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For selling any product or service, a ‘Pricing Table’ is extremely helpful. A pricing table can help you the most to position your products, when it’s featured in the right way will increase your sales rapidly.

In this post, we will see some of the best WordPress pricing table plugins, their important features, by which you could decide which one you need for your WordPress website.


As their name implies, Easy pricing tables are the easiest to use WordPress pricing tables to increase your sales.

Best Features of Easy Pricing Tables Plugin

  1. Ease of Use:  It’s effortless enough for non-programmers to set up and use. Zero coding knowledge is required to add the plugin to your site.
  2. Powerful Payment Integrations: They have one-click integration with Stripe, PayPal, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.
  3. Easy Customization: Customizing the look and feel is easy too, in order to fit seamlessly with your site.
  4. High-converting templates: Has a range of high-converting templates (including comparison tables).
  5. Guttenberg blocks: Built wonderfully to work with Gutenberg blocks and the classic editor.
  6. Responsive: Any pricing table should be definitely responsive for multiple devices due to much traffic coming to mobile these days.


  • $29 for one site.
  • $59 for five sites.
  • $99 for unlimited sites.


Best Features of PickPlugins Pricing Tables

Developed by PickPlugins, this plugin is a fantastic pricing table solution that is very simple to use.

  1. Drag and drop sorting: It has excellent drag and drop feature where the columns (packages) and rows (features) can be rearranged easily.
  2. Currency switcher: Add different currencies to let your user choose the right currency to pay.
  3. Animations: It has 15+ ready animations at your service from which you can choose anyone for each column.
  4. Styling:  Choose different background colors for the header, footer and even at pricing.
  5. Customization: Customize the column width as you wish.
  6. Shortcodes: Display your pricing table anywhere with simple Shortcodes.
  7. Other features: The plugin also includes multiple package ribbons, feature tooltips, link buttons, and check/cross icons.


  • $5/Year for one domain.
  • $49/Year for ten domains.
  • $99/Year for 100 domains.

Superb Tables

Superb Tables WordPress plugin helps you to create simple and lightweight responsive tables. 

Best Features of Superb Tables plugin

Table Shortcodes – You can use this table plugin to create a comparison table and display them easily in Gutenberg through the shortcodes block.

Design – It allows you to use the theme design for your tables

Schema Markup – Has Schema Markup which you can enable or disable

Color Schemes – Gives you multiple color schemes to customize your pricing table.


  • Free version
  • For 1 domain – $11
  • For up to 15 domains – $67
  • For Unlimited Domains – $199

Go Pricing – Responsive WordPress Pricing Tables:

Go Pricing is one of the most widely used Pricing table plugin in Envato market.

Best Features of Go Pricing Tables Plugin

  1. 250+ demo tables: You can import their demo tables, instead of starting from scratch. You can easily import demo tables, create or restore backups, and move your data between sites.
  2. Page builder compatibility: Its compatible with all major page builders especially Elementor, WPBakery and Beaver builder.
  3. 2000+ font icons: Has more than 2000 font icons from Font Awesome, Icomoon, Linecon, and Material icons.
  4. Column Animations: Has 39 awesome animations which you can use for every column according to your taste.
  5. Column decorations: You can also include text-based ribbons to the corner of the column which will enhance the styling of your column.


  • $27 for six-month support.
  • $35.25 for a 12-month support

CSS3 – Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables:

CSS3 Responsive pricing table plugin is another popular pricing table sold in the Envato market. If you want lots of colors and styling options its the go-to plugin for you.

Best Features of CSS Pricing Tables Plugin

  • 2 different table Styles and 20 predefined Color options.
  • CSS3 Tooltips / Hints Included.
  • Sorting Rows and columns.
  • 20 Predefined templates.
  • 42 Tick / Cross Icons To Choose From.
  • 60 Ribbons To Choose From.
  • Ability To Import / Export Configuration Settings And Table Data.
  • Different Hover styles.
  • Sliding columns.
  • 100% Responsive.
  • $20 for 6-month support.
  • $25.63 for 12-month support.

ARPrice – Responsive WordPress Pricing Tables:

ARPrice is a WordPress freemium pricing table plugin which will help you create responsive pricing table and plan comparison tables in no time.

Best Features of ARPrice Pricing Tables Plugin

  1. Real-time editor: Has a unique real-time template editor where you can make changes in the template, and it will reflect on the table immediately.
  2. External Script Integration: PayPal, WooCommerce, ARForms, S2Member Integrations available.
  3. Page Builders Integration: They are compatible with multiple page builders like WP Bakery, Elementor, King composer, cornerstone and even with Guttenberg editor
  4. 300+ Pricing table: More than 300 predefined pricing tables with 22 different unique templates is available.
  5. Unlimited custom color options: By using their full-color palette, you can match your template with the exact color of your site.
  6. Column Autorotation: You can merely enable column autorotation or rotation on the navigation click.
  • $23 for 6-month support.
  • $29.75 for 12-month support.

WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

This is one of the fast-growing pricing table plugins which has extreme scope for growth and success.

Best Features of WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

  1. 3 Different layouts: They have three different layouts namely column layout, grid layout, and table layout.
  2. Any number of columns: You can set up any number of columns from 1 to 5+.
  3. Responsive: They look perfect on any device.
  4. Featured column: You can also have a featured column highlighting the column with the best deal by making it stand out.
  5. Columns border: You can add borders to columns to keep them blending in with the background.
  6. Ordering: You can reorder the column elements and display them in the order you need.
  • $19 for 6-month support.
  • $24.25 for 12-month support.


Plugmatter Pro is a premium WordPress pricing table plugin which lets you create an appealing pricing table which besides the good looks will help you sell more.

Best Features of PlugMatter Pro Pricing Table Plugin

    1. Predefined Templates: Comes with 10 predefined beautiful templates which will help you create the perfect pricing table for your site.
    2. Template structure: It has 2 different design structures for the template, one is the card template, and the other is the matrix template.
    3. Drag and drop sorting: Drag and Drop your rows and columns when customizing your template.
    4. Different Button types: Has 3 different button styles namely flat buttons, ghost buttons, and regular buttons.
    5. Responsiveness: 100% responsive on all devices.
    6. A/B Split testing: You can conduct advance split-testing campaigns with their A/B split-testing functionality.
    7. Custom CSS: They also allow advanced custom CSS functionality which is really impressive.
    8. Integrated with Google events tracking: to help you keep track of your sales goals in your favorite analytics tool.


  • Basic – $37 up to 3 sites.
  • Professional – $57 up to 3 sites.
  • Developer – $97 for unlimited sites.


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