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Since you are searching for the best WordPress rating plugins, I am pretty sure you know the importance of rating or review in selecting a product or service. Whether you are starting a review website, or you want to get your product or services rated by your users, you need a rating plugin. This article will help you to choose the best rating WordPress plugin for your business website.

The WordPress rating plugins mentioned below are the best in the category. We will help you to choose the right one for your needs.

Note: If you want to skip the whole process and want to choose the right plugin for your needs directly, kindly read the conclusion in the end which will help you with that.


WP Review is one of the most popular and best WordPress Rating Plugins which has its primary focus on users who are planning to create review sites. Its also popular for people looking specifically for a WordPress Star Rating Plugin. This plugin has around 70,000 free active installs (As per Feb 2019) and has many Pro users also.

Key Features:

 3-Rating systems:

  1. Star rating,
  2. Percentage rating
  3.  Point rating

Rich Snippets – supports 14 different types of Rich snippets like Book Rich snippet, Game rich snippet, Movie Rich snippet, etc. According to the content you are reviewing, you can use either of these snippets.

Predefined templates – It has different pre-defined templates which you can use according to the type of content you are reviewing.

Shortcodes – You can place the reviews anywhere before the content or after the content and also custom location using their shortcode.

Customization – The customization they allow is unbelievable like the option to change global colors and also individual review colors, unlimited color option, choosing which field to ask for, require and show and even the support for adding your own custom fields.

Mobile Friendly –  This plugin has been created with a mobile-first approach.

Custom Image for Ratings – Customize the image or icon for your ratings.

Add Text along with Star ratings – You can also add additional text alongside your ratings.

More features – User comment rating, CSS animated reviews is also available. They also have a circle rating system and thumbs up rating system in their pro version.

  • Free version
  • $67 for one site license
  • $87 for five sites license.
  • $97 for ten sites license.


WP Product Review is a WordPress review and rating plugin which is specific for reviewers who want to create a product review website and earn affiliate commissions. It is the best choice for adding ratings and reviews for products.

Key Features:
  1. Affiliate button: It allows to include an affiliate button for reviews which will let the reviewers generate revenue for reviewing that product.
  2. User reviews:  Users can review the products, and you can change the original review according to the user review by using their “visitor review influence” option and selecting the percentage effect on the initial rating.
  3. Pros and Cons: It also has a ‘Pros and Cons section’ where you can include both the advantages and disadvantages of the product in the review section itself.
  4. Widgets: Display Latest and Top products using widgets.
  5. Custom icons: Has a range of custom icons which you can choose to use for the ratings.
  6. WordPress comments: Add specific user review options to WordPress comments.
  7. Rich Snippets: Can add Rich Snippets to your posts.
  • Free version.
  • $70 for one domain.
  • $176 for up to 3 domains.
  • $353 for up to 30 domains.


GD Rating system is the ultimate plugin for implementing ratings for WordPress content, terms, users or anything else, with multiple rating method, features and add-ons and more.

  1. Rating types: They have three main rating types – Star rating, Slider rating and Thumb rating.
  2. Like and Emote: You can also use the like rating system with different styling option available and even emotions voting system with mixed emotions to choose from.
  3. Posts Integration:  Add the rating blocks into posts content, for all post types, for the main query and also for single posts/pages.
  4. Comments Integration: Rating can be added to comments
  5. 21 Shortcodes:  21 shortcodes with plenty of attributes for your current post, any post, and a rating list.
  6. 14 Widgets: 14 Widgets for a single rating block and a rating list.
  7. Rich Snippets: Pro version includes advanced snippets implementation for Search engines.
  8. Votes notifications: Instant email notifications can be sent to the administrator when voting is done.
  • Free version
  • $50.15 for one site license.
  • $84.15 for three sites license.
  • $169.15 for 25 sites license.
  • $339.15 for 75 sites license.


The Reviewer allows you to insert reviews and comparison tables into your posts, pages, and custom post types quickly and easily. It is the highest selling rating plugin in Envato market.

Key Features:
  1. Rating types: Has 2 rating types – Star rating and Bar rating
  2. User reviews: Users can also add ratings and reviews to any post and can also upload images inside reviews.
  3. Comparison table: Create awesome comparison tables by just placing the related shortcode in any custom post type or page.
  4. Customizable Themes: Has fantastic themes which are customizable.
  5. Moderation for user review: User reviews can be sent for approval first before publishing.
  6. E-mail notifications: Admin could receive e-mail notification when new user reviews have been posted.
  7. Share user reviews: You can also share user reviews on social media to gain more confidence over your product/service.
  8. Shortcodes: Has various shortcodes for Review boxes, tables, list of boxes and also for getting reviews of the single user.
  • $28 for 6-month support.
  • $36.63 for 12-month support.
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The Like Button Rating plugin allows you to add a cool rating but by just a Like Button. You can add a fully customizable Like Button using this plugin.

Key Features
  1. Insights: You can also get real-time reports and full insights about the ratings you have got which is impressive. This feature stands out from all other plugins we have seen.
  2. Post types: Add a like button to your posts, pages, comments, Woocommerce products, BuddyPress, bbPress, and even custom post types.
  3. 41 Themes: 41 different themes which you can use for the like button, and it also allows custom themes.
  4. 44 Languages: You can translate the Like button in 44 different languages and use it according to your customers/readers.
  5. Sort content: Sort the content by the Most liked (authenticated user likes)
  6. Widgets and Shortcodes: Using their widget and shortcode, you can display the like button in any post or page, most liked content, the content liked by the current authenticated user, number of likes and dislikes. You can also disable the like button in any post or page using their shortcode.
  7. Integrations: It has complete integrations with Woocommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress, it is also fully compatible with WordPress Multisite.
  8. Google Rich snippets: You can also boost your search engine rankings by the rich snippets they allow. It also provides a 5-star rating in Google search results.
  9. E-mail notifications: Get email notifications when you receive a new vote.
  • Free version (1 button per page)
  • $7.99/Year – 10 buttons per page.
  • $12.99/Year – 25 buttons per page.
  • $21.99/Year – Unlimited buttons per page and Pro features.
  • $31.99/Year – Unlimited buttons per page and VIP features.


Taqyeem is a Premium star rating and review plugin in the Envato market which was built for adding lovely and neat ratings to your posts, pages, and custom post types.

Key Features:
  1. Rating types: 3 rating types – Star, Point, and Percentage.
  2. Customization: It allows many customization options to change the fonts, images, color, styles and of course the criteria.
  3. Post types: It supports all posts, pages, and even custom post types.
  4. Widgets: Has 3 widgets namely Best, recent and random reviews widget.
  5. Users rating: Allow the users to rate.
  6. Translation: It allows localization support. Easy to translate.
  7. Rich Snippets: Schema SEO Rich Snippet Review Microdata is also supported.
  8. RTL: RTL languages are also supported.
  • $29 for 6-month support.
  • $38 for 12-month support.

Which one should you get?

So that covers the 6 Best rating plugin for your WordPress site. To conclude:

For a professional review website which aims at getting affiliate commissions WP Product Review plugin will be the right pick for you.

Go for WP Review Pro plugin or GD Rating plugin if you are looking for an all in one plugin rating and review WordPress plugin which gives you a premium user experience.

For a much simpler use case and standard styling choose the Reviewer WordPress plugin or Taqyeem WordPress review plugin.

To give your users a social media like rating experience Like button rating plugin is the correct choice.

Also check out our Best WordPress Review Plugins article for more detail information on different types of review plugins.

Feel free to let us know in the comments if we have missed any of the awesome rating plugins you are using and how is it better compared to ones we have mentioned.

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