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Do you want to use Contact Form 7 and automate your business and marketing workflows? Do you want to connect Contact Form 7 with your favorite business apps?

Contact Form 7 is a very popular WordPress form plugin used by millions of WordPress users. By automating the form workflows you can transform Contact Form 7 into a powerful marketing tool.

Contact Form 7 Automation Add-on  – Tablesome

To automate Contact Form 7 form you can make use of Tablesome Contact Form 7 Automation Add-on. With Tablesome you can create custom Contact Form 7 workflows by choosing triggers, and actions. A trigger is an event that launches the workflow, an action is the event that takes place.

Download the free Tablesome plugin and give it a try!

Tablesome integrates with Contact Form 7 and helps you set up well-crafted workflows using smart automations.
When new form submission is received in Contact Form 7, you can use Tablesome to check if a field contains a word using Filters, and select a specific action to perform.

Save Contact Form 7 submissions to database

With Tablesome you can save form submissions from Contact Form 7 to your database (contact form 7 db). Not only can you save messages as entries to the database you could also edit, and delete the CF7 entries.

See detailed tutorial on saving CF7 Submissions to database.

Save Contact Form 7 File Uploads / Attachments

When your site visitors upload a file as an attachment to the form submission. The uploaded files will be saved to the Media Library. You could save multiple file uploads in CF7 form.

Save Contact Form 7 File Uploads on External Storage

Your WordPress hosting provider may not give much file storage space to save all file uploads, in this case you would want to use an external storage.

Not only does Tablesome allow you to save CF7 file uploads to WP Media Library, you could even automatically store the attachments on external file hosting and storage services.

Contact Form 7 to Dropbox

Using your Dropbox access token you can upload the CF7 file attachments directly to your Dropbox folder

Contact Form 7 to Google Drive

Send files uploaded via Contact Form 7 directly to your Google Drive account

Contact Form 7 – export submissions

You can also manually export the saved Contact Form 7 messages, to CSV or XLSX files format. You can export

  • Individual form submissions
  • Filtered list of form submissions
  • All of the form submissions

You can take the exported CSV or XLSX file and import it into other applications to be added as subscribers for the mailing list, lead management on CRM, etc.,

Generate & Send PDF for Contact Form 7 Submissions

With Tablesome you can create a PDF filler form using Contact Form 7 and  generate PDF after Contact Form 7 form submit that you can send as a PDF attachment in CF7 form notifications email. You could also export the Contact Form 7 entries database as a PDF file.

Display & Edit Contact Form 7 submissions on WordPress Frontend

You could also display the form submissions publicly on WordPress frontend posts and pages on datatables view (spreadsheet) with Search, Sort, Filters and Pagination.

You can allow users can edit the CF7 form entries when they’re being displayed on the frontend WordPress pages.

Contact Form 7 Redirect After Submission

You can redirect users after a Contact Form 7 form is submitted. You could redirect to any other pages such as a ThankYou page or any other post types even to an external URL.

Not only that you can pass form fields as URL query parameters along with a custom success message on the redirected page.

Contact form 7 Post Creation / Post Submission (Post My CF7 Form)

With Tablesome you will be able to create new posts from Contact Form 7 user submissions. You can create a Contact Form 7 Post Creation form and add it on the WordPress frontend.

Your site visitors can submit a post on the WordPress frontend without logging in to the site. Not only posts and pages, you can also create CPT (custom post type) posts.

Contact form 7 User Registration

Tablesome helps you to use the Contact Form 7 plugin to build a custom WordPress user registration form and register new users from the WordPress frontend.

With the Contact form 7 User Registration form you will be able to ask for other personal details such as Phone No, Address, Zodiac Sign, Spirit Animal, etc., these are not required by WordPress.

Send Contact Form 7 Email (Autoresponder)

Tablesome can be considered as a Contact Form 7 email add-on as you can send personalized & automated email responses (auto-response) and notifications when a form is submitted.

  • Not only can you send emails to form submitter’s, you can send to multiple emails such as site admins and other custom emails
  •  You can also send conditional emails, that is emails will be sent to different contact groups (email routing) based on data submitted in the forms fields.

Customize Email Header and Body

In Contact Form 7 email settings, header and body does not have fields such as “bcc, cc, reply to”, etc., In Tablesome, your email headers can have the “bcc, cc, and reply to” fields.

Your email messages can have dynamically populated content using the submitted form field values.

Solve WP Contact Form 7 Not Sending Email

If you are facing email not sending issues with Contact Form 7, you could use Tablesome to fix the email issues and send automated custom emails.

Connect Contact Form 7 with Popular Apps

Contact Form 7 API integration to connect with apps

Tablesome acts like a Zapier-like add-on for Contact Form 7 and helps you to connect with your favorite apps.

Tablesome works as a Contact Form 7 API integration plugin and CF7 webhooks plugin and helps to connect with many popular and famous apps using API keys provided by the respective apps.

Contact Form 7 Email Marketing Integrations

Tablesome helps you integrate Contact Form 7 plugin with many powerful and popular automation tools such as:

  • Mailchimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Constant Contact
  • MailerLite
  • SendGrid
  • Sendinblue
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • Mailster and more

You could create newsletter and other sign up forms with Contact Form 7 plugin and when a visitor subscribes using the CF7 form the contact will be automatically added to your email marketing app using API integration.

You can add contacts to your subscription lists and collect leads for your business.

(Note: some of the app integrations are already available and more integrations are work in progress)

Contact Form 7 CRM Integration

If you want to connect your website with CRM tools that you use for your business, Tablesome makes it very easy for you to do so. You can connect Contact Form 7 with many popular CRM tools such as:

  • HubSpot
  • PipeDrive
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho CRM
  • Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)
  • Klaviyo
  • Marketo, and more
Contact Form 7-WhatApp Integration

Tablesome allows you to integrate Contact Form 7 with WhatsApp using the WhatsApp Cloud API. So when a new submission is received in Contact Form 7, send the message in WhatsApp.

Contact form 7 to Spreadsheets

Since Tablesome stores the form submissions in a spreadsheet-like interface you can easily import the data to any spreadsheet tools that you use for your business both manually and automatically.

Contact form 7 to Google Sheets

You will be able to connect a Google Sheets spreadsheet with a CF7 form that you have on your WordPress site. When new form submission is received in Contact Form 7, it automatically adds the data to Google Sheet spreadsheet.

Contact Form 7 to Excel Spreadsheet 

As the same as other spreadsheet apps you could add a new Contact Form 7 form submission to a Microsoft 365 Excel worksheet.

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