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The main page settings let you control how your Knowledge Base Main page works and is arranged. Main page settings can be found in Dashboard -> Helpie Kb Wiki -> Helpie settings  -> Main Page.


This option lets you choose the template for the Main page of your Kb/Wiki. You can choose from left-sidebar, right-sidebar, both-side-sidebars, no-sidebar and full width sidebar.


Select which registered sidebar you want to appear in these positions. You can choose either our helpie sidebar or other registered sidebars of WordPress. Sidebar1 is for single sidebar. Sidebar2 is for the 2nd sidebar when the template has two sidebars.

Where do you want your main page:

By default, you can set our custom post type archive as your main page or you can select your own page also.

If you want to visit the Main page, you can directly go to the Main Page by just clicking the “Visit Main Page” near it.

Main page Meta title/description:

You can set a meta title and description for your Main page for SEO purposes. Make sure you keep your meta title between 60 and 64 characters and your meta descriptions between 150 and 154 characters.

Main Page Slug / Helpdesk Slug

By default, the Helpdesk slug is ‘pauple_helpie’. But you can change it to any unique string you want. If you set this value to say ‘help’. Then your Helpdesk / Knowledgebase will be located at

Show Stats

If you want the total Number of articles, topics and the total number of contributors to be displayed on your main page you can enable this option. This might give your readers an overview of your Knowledgebase/wiki. It will appear just below the welcome area of your Main Page.

Search Display:

You can enable/disable search to displayed on the Main page.

Article Listing:

You can enable it to display the article in your Main page. To know more about article listing:

Main Page – Categories

The categories can be hidden from the main page using this check box.

Main Page Categories Listing style

The main page template lets you from 3 different layout types for your Kb main page.

1. Boxed:

In this type, Only the main category title will be shown on the Main Page. You can also add Images to main category title from Dashboard -> Helpdesk -> Helpdesk Category.

2. Boxed1:

In this type, both the main category title and the articles name will be shown on the Main Page. You can also add Images to main category title from Dashboard -> Helpdesk -> Helpdesk Category.

3. Modern:

In this type, the main category title and the sub-categories will also be shown. Sub-categories are categories which are assigned to a certain Parent Helpdesk Category. You can also add a description of the main category title if you want. You can add Images to main category title from Dashboard -> Helpdesk -> Helpdesk Category. You can also add any of the 675 icons provided from font Awesome from the helpdesk category.


Show description:

You can show/hide description of your categories.


You can either set an image of your own or choose icons for your Main page categories.

Children type:

You can set to display articles of that category or their sub-categories or even nothing.

Number of columns:

This option let you choose the number of columns of the main page categories listing. This option does not apply to Modern template.

Number of articles under each category:

You can choose how many articles to shown under each category in your Kb/Wiki main page. The number of articles will be seen only in the Boxed1 template.

Main Page Categories:

The main page categories option is a drag and drop feature where you can drag and drop to re-order the categories, Remove a category from the list by just dragging it to right, and add a category to the list by just dragging it again to the left to be shown in the main page.


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