Integrating WPML with Helpie

If you are using WPML WordPress plugin for your website translations, here is your guide to integrating it with Helpie Knowledgebase.

Step 1: Enabling WPML for Helpie’s post type

If you have not installed the WPML Multilingual CMS plugin yet, you need to install and configure it first before following these steps.

i. Go to WP Dashboard -> Helpie Kb Wiki -> ‘Add New Helpdesk Article’ or edit existing Helpie article

ii. Scroll down in that page till you see ‘ Multilingual content setup ‘ widget. In there check the Make ‘Helpdesk Article’ translatable option

iii. Click Apply

Enable WPML translation for helpie
Enable WPML translation for Helpie


Step 2: Create your first translation

As of now, your article will not have a translation, so on your frontend article page, there will not be the option for the translated page. So let’s create a translation of our article.

i. From an existing Helpie article, click the plus symbol in the right column to create a translation of the article.

ii. That will take you to a new article page. Create and publish this new article.

Create new Helpie article translation with WPML
Create new Helpie article translation with WPML


Now, the new language icon will appear on the article’s front page.

Step 3: Translate Helpie’s taxonomies:

After you have created the article’s translation, you still need to enable translations for Helpie’s category and main page.

Enable Helpie's taxonomies in WPML
Enable Helpie’s taxonomies in WPML


i. To do this, go to WP Dashboard -> WPML -> Translation Options. There you will find Custom Taxonomies widget. If you have installed the WPML String Translation and WPML Translation Management plugin you will find the Custom Taxonomies widget in WP Dashboard -> WPML -> Translation management -> Multilingual Content Setup -> Custom Taxonomies.

There you should select ‘Translate’ for the following options and click Save:

a. Helpdesk Categories (helpdesk_category)
b. Tags (helpie_tag)
c. Helpdesk Added Tags (helpie_add_tag)
d. Helpdesk Updated Tags (helpie_up_tag)

Step 4: Translate  Admin String from Helpie Settings:

To translate the input from Helpie Settings in the frontend, you would need to install WPML’s String Translation and Translation Management plugins which are included in the Multilingual CMS plan.

i. After installing them, you can go to WPML -> String Translation and click ‘admin_texts_helpie_core_options_main’ in ‘Select strings within domain’ option. There you can translate the KB Title and Subtitles.

ii. Then go to WPML -> String Translation and click ‘admin_texts_helpie_components_options’ in ‘Select strings within domain’ option. There you can translate the KB’s Sidebar title.


After translating each text, select the translation complete checkbox before saving.

In such a case, the KB title, subtitle or KB Sidebar title does not appear in the String translation list, please save the Helpie Settings for it to detect the strings.
Now, Helpie’s main page, category page, and single article page are fully integrated with WPML translations.

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