Super Simple & Effective SEO Tip to get Organic Traffic 🔥🔥🔥 with Longtail Keywords

Is there heavy competition in your business? Are your efforts to rank higher in Google not bearing any results? Don’t have a big marketing budget to spend on ads? Want to bring specific traffic who will be more willing to make the purchase? We have the perfect solution for you!

The magic you need is in the power of Long-tail keywords. Some of you might have already heard of them, and you could be thinking what’s so new about them. But do continue to read because we give you have a new way to make the best use of them.


Acquiring the Long-tail keywords

There are many tools to look for and evaluate the keywords and their search volume. But we will teach you to use the simplest way to find the long-tail keywords.

Go to Google and type “How” / “Why” / “What” + Your_Keyword on the search bar. You will find Google auto-suggesting all the possible questions (as seen in the image below). These are the keywords that are mainly searched in your domain. Take all of these suggestions. They are your keywords.

Many times Google opens a “ People also ask” column as shown the picture. It gives you the list of associated questions with the keyword that you typed.

NOTE: Remember to have suggestions options on your Google account to see these keyword suggestions. These search keywords change from country to country and if you want to target a specific country, then use a proxy or a VPN from that particular country and obtain the suggested keywords.


Using the Long-tail keywords

I’ve read many articles online on long-tail keywords suggesting that you write several contents using each of these long tail keywords. It seems like so much work, and we can’t know for sure that this method would work. But there is a new way, a better way to use the long-tail keywords.

This method is possible with an advanced free tool called Helpie FAQ plugin. Helpie FAQ is a very SEO friendly plugin, and so it makes sure that Google will surely index your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) contents.

Install Helpie FAQ WordPress plugin on your WordPress site and create FAQ contents with the questions that you obtained with you long-tailed keywords. See this video tutorial to learn how to create and embed FAQs with Helpie FAQ plugin.

Remember to create meaningful and appropriate content which answers the users questions aptly. After creating the FAQs embed the FAQs on the page or post which you want to do SEO.

Since the contents are displayed in the collapsible Accordion form, the users can easily find the answer they are looking for without getting confused with other contents on the same page. It also comes with a search bar so that users can easily find the answer they are looking for in the midst of other FAQ answers.


Long-tail keywords + WooCommerce store

You might want to use these long-tail keywords for your WooCommerce store. Here is where Helpie FAQ really shines. You can integrate Helpie FAQ with WooCommerce and thereby you can add an FAQ tab to your WooCommerce product page.

You can simply collect FAQ questions, and answers asked about a specific product from different websites and add them to a product in your store. So when people search product questions, they could find your store on Google.

Besides the SEO benefit, because you are able to answer all the questions of customers, it adds authenticity to your WooCommerce store which will enable the customer to make the purchase without any doubts about your store.


Taking Long-tail keywords to the Next Level

If you want to go one step further, you can get FAQ questions for your users using the User FAQ Submission option which comes in Helpie FAQ Pro plugin. With the premium version, you can get new questions from users which gives you new and unknown long-tail keywords.

Having user-generated FAQs is a super easy way to get traffic from Google mainly through long-tailed keywords. Mainly because

“ You don’t have to create new FAQ contents; your users do the work for you.”

So don’t overthink and add Long-tail keyword FAQ contents using Helpie FAQ plugin immediately!

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