Introducing Helpie FAQ Pro and Helpie FAQ 0.2

We have just released Helpie FAQ Pro and FAQ v0.2 (free) WordPress plugins with advanced FAQ features.

Helpie FAQ Pro –  Advanced User FAQ submission capabilities in addition to all the free plugin features.

Helpie FAQ v0.2 (free) – FAQ shortcode builder to customize and embed your FAQs on any page of your website (read below to know more).

Helpie FAQ Pro

User FAQ Submission

Have an FAQ section which will grow dynamically and answer users common questions directly the FAQ page through User Submission feature of Helpie FAQ Pro plugin.

Submitting FAQs

Any users visiting your FAQ page can submit their question with or without answers which can be directly published on the FAQ page or kept pending to be reviewed by the admin who is maintaining the FAQ page.


Email Notifications

The administrator or the person who maintains the FAQ can choose to receive an email notification with a link to the FAQ when a new FAQ has been submitted.


Then the maintainer can edit the questions and answers and publish the answers. An answer can be added, if only the question was submitted.

If the user submission setting is set to get an email of the Submitter, the Submitter will automatically be notified when the FAQ is published.

Helpie FAQ free plugin v0.2

Helpie FAQ free plugin which was released a month before was well received by WordPress designers and users. In the 0.2 version many of the general bugs are fixed and the some new features and improvements are added.

FAQ Shortcode Builder

A basic shortcode builder for FAQs is added in v0.2 and you can find the FAQ shortcode button on every WordPress page and post. You can build a shortcode with all the FAQ conditions and insert it the short, in the place where you want to display it.


All FAQs page Display

In Helpie FAQs the “All FAQs” item which gives you the list of FAQs which has been added with the details such as FAQ categories and tags. In v0.2, it will additionally display WooCommerce Products and Knowledge base Categories under which the FAQs are added.

Helpie FAQs will surely help you to reduce your support tickets and increase your sales conversions. If you are already a free plugin user its best to upgrade to Pro. Get Helpie FAQ Pro now!


[helpie_faq title=”Sample FAQ to test User Submission” categories=”85″ theme=”light” toggle=”on” open_first=”off” sortby=”publish” order=”asc” limit=”10″ show_search=”off” search_placeholder=”Search FAQ” show_submission=”on”]


We are constantly working to improve our plugin to suit your needs. We’d love to get your comments, questions and feedback. Also,  subscribe to our blog to get latest news and updates.

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