7 of the Best Testimonial Plugins WordPress – 2020

Testimonials improve conversion rate. In fact, you can use these amazing WordPress testimonial plugins to showcase your testimonials and increase your conversion rate and revenue today.

Have you noticed in yourself that you tend to buy a brand, go to a restaurant or choose a product something you have not known or used personally but only because it has been highly esteemed from your friends or you have heard good reviews about it though you don’t know them personally?

Yes, much of our purchasing decisions come from social proof. We all have this tendency to believe someone’s experience over something will be the same for us either positive or negative.

How can Testimonials help?

As Syed Balkhi wonderfully says, “Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.”

That’s 100% true for most of us. Moreover, do you know that what’s true of you is true of your customers either?

Yes, the one best thing that you can do to convert the visitors to customers is by adding social proof on your website. Even one recommendation that they see for your product/service will encourage them and give them a sense of confidence to trust you.

Yes, according to Nielsen research, “92% of people will trust a recommendation from a peer, and 70% of people will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t even know.”

Those recommendations can come in many forms, but we will be focusing here on one key thing which is adding testimonials. Adding testimonials will help build trust among your users and also boost your conversions tremendously.

Wikijob saw a 34% increase in conversions when they added just three simple testimonial quotes on their homepage. Also, Hotel Institute Montreaux increased sign-ups by 50% by merely adding a testimonial on their landing page.

Having been convinced of the importance of adding testimonials to your site, now let’s dive into the seven best testimonial plugins for WordPress.

Let’s see the best WordPress Testimonial plugins of 2020.


Of using all the plugins, I was impressed by this plugin the most of their core idea. While every other plugin has just focused on displaying testimonials well, thrive ovation has focused on every aspect from gathering, managing, and showcasing the best testimonials at the right place. To say precisely, thrive ovation is an all in one testimonial management plugin rather than just displaying

Key Features:
  1. You can transform the WordPress comments into testimonials in just one click. Thrive Ovation will automatically grab all the vital information such as the name and the picture of the WordPress comment to insert as a testimonial on your sales page.
  2. Thrive ovation is also integrated with Facebook and Twitter where you can just transform the comments you get into a ready to insert testimonial by just a click.
  3. They also have a Thrive content builder where you can choose the number of testimonials to display, the color scheme, and you can customize almost every detail to fit your brand.
  4. Using Thrive ovation, you can collect testimonials on autopilot where you can send an automated message to your customers asking for feedback and testimonials using a dedicated testimonial form.
  1. This plugin has wholly covered all aspects from collecting testimonials, managing them and displaying them not just focusing on displaying the testimonials as every other plugin in this category does.
  2. This plugin has powerful features which no plugins in this category have. Clearly, they have their heads high from all other plugins in the availability of the features.
  3. Another big advantage of using Thrive Ovation is the dynamically displayed testimonials. This will allow you to have sales pages that stay up-to-date with the latest testimonials without you worrying about any of this!
  1. Honestly, I love this plugin so much, and I am really amazed at their features. So I am so nearsighted now to find any negatives 😉 The only thing I could say for the sake of including a disadvantage may be that they don’t have a free version. Still, this plugin is worth every of your money.
  • $39 for one license.
  • $47 for five licenses
  • $97 for 15 licenses

Testimonial Pro

Testimonial Pro is one of the best WordPress Testimonial Showcase plugins built to display testimonials, reviews or quotes in multiple ways on anywhere on the website you want. The plugin comes with the easiest shortcode generator and a clean setting panel so that you can easily build an awesome, unique testimonial showcase on your website.

In addition, the latest web technologies are used in this plugin and made it as a complete solution for the testimonial showcase. Undoubtedly, it is a great choice as a Premium Plugin in the testimonial showcase for WordPress based websites.


  1. Slider, Grid, Masonry, Filter, and List Layouts
  2. 100+ Layout Customisation options
  3. Shortcode Generator with 200+ Visual Customisation Options
  4. Rich Snippets or Structured Data compatible
  5. Front-End Submission form available to Collect Testimonials
  6. Google reCAPTCHA for Testimonial Form spam protection.
  7. Testimonial Pending in Dashboard for approval
  8. Testimonial Detail Page or Read More Link Type (Expand and PopUp)
  9. Testimonial Thumbnail Slider
  10. Video Testimonials
  11. 14 Testimonial Details input fields
  12. Advanced typography with 950+ Google Fonts
  13. WPML and translation ready
  14. Fast and Dedicated support team
  15. 7days money back policy and many more.


  1. It is super-fast, light-weight and optimized for SEO
  2. Fully responsive layout and easy to customize and use.
  3. All types of testimonial fields are included
  4. Highly customizable with 200+ visual customization options
  5. Simple shortcode to display anywhere you want.


  1. All extra-ordinary features are included in the Pro version only.
  2. Some limited features are available in the free version.
  3. So, you have to upgrade to the Pro version if you want to get all features.
  • Personal (Single Site) – $39.00
  • Business (Up to 5 Sites) – $139.00
  • Agency (Unlimited Sites) – $299.00


This is one of my favorite testimonial plugins of all the plugin I used as I found this one to be more comfortable and easily understandable.

Key Features:

  1. You can either insert a list of testimonials or output a random testimony or even display a slideshow of testimonials anywhere on your website.
  2. You can link your testimonials to a specific page such a product page on your site.
  3. You can create a front-end testimonial form using their testimonial form builder for users to submit their testimonial, and you can also create multiple forms using their builder.
  4. Testimonial notification can be enabled which will send an e-mail notification to admin or anyone that you set when a new testimonial is submitted.


  1. It supports more than 100 different professional designed themes for impressive front-end display.
  2. The style customization it allows like customizing the font, size, and color is enormous.
  3. It also has some advanced features like Import and export features, where you could import and export your testimonials easily.
  4. This plugin is very simple to use and highly customizable.


  1. Much of the important features we mentioned above as their advantages are in the Pro version, not in their free version.
  2. Pro version is a bit costlier compared to other plugins.
  3. Considered to be the most essential feature, the user submission form is also not available in the free version, which seems to be highly unfavorable for this plugin.
  4. It sometimes slows down the website load time when many testimonials are added.
  • $59 for a single site
  • $199 for 2-5 sites.
  • $599 for unlimited sites


Key Features:

  1. Grid and slider layout
  2. Front end submission form available
  3. 20 different grid and slider designs.
  4. Star rating system.
  5. You can adjust the slider autoplay and speed interval.
  6. Display testimonial by category wise.
  7. Sort the testimonial order by ascending or descending order.


  1. Very simple and easy to use.
  2. You can add custom CSS to overwrite plugin CSS.
  3. Fully responsive.
  4. 100% multi-language.


  1. You cannot display testimonials for multiple categories.
  2. Some basic features like adding an excerpt and linking to a full-page, masonry layout is missing.
  3. You cannot get the testimonial plugin alone from them. You have to purchase their whole bundle, which will be very expensive for many.
  • $99 for a single site
  • $149 for 5 sites
  • $299 for unlimited sites.


Testimonials Showcase is another excellent testimonial plugin in Codecanyon which will let you display testimonials, reviews, or quotes in multiple ways.

Key Features:

  1. You can display the testimonials or reviews in two different ways either in a grid format or slider format where you could also control the transition effect, the number of entries to display in each slide and much more.
  2. You can also include a link in the image or in the subtitle or in the read more link which will lead to a single page entry for that particular testimonial.
  3. It also has a powerful shortcode generator with advanced query options and 10+ visual customization options.
  4. It is also compatible with gravatar which could be used for your client’s image when they add their testimony.
  5. You can also use the star rating system in your testimonial.


  1. The price is decidedly lower.
  2. The advanced linking options they provide will be extremely helpful for people who are doing case studies.
  3. They are also compatible with Rich snippets which will help you to display the information in the search engine results page.
  4. The plugin is localization ready, supporting .po and .mo language files! If you want the administration of the plugin in another language, you just need to create your own language files.


  1. No free version is available. Only Pro.
  2. Some useful features like custom fields, import, and export, are missing.
  • $17 for 6-month support
  • $21.50 for a 12-month support


Testimonial showcase for the visual composer is the best plugin to display testimonials and reviews using Visual Composer page builder.

Key Features:

  1. Fully compatible with the Visual Composer page builder.
  2. You have ten different predefined responsive themes which you can choose from to display the front-end.
  3. They have ten different options for sliders, like Items per slider, nav buttons, responsive, etc..
  4. They have three pagination themes and 18 Animation slide in and 18 Animation slide out.
  5. Rich Snippets integrated
  6. Fully Responsive&Retina Ready.


  1. Customizations they allow is really massive. You can customize your testimonials with the desired color from their predefined ten trendy colors to better fit in your website.
  2. Filtering showcase feature is really impressive where you could filter the testimonials in any way you wish.
  3. Price is very much cheaper.
  4. Multi-language is supported.


  1. Very narrow customer segment.
  2. Quite confusing in the beginning to get a hold of it.
  1. $18 for 6-month support
  2. $22.88 for 12-month support


Key Features:

  1. For any testimonial, you can add detailed info about the author, including the name, position, company name, logo, website URL, and add a photo for higher trust.
  2. You can also add the author’s Facebook and Twitter URL in their testimonial to make your testimonials trustworthy and reliable.
  3. They have two layouts; one is the slider to display your testimonials as a part of some page, and grid if there is a whole page devoted to testimonials on your site.
  4. They have six different templates where you could use as a single template for client stories or tiled templates for multiple testimonials.


  1. The customizing is so easy and fast. They have a very user-friendly editor where no coding will be required.
  2. Price is much cheaper.


Only a limited number of features are available. Many more critical features should be added.


$22 for 6-month support.


Strong Testimonial plugin is definitely one of the best WordPress testimonial plugins, and for no reason, it can have the highest number of active installs and downloads in this category.

Key Features:

  1. Client testimonials can be easily added using their editor where you could add the Testimonial title, the testimonial in the content area and assign it to a specific category. Client details such as their name, email, company name, etc.. could also be added there itself. The featured image can be used to attach your client’s pictures.
  2. You can create a front-end form for your users to add a testimonial and can insert it anywhere on your site using their shortcode or widget.
  3. You could easily arrange the fields in which the testimonial form should appear using drag and drop. You could also add any custom fields which you want to appear in the form and can also change the properties of it like the order, table, and placeholder.
  4. There are much more features it allows like sorting the testimonials, showing the testimonials in excerpts rather than showing the full testimony, pagination for your testimonials and much more.
  5. You can display it in masonry or grid format. You can also show it as a slideshow.


  1. It offers an unlimited number of features and that too for entirely free which is the most impressive part of this plugin.
  2. It is so simple enough that beginners could easily grab hold of the use and feel of the plugin. It is also flexible enough for the developers to create their own custom templates.
  3. Most plugins offer the user submission feature in the pro version while they have included it in the free itself and that too way powerful than other plugins.
  4. Excellent customer support. Most of their five-star rating is for their customer support.

Honestly, I don’t find any negatives with this plugin and seems to be the best in this category. They had some issue with responsiveness, but I believe that should have also been taken care of by the author.


Completely Free. No Pro

So these are the 7 best testimonial plugin in WordPress. Feel free to let us know in the comments which one you are using and why do you like it?

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