. Once the upload is complete, you will be asked where to import the data from the file you selected. Select “Article” under the Create New button as shown below and continue to step 2.

5. Next, make sure your item elements has been selected to import and continue to step 3.

6. In the Step 3, you will see a XML tree on the right which will contain all the tags of the fields. You just need to drag and drop the tags of the fields which you need on the right to its respective position on the left. For example, you need to drag the title tag which you could see on the right (in the screenshot below) and drop it in the Title box in the left. Similarly for all other fields. Remember, only in the Pro version, all the fields will be available. That’s why we recommended the premium version.

7. Continue to Step 4. Now, WP All Import will create a new article for each unique record on your file. So if you have two articles that are same, WP All Import will detect those as duplicates. They do that through something called “Unique Identifier” and in general they can Auto detect that. So Just click “Auto Detect” in it.

8. Now continue and “Confirm and Run Import” and they will create all posts. Now if you go to Helpie Kb Wiki and check the articles, you will see all your content has been imported into it.

9. If you want to have an In-depth overview on “WP All Import”, kindly check the video in this link:

Importing Content which are in Excel Format:

Do you have your content in Excel Format and want to import it to Helpdesk?

Almost all the steps are similar, except convert your content from Excel to CSV format and then follow the same steps given above.

Check this video for detailed explanation:

Importing Content which are in Doc’s Format:

The best way is to convert the Doc’s to CSV and then following the same steps. There are many free online tools like this: which will convert the doc’s to CSV file.

If you are still facing any issues with importing your content, please contact us at



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