Buying Astra Pro Worth It? Astra Pro Theme Review – 2023 [Astra Theme]

Astra is a multipurpose, highly customizable, and extremely stable and lightweight WordPress theme. Astra is well-known for its superior speed and lightweight design, which was designed with SEO and performance in mind.

Because it offers so many different templates and layouts, it can be a solution for many types of websites, making it suitable for nearly any type of site.

Astra free theme has more than 1+ Million Active installations and many people in the million have upgraded to Astra Pro, the premium version of the Astra theme. In this review, we will see everything Astra Pro Theme has to offer, it’s pricing, and is worth buying.

Astra Pro Addon

Astra Pro is a powerful multipurpose addon for the free Astra WordPress theme.

  • It offers more advanced features which help to build and customize your website uniquely even without having to change or add a single piece of code.
  • Astra Pro Addon is a plugin that is downloaded and installed separately; it extends the power of the Astra theme by adding more advanced features without disturbing the performance.
  • When using a multipurpose theme, many users often complain about the user-friendliness of the theme because more features in a theme would complicate things and would not be user-friendly.

Astra Pro has successfully dealt with this issue. Though it offers many advanced features, each feature is given as a separate module. You can choose to activate which features you want, and other features would remain deactivated thereby making it less complicated and saving loading time. Using lesser features would also add to the performance of your theme.

There are more exciting things and let’s see about Astra Pro’s features and their use in this review. Hope you find this Astra Pro Review helpful.

Astra Pro for eCommerce (WooCommerce Integration)

Customizing your eCommerce store is very important because you need to differentiate from all other stores on the internet ( your brand should be different from all other brands). With Astra Pro, you could customize every small detail in your store without having to change a single piece of code.

Essentials of an eCommerce Store

Astra Pro – Speed 

Faster loading will keep customers on your website without clicking the “back” button which increases your conversion rate. Astra features a clean, performance-optimized code that ensures your store’s load times never get in the way of a sale.

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Astra Pro Customization (Code Free)

Customizing your eCommerce store is very important because you need to differentiate from all other stores on the internet ( your brand should be different from all other brands). With Astra Pro, you could customize every small detail in your store without having change a single piece for code.

Solid Security

Astra focuses on clean code and standards to ensure that your site stays safe and compatible. You will receive constant updates, and it has integrations with security plugins such as Wordfence. You can run your store without having to fear.

Checkout Conversions

A poorly designed checkout page can lead to abandonment and cost you a loss of your revenue. Astra gives you the tools to cut your cart abandonment rate by offering a customizable, conversion-optimized checkout process.

Astra Pro features for the WooCommerce store

Having an attractive store that gives the user more control to see the products is important for an eCommerce store. Astra Pro has specialized features for your WooCommerce store which offers the best options for your store gallery and checkout pages and a lot more. You can see how to create an eCommerce site with Astra here.


1. WooCommerce Product Gallery Options

Lets you Display product images in a flexible-width gallery that you can adjust vertically or horizontally, with options to open an image in a lightbox.

2. Infinite Scroll

Dynamically load your products as a user scrolls down for a seamless product showcase experience.

3. WooCommerce Product Quick View 

Let your customers preview each product in detail without needing to open a new page. It allows you to select various options to give users a better view and increase your conversion rate.

4. Off-Canvas Sidebar 

Filters help users find products they are looking for faster. Add helpful filters and widgets in off-canvas sidebars to improve user experience on your WooCommerce store.


5. Checkout Options

Don’t like the default one-step checkout in WooCommerce? You get plenty of options like a two-step checkout, a distraction-free checkout, and many more to enhance your user’s checkout experience.


6. Widget Optimized

Optimizing widgets on the WooCommerce shop page is made easier than ever. You can drag and drop widgets like price filters, product variations, and more to add them to your off-canvas sidebar.

Important Astra Pro Features

1. Astra Pro – Elementor Integration

Astra WordPress theme is designed to go well with page builders and Astra Pro especially has the best integration with Elementor page builder. Astra gives you Full Width or Stretched Layout for Elementor page builder.

It has specialized Hooks for Elementor with which the page builder can alter some elements which belong to the theme. Building a site for mobile viewing is very easy with Astra Pro and Elementor.

Some people have a question such as ‘Do I need Elementor pro with Astra agency? Not necessarily the demo sites that come with the Astra Agency plan are created with Elementor free plugin. Since Elementor Pro and Astra Pro integrates really smoothly and gives you unlimited design options to create the website of your dreams.  Also, you get Ultimate Addons for Elementor plugin in the Astra agency deal.


Astra Pro + Elementor Pro = Ultimate Tool for Web Designer

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2. Advanced Header and Site Layouts

Astra free theme may not have many header options, but when you upgrade to Astra Pro it opens a lot of header options such as Sticky header, Transparent, Primary header, Above header content, and Below header content.

It gives you 30+ types of Headers and 10+ kinds of Footers. You can also add interactive Mega menus to headers.

There are a lot more layout options for Sidebar, Footer bar, and Footer widgets too.

Astra Pro – Transparent Header
Astra Pro – Site Layouts

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Astra Pro – Blog and Custom Layouts

Every page on your site can be customized using Astra. There is a Blog Pro option in Astra Pro which lets you customize your Blog layouts and other things such as Blog/page structure, Meta info, and other information. Astra Pro also comes with Custom Layouts modules that you can enable in the Astra Options and you can use Astra Pro custom layouts with Elementor page builder.

Mobile Header and Mobile Devices Responsive

More than 40% of users see your store or blog from their mobile devices. If your site is not mobile device optimized, you might lose many users or customers. Some people even switch to a mobile-friendly theme in these cases. But you need not worry because Astra Pro is Mobile responsive. It even has a Mobile Header option with which you can customize your header for Mobile devices. In the Theme Customizer options, there is a separate button that shows how your site looks on mobile devices.

Other features of Astra Pro

Astra Pro has some more features, which give you the control to create a site of your imagination. They are:

Astra Gutenberg Integration – Though it is not a Gutenberg-focused theme, it supports the block editor and its default blocks. It even supports Gutenberg’s Container Layouts such as Full Width / Contained layout, and Boxed / Content Boxed layout. It has 50+ free demo sites for Gutenberg.

404-page content – Create your custom 404-page displaying content.

Spacing Module – Lets you easily control the space of various elements on your site.

Disable Title / Featured Image / Sidebar – You can disable these items easily and get full freedom to design with Elementor and could create a custom landing page.

LifterLMS integration – Lets you create a targeted website that focuses on learning and bringing in higher conversions.

LearnDash Integration – Gives you several design options and features that focus more on providing a better learning experience.

Astra Theme Demo

Astra theme comes with 236+ unique demo sites that can be easily imported with Astra Starter Sites plugin also known as Astra Sites plugin.

You get 115+ Astra demo sites with the free Astra theme, and  235+ Astra pro (premium) demo sites with the Agency deal.

These Astra sites work with page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, and Brizy builders. These demo sites are created for many niches such as Real Estate, eCommerce, Restaurant, Portfolio, and many more.

These demo sites make the Astra Pro Showcase, even if you don’t import the demo but also to use as examples of what can be done with Astra Pro Theme.

See Astra Pro Demo Sites Now!

Astra Pro Support

When you are running an eCommerce store or a business website, any small problems on the site could lead to a potential loss of revenue and a bad name in the business. That is why Astra provides awesome support, the issues are resolved quickly, and they even add new features according to customer requests.

They have one of the best user forums on Facebook where the customers and the authors interact. Many of the users even help themselves in the forum.

Astra Pro Price

Now we’ve come to the part where we discuss how much Astra Pro Costs. The best thing about the Astra Pro addon is that there is no limit on the no. of sites, so you can use it on unlimited sites.
Astra Pro’s pricing is quite interesting. There are 3 pricing plans with 2 types of deals – Annual and LifeTime. For Annual plans, you get only 1 year of support and updates, and for Lifetime plans you get support for a lifetime.

  • Astra Pro Addon – Astra Pro theme for unlimited sites
  • Essential Bundle (Mini Agency Bundle) – Astra Pro + Agency Demo Sites + Ultimate Addons + WP Portfolio for unlimited sites
  • Growth Bundle (Agency Bundle) – Astra Pro + Agency Demo Sites + All the Brainstorm Force premium plugins (Convert Pro, Schema Pro, Ultimate Addons, SkillJet Academy Membershi[)

Astra Pro – Annual Pricing Plans

Astra Pro is currently priced in an annual subscription of $47 for 1 year of support and updates that you can use for unlimited sites.

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Astra Pro – Lifetime Pricing Plans

Astra is created by Brainstorm Force, a company that is running successfully for more than 13 years. So even if you buy the Lifetime plans, you can surely get more than what you paid. They have gained many loyal customers. They have even put a public roadmap for Astra in which they have mentioned long-term and short-term goals for Astra.

Astra Pro’s Lifetime deal costs $239. Comparing other premium themes and considering this BSF company, even if you buy a lifetime deal, it will be worth it.

They also have a 14 days refund policy, so you can apply for a refund if you’re not satisfied with Astra Pro.

Many customers have even bought the Mini-Agency and Agency Bundle, in which you get Ultimate- addons for Elementor and other products of Brainstorm force such as WP Portfolio, Convert Pro, etc., They even give  180+ Starter sites that you can easily export already built sites for your website.

Buy Astra Pro Now >>

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Hope our review of Astra Pro Theme has helped you. We think Astra Pro is worth it! What do you think? Share in the comments section.

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