How can a Business Wiki Revolutionize your Business?

Business a Simple Definition

In simple terms, a business is any organization where goods and services are exchanged for money. It can be for-profit, non-profit, state-owned, or private owned.

The term business also refers to the organized efforts and activities of individuals to produce and sell goods and services. A business could be as small as a sole proprietorship and as large as an international corporation.

What is Business Wiki?

When a business is scaling up (grows large) you need business administration skills including organization theory, strategic management, etc., Business collaboration and documentation are essential for a business. A Business Wiki is a software tool which helps with documentation and collaborative knowledge sharing.

Do I need a Wiki for my Business?

Though countless people all around the globe have popularly used wiki’s, very few people have realized the importance of using a wiki for their business.

Yes, Business Wiki is one of the most potent tools which has the ability to skyrocket your business in a way you never imagined.

If you don’t believe my words,

you should ask yourself the question, then why top business companies like Intel Corporation, Adobe, and IBM use a wiki.

Yes, almost every top notch companies use Wikis for their business.

It’s high time for every small business and growing startups to realize how the top companies have used wikis in their business and how it can help their own business.

How does a Wiki Benefit my Business?

There are many ways in which a wiki can be implemented in various businesses. We will see some of the essential use cases.

Businesses use wikis to:

  • Create Product Documentation
  • Attract audience through Content Marketing
  • Internal Team Collaboration
  • Project Documentation and Management
  • Also for Individual knowledge retention

Business Wiki for your Support Team:

Product Documentation:

Providing proper support for your products is one of the crucial factor in determining the quality of your products/business.

A wiki can be extremely useful in creating documentation for your products where you could add the how-to’s of your product, frequently asked questions, adding regular updates of your product and much more.

By using a wiki for your product documentation, you can also allow your customers to add their own tips or suggestions on the documentation that needs modification, and that needs to be added.

By using this properly, a wiki can be the best tool which will improve your support process; thrice the usual.

Business Wiki for your Marketing Team:

Have you ever thought a Wiki could do a big deal for your marketing team? Yes, it does. Creating a wiki, writing content on your niche regularly will build a strong authority for your business in the niche you are in.

Wiki also does a great deal in your SEO by providing links from highly relevant content back to your own website, and capture a new potential customer base searching for information about your niche.
So Wikis can be a great way to produce a content-rich website on your industry and draw customers to your primary website in the longer term.

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Business Wiki in your Company:

Internal Team Collaboration:

There won’t be any better tool other than a wiki for your internal team/employees to use, especially when the team is working on a common project.

They can use Wiki to store the information on the project they are working on, common troubleshooting issues and the solutions, essential notes on their project meetings, the deadlines of the project and much more.

The collaborative nature of wikis makes it the perfect tool for small teams of people who need to create and distribute information to other people in their organizations.

Global Communication:

Social media and global network concept.

Sometimes you might have business all around the globe and may find it hard to maintain clear communication between them. A wiki for companies can be a great tool in providing a method for teams with members in different locations to work together seamlessly and share information on a project.

Project Management:

Though there are many project management tools out there, considering the simplicity and a shallow learning curve of a wiki makes it the best alternative for project management.

You can use wikis to organize client data, files, tasks lists, etc.. You can also use it as a repository of business files which is accessible to everyone in your team.

Project Documentation:

Documentation is an essential part of running a business and also the most neglected part because of the time it takes.

Maintaining a documented process for our business as well as client’s business may look time-consuming at the moment but it will be of great benefit on a long term and a wiki would be the best tool to create it.

Knowledge Base:

Every department in your company can use a Wiki as a Knowledge Base for your employees to use to solve the most common problems such as what to do when the database is unavailable, the mail isn’t being delivered, or documents aren’t printing, etc..

So a wiki for companies becomes the better replacement for a company knowledge base.


You can also use wikis as an intranet portal for all your employees to be used within your office system, allowing them to see the latest news within their department and across the company.

Improve Communications:

Wikis do a great job in improving the communications in your organization. Often, corporate communication would just involve dumping of information of the leader to the employee rather than idea gathering mission.

The collaborative nature of wikis makes everyone, including the employees to share their ideas, which also improves the quality of the project and also empowers the employee to come up with their own ideas.


Wiki for business can also be used in team meetings. Communication and synergy of ideas are the two main goals of most meetings, and we very well know that a wiki is an excellent tool that can accomplish both of these goals.

As an example of how a wiki would be the best tool for team meetings,

IBM held a global wiki meeting in September of 2006 with online discussions that lasted three days. Over 100,000 people from more than 160 countries participated in what IBM considered a highly-successful brainstorming session.

Business Wiki For Individuals:

On an individual basis, you can also use a wiki as your own private workspace where you can make notes, make lists of your agendas, and generate new ideas.

Best Ever Business Wiki

By now, I believe you would have understood the importance of using wikis for any kind of business.

So, are you wondering which wiki tool for your business?

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