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For people and teams creating
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Version 1.9

Dynamic Capabilities

Why people love Helpie

Easy to collaborate

Makes it easy for anyone to contribute, be it your team or your community.

Better organisation

Organise without breaking a sweat and share with your favourite people.

More Insights

Find what people view, search for, like, dislike and more.

Check out some of our demos

The Frontend editor and publishing capabilities can only be tried by creating your own demo site using the Try it Now button below.

Startup Demo
Wiki Demo
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Create your own demo website in seconds.


Communicate with your customers, team and community

Helpie makes the tedious part of your work fun, be it — creating product documentation — team collaboration  — starting your own wiki community.

Run your own wiki site

  • Let your users add / edit content right from the frontend.
  • See your revision history, jump to a revision and take actions.
  • Publishing Capabilities: Control who can edit, publish or approve content

That’s Helpie as your WordPress wiki plugin.

Product Documentation for your customers

  • Style your docs with Helpie’s inbuilt styling or use the amazing Elementor page builder
  • Get user feedback via votes and comments
  • Add added tag and updated tag to keep your docs upto date

That’s Helpie as your WordPress documentation plugin.

Internal Wiki for Teams or even a Knowledge Base

  • Create wiki articles to be shared within your team. Work together to improve your collective knowledge.
  • And using versioning to keep your articles upto date.
  • That’s Helpie as a WordPress internal wiki for you.

Alternative to wiki software like Wikispace and Mediawiki

  • You can create amazing full-fledge wiki websites using Helpie.
  • Helpie + WordPress + Thousands of other WordPress themes and plugins  = An amazing powerful & beautiful wiki site.

Helpie is a powerful WordPress wiki alternative to Wikispace and Mediawiki.

What’s Inside

All the features you need, without the bloat.

Frontend Editing

Publishing Capabilities

Revision System

Automatic Table of Contents

Template Customisation

Super Search

User Access Control


Classic / Emo voting

Article Listing

Elementor Elements


Translation Ready


Dynamic Capabilities

What People Say

I have had quite a road to get my site up and running. From its conception 5+ years ago. To hiring someone 2 years ago, who did nothing more than take $600. Then I tried MediaWiki- which doesn't have the functionality that WordPress then I taught myself how to use and develop with WordPress and tried to build it myself by buying a WordPress theme that supposedly had this functionality. I finally found this- Helpie KB. And it's exactly what I needed. It doesn't have too many features to over complicate it. But it doesn't lack any either. And, more importantly, the customer support has been EXCELLENT. Not to mention, the price is extremely affordable as well. I would recommend Helpie KB to anyone trying to make their own wiki-style site
Nathan Blair
Founder, EqualFish
Helpie is an excellent Knowledge based wiki plugin which makes the job so much easier for everyone.

They are always improving their services after taking feedback from their customers. And we always recommend Helpie to our readers who are looking for knowledge base wiki plugin
I was incredibly impressed by the HelpieKB plugin, and was blown away by the quality of their support team! They took the initiative to fix my server settings so that the plugin would run smoothly, and when I ran into a site-specific bug they fixed it within a day. The plugin had all the features I would have hoped for in a Wiki, and has been running beautifully ever since.
Karna G

At Cropolis, we use Helpie WP to inform our farmers of best practices and of new ways that can be game-changing for their business.

Helpie WP and the team behind the tool have been a critical factor in our success with technology adoption and usability.

We love it!

Taylor Shearer
Co-Founder, COO Cropolis
If you are looking for the best WordPress Knowledge Base plugin, you just found it!
Matthijs Ariens
The best WordPress Knowledge Base plugin with top notch support. Awesome work.
Sarah Harwals

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