Setting up an WordPress Employee Training Portal – 2023

Setting up an employee training program with WordPress is simple and affordable. It is the best solution for startups and small business owners because these businesses need to train new hires faster and cannot afford to spend thousands of every month on a training system. A WordPress Employee Portal is a great investment for your business and it is relatively cheap.

Employee Training Program

It is a training program which helps the employees to learn specific knowledge and skills to work better in their current position. It also aims to expand employee growth and performance on a longer stretch rather than an immediate need.

Companies pour large time and resources in employee training, especially for new hires.

The Association for Talent Development’s State of the Industry Report, says that organizations spend an average of $1,208 per employee for 1 year on training and development.

So we know that investing time and money on creating an employee training program and giving the best training for employees is vital for the success of any organization.

Computer-Based Training (CBT) for Employees

Previously methods of employee training included the first-day orientation, follow up sessions with lectures, and even some one-on-one sessions. But times have drastically changed, and today, there is a new approach called Computer-Based Training (CBT).  CBT  also is known as e-learning is a better way for onboarding training, and skill training and development.

With this approach, computer-based tutorials have become the primary means of communication between the trainer and employees. The programs are structured to provide instructional materials for facilitating the learning process. The programs are accessed by the employees themselves in a self-service manner.

The key benefit of CBT is that it gives each employee the freedom to learn at their own pace. It also reduces the money spent on employee training. The costs are minimized by eliminating the need for instructors, reducing travel, and reducing the training duration.

Components of an Employee Training Portal

An Employee Training Portal requires 2 fundamental parts.

1)  Learning Management System (LMS) – it contains your learning content as courses

2) Knowledge Management System – contains all the collaboratively acquired knowledge content

Employee Training Program differs greatly from the eLearning; we don’t want regular eLearning software.

Difference between Learning Management and Knowledge Management

Learning management aims to impart skills; is very much application oriented. Learning management systems usually answers to How questions.

Knowledge management aims to create and share information; oriented; it manages structured knowledge content. Knowledge management systems answer to What, When, Whom kind of questions like you see in an Encyclopedia.

For example, knowledge management systems have content for “What is Employee Training Program?” , “What is WordPress? ”, “What is an Employee Training Portal?” etc.,

And a learning management system has content for “How to create an Employee Training Portal using WordPress?”

For an effective Employee Training Program you need to provide both the systems.

Employee Training Software

An effective employee training program requires reliable tools to help create and deliver the optimum training an employee requires to develop their skills and perform their best. Employees access the training materials using a web-portal known as Employee Training Portal, which is created using Employee Training Software.

Choosing the Right Employee Training Software

Since organizations are heavily investing in employee training programs, the training software market has become highly commercialized.

There are many employee Training software available online. These software are licensed for your company on a monthly subscription. The pricing plans are based on the number of users. Some of these software are good options, but you would end up paying them hundreds, even thousands of dollar every month.

Why Create an Employee Training Portal with WordPress?

WordPress can be used as an affordable and reliable alternative for commercial employee training software. WordPress is a free and beginner friendly tool which is known for versatility. You can build any type of website with WordPress. It also has the best tools for Learning Management and Knowledge Management, which you want to use for building your Employee Training Portal. 

First, we need to create a basic website with WordPress, and then we need to install the other tools, called as plugins to get your desired functionality to the WordPress website. Before you get started with the plugins for the portal,  you need to create a WordPress website. See these article to Get a Domain, Hosting and to install WordPress.

Learning Management with LearnDash LMS

A Learning Management System (LMS) helps to create a web learning portal (online learning platform). It makes eLearning very simple by facilitating the automation of Computer Based Training (CBT).

To say in simple terms, you can add users, add courses, and assign courses to learners, and view reports of completion, test scores, certificates, and other analytical insights. You can upload video files, embed Youtube videos, and add many other types of files in this course content.

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LearnDash LMS Key Features
  • Powerful Course Builder –  allows you to easily create multi-layer courses by drag & drop

  • Advanced Quizzing – create any type of quiz with highly customizable options
  • Flexible Prerequisites – create a guided learning path or give learners the option to choose the courses they take

Get a 25% discount if you buy LearnDash LMS with the link below.

Knowledge Management with Helpie Knowledge Base

A Knowledge Management System helps to create, share, and manage organizational knowledge. It is also a collaborative space where you can document the discussions and the decision-making process, which helps the learners to enhance their knowledge and skills and apply them at appropriate times. It could also have all the documents such as FAQs, Guides, and other helpful content to assist in the employee training.

Helpie Knowledge Base Key Features

  • Dynamic Capability – control who can add, edit, publish and approve the content
  • Revision System – see the different version of the edits made and choose the best version
  • Blazing Fast Search – find the content quickly with super fast search system
  • Analytics and Insights – know what employees are searching for, find the best helpful content, not so useful content, with the insights feature


LearnDash + Helpie = Best Employee Training Software

The learning content is hierarchically structured by step by step information to train the leaner in a specific skill will be managed by LearnDash LMS. This content here is set by the trainer as planned when designing the training program.

The knowledge content will have a categorical structure, and it stores every question, document, and discussion, which employees have access to find what they need without having to ask.  It will be managed by Helpie Knowledge Base and could serve as a reference to the learning content.

Since the knowledge contents are collaboratively acquired, they could have information regarding the practical application of the learning content. Like the employees could collaboratively add a content like “Problems faced during setting up employee training portal and how to solve them”. Here each employee could add the problem they faced and its solution, resulting in faster skill development for the new hire.

The combination of both Helpie and LearnDash gives you a powerful Employee Training Software, which even some of the expensive training software don’t have. Your employee will really enjoy their training with these tools.


LearnDash LMS and HR system integration

Companies want to monitor the Employee Productivity  directly and hence want to connect the Employee Training Program with their HR system. You can integrate LearnDash and the HR system with API using a free LearnDash API plugin.

You can also create an HR system using WordPress. You can use a WordPress HR Manager plugin to manage your employees with a WordPress site.

LearnDash LMS can be integrated with other services like Membership tools, Email marketing services with LearnDash extensions. There are also many 3rd-party extensions available for LearnDash to integrate with many other services.

Create an Employee Training Portal Now!

So what are you waiting for? Get LearnDash LMS plugin and Helpie Knowledge Base plugin to create an Employee Training Portal with WordPress.

Remember you get a 25% discount when you buy LearnDash LMS with the link from this article.

You can start a 7-days free trial for Helpie Knowledge Base.

Aren’t we excited to build our first employee training program!

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