How to Create a Customer Review Site with WordPress

Want to create a website to allow customers to rate and review products and services? WordPress provides you a user-friendly way to get reviews from customers and display them elegantly on your site without having to write a piece of code.

You could be a business owner who wants to get reviews from your customers for your products and services or you want to create a customer review website like Trustpilot, Yelp, etc,. We will see how to create these sites with WordPress.

Why Create a Review Site with WordPress?

If you’re wondering why use WordPress for creating a customer review site? You should know that it’s mostly free, beginner-friendly, and has some great tools with which you can create professional customer review sites.

StarCat Reviews plugin

WordPress has an advanced review plugin called StarCat reviews plugin with which you can easily create a site for collecting customer ratings and reviews.

It has an intuitive interface for users to easily give ratings and reviews. You can choose to allow unregistered users or only registered users who are customers to give reviews. You can also moderate the review posts and allow only legitimate reviews to be published on your site.

Types of Customer Review Sites

There are 2 types of customer review sites you can build with the StarCat reviews plugin,

  • Site for collecting customer reviews of multiple businesses and products
  • A business website allowing customers to rate and review their products and services

Customer Review sites for Collecting Business and Product Reviews

These are customer review sites in which various businesses and products are lists and any user who is a customer, can log in and add their review for a product or business.

They mainly have listing pages that are arranged based on the ratings like New Arrivals, Top Rated, Most Popular, Most Rated, etc., so that users can find the best products and services.

These sites earn by displaying Featured products and services.  They may also show Ads for related products and services.

Since the site owner is not related to the business, there is no way for the business owners to influence the reviews, ensuring fairness in reviews for the users.

Best Customer Review Sites

Customer review sites are quite popular in recent times. According to Brightlocal, 91% of millennials trust online reviews as much as friends and family. Some of the best customer review sites are,

  • Trustpilot (All Businesses)
  • MouthShut (All products and services)
  • Yelp (Local Businesses)
  • TripAdvisor (Travel related businesses such as hotels, resorts, etc.,)
  • Angie’s List (Local Businesses and Services)
  • Glassdoor (Companies and Job reviews)
  • Capterra (Software)
  • Google My Business (All Businesses)
  • Goodreads (Book reviews)

There are more review sites for each market and individual niches.

Creating Business and Product Reviews With – StarCat plugin

You can replicate (create clone sites) any of the famous customer review sites in WordPress with the StarCat reviews plugin.

Users can give ratings for multiple criteria, and add Pros and Cons. It also shows the Best Rated and Most Rated lists for different categories of businesses and products.

Users can also compare various products using a comparison table. You can earn good profits by display Featured items and Ads.

Local Business Review site with StarCat

According to a survey by Brightlocal, 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses. So you can create a local business review site for your city or locality.

For local business reviews, you will need to add the business to locations on Google Maps for the users to find the business near their location.

If you want to create a local business review site like Yelp, you will need to list the business based on their location on Google Maps for which you can use the free GeoDirectory plugin, along with StarCat reviews.

Read this article to create a Yelp clone site.

Customer Reviews Site for your Business

The best platform to acquire customer reviews is your own website; so that you will have control of the reviews being published. You can leverage the customer reviews for your advantage if it is on your website.

That being said, you can’t really stop people from reviewing on other platforms either. Though you can’t stop people from reviewing your business on the various customer review sites, you can focus your efforts on getting reviews on your website.

Allowing Customers to Review on your site with StarCat

With StarCat reviews plugin you can add the customer review functionality into your existing WordPress website. The best thing is you can allow only the reviews which you find to be true.

If you have an Ecommerce business then you can change the default WooCommerce review functionality with StarCat reviews allowing customers to sort through Ecommerce products with best ratings and reviews.

Benefits of Getting Customer Reviews through your Own Website

Initiating Conversations with Customers

Customer reviews are a good way to initiate conversations. Many times when there is an issue, customers don’t ask for support or report them. They simply leave a negative review.

If a customer leaves a negative review, you can contact the customer, offer support and even some special discounts.

Then you could get the customer side of how your products or services. If you fix the issue, the customer could come back and change the review. Also, you could earn a loyal customer.

This may not be possible if you are using business review platforms.

Customer Loyalty and More Business

Customer loyalty is a crucial element in the success of any business. If your customer is satisfied with your products, they will continue with you, even if your competitor is providing the same products for cheaper prices. Also, the cost of acquiring new customers is quite high.

Customer reviews are a good way to know if you’re having loyal customers. When you see your reviews and learn that you’re not having many loyal customers, you can focus on your customer service and convert them into loyal customers.

Rank Higher for Product + Review Keywords

Allowing customers to give ratings and reviews on your website, will improve your search engine ranking. When users search for your product reviews or reviews on your niche, since you have implemented a review system into your site, Google will prioritize your site in its search results.

Increased Click-Through for Star Ratings

When you use a proper WordPress review plugin for your customer’s review website, you can display your product star-ratings on the Google Search results. They are called Rich snippets and are known to increases click-through rate minimum of 10-20%.

When you are ranked higher for keywords with an increase in click-through rate your organic traffic will get a big boost and the same for your Sales.

Get Fresh Unexplored Content with Keywords

When users write reviews they don’t use many technical terms. Instead, they use layman’s terms, which a content writer can never guess. These reviews will provide fresh content with new and unknown keywords.

Since these keywords are not popular there wouldn’t be much content online and so when people search using layman’s terms, your content will popup at the top on the search engines.

All these are added advantages to your business when you implement a customer review system into your website.

Importing Customer Reviews for Other Sites

You can’t ignore the significance of customer reviews on the famous customer review sites. When your business is listed on the sites you can get a lot of customers and you can also compete with your competitors.

For example, For a restaurant business in the United States, the best place to be reviewed is on Yelp.

In this case, you can import the business from Yelp and other review sites and display them on your business website. You can use a WordPress Customer reviews plugin to display the business reviews on your website from the review sites such as Google reviews, Yelp, Trustpilot, Facebook reviews, etc.,

So what are you waiting for? Create your customer review site now!

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