Excellent knowledge base examples to get your Helpdesk right

Best sites for  knowledge base examples have been built on a comprehensive understanding of what their customers are looking for and how they can find it instantly.

It would be pointless if your site has all the self-help information available and your customers are not able to find it.  These self-help portals are called as Knowledge base sites and have knowledge base articles.

Creating a proper self-serving knowledge base site with proper structure and design would upgrade the customer service of your business and also reduce the workload on your support staff. It is important to learn the best designs and practices of knowledge base from the best knowledge base sites available. Let’s take a look at some of the best knowledge base examples, so that we can learn from them.

  1. ClickOn

ClickOn’s knowledge base made it on top of this list because it is a very simple but effective knowledge base example . They have a Search bar not just in the front but also on every article page. Customers will be able to easily search out their specific issue, instead of going through a long list of articles.

Things you can learn from ClickOn:

  • List articles under particular Categories and list the categories in the front of your knowledge base
  • Use Video Embedding to add videos to articles which can be explained through videos
  • Breadcrumbs can be useful in navigating the knowledge base

ClickOn uses Helpie WordPress knowledge base plugin WordPress plugin for their Knowledge Base.


  1. Learn Scientific Programming

Learn Scientific Programming has a search bar in the front in its knowledge base , it’s centered and clearly visible. They make it easy to access the basics on Getting Started.

They have a separate page for each Category, so it is a good categories example for a knowledge base . In these pages, customers can view all of the articles under that specific category.

  1. ConnectIt Networks

ConnectIt Networks have a very simple but a very customer friendly knowledge base helpdesk. They have a distinguished search bar and clear graphics and articles which explains common customer questions, such as how their product works, etc.

Things you can learn from Connectit Networks:

  • They have Password Protection so that only their customers could use their knowledge base.
  • They have Emo-voting, such that customers can vote about their emotions on reading the article. You could know if the customers are satisfied or not with the article.

  1. InSiteTrack

InSiteTrack has a well-structured set of articles which when searched for using the Search bar, displays all related articles with each article Topic having annotations and categories. In their knowledge base, customers not just to see the topic of the article but also get a peek into the contents of the articles.

They have made the best use of the Table of Contents, by clearly stating the categories and articles under each category.

Things InSiteTrake has done differently:

  • Thumbs up and Thumbs down feedback system to know if the customer has liked the article.
  • No.of reads has been added to know how many customers have read the article.
  • Author Info is shown, so that customer knows who has written the article.

  1. Papyrus Autor

Papyrus Autor’s knowledge base (site is in German language) is an elegantly designed for their documentation and tutorial articles. They get straight to the point with sharp, searchable titles which are arranged in proper categories.

Things to Take Away from Papyrus:

  • Defining each item in the menu so that customers know exactly what they want to read
  • Using related Keywords to Tag each article which helps the customers to find the article quickly
  • Using sharp, to the point titles to for your articles

  1. Wiki Demo

Wiki demo is a uniquely designed Demo knowledge base. It has quite a few things which can be learnt from. They have a smart way of organizing the contents by which you systematically organize a large volume of contents.

Things to Learn from Wiki Demo:

  • No. of articles in each topic is given below each topic.
  • List of Recently Added articles and Recently Updated articles is shown in the front page.
  • The total number of articles, topics and authors is shown on the front page.

  1. Startup Demo

Startup Demo is a smart knowledge base which shows the abundance of content just above the Search bar.  Below the Search bar, there are FAQ boxes, which has a list of FAQs, which when clicked show a short and simple answer.

What Startup Demo has done well:

  • List of popular articles, this list has the most read articles by customers
  • Short and simple FAQs in the front page
  • They have a sidebar with recently updated articles

Can you create a knowledge base like these sites?

Yes, you can. I have good news for you. All of these websites have used Helpie KB WordPress plugin to create their knowledge base sites. With Helpie you can create your own knowledge base with all of these features, and there are much more features you can add to your site.

A proper knowledge base can help cut down your customer support cost by more than 50%. So get Helpie now, to make your site the best knowledge base site.


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