It All Comes Down to Your Customer Service Philosophy

What does customer service philosophy mean? Before we could answer that we need to understand what customer service is? In simple words, customer service is serving the customers with their needs like inquiry, complaints or feedback and in some cases helping the customer in using the product to its best potential.

What then is Customer Service Philosophy? 

Philosophy by definition is a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour. The customer service team needs to run in and around the core values set by the company. It’s even more important for the company to set a good value system and principles for its employees concerning customer service.

When the whole company is on board and aligned with a vision; it’s easier to keep everyone working towards a common goal and performing to the best of their abilities. Workout how every team can ensure your philosophy is implemented and the responsibilities that fall on each area of your business to ensure the philosophy is lived up to.

Every good business will tell you that the customer is the key and keeping your customers satisfied and happy is what decides the number of sales. An entrepreneur job doesn’t end at making the customer buy his product but in keeping his customers happy even after the purchase.

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Why is it Important to Keep the Customer Happy – Even After the Sale? 

As Lisa Masiello quoted “Happy customers are your biggest advocates and can become your most successful sales team.”

So with every sale you’re making, by good customer service, you also are gaining a member into your sales team.

“The more advocates you have the fewer ads you have to buy. Not only are you making sales now, but also making advertisements without having to pay for it by only taking care of your present customers” – Dharmesh Shah.

“Good customer service costs less than bad customer service.” – Sally Gronow.  

Tips to Create Your Own Customer Service Philosophy

Now that we know what customer service philosophy is all about, let us look at a few important points to keep in mind while creating your own customer service philosophy and what good customer service should look like.

1) Effective Listening

Instructive concepts and ideas. Two silhouettes of people surrounded by speech bubbles, gears, arrows and icons. The file is saved in the version AI10 EPS. This image contains transparency.The first thing to keep in mind coming to any customer service is that we are the listeners and not the dodgers.

We come across a lot of incidents where we see customers coming with feedback or an inquiry and customer service agents are required to listen first to what they are saying and what their problem is instead of getting into a defence mode trying to save the name of the company because of a complaint. As long as we can take the complaints or bad remarks as a guide to better customer satisfaction then denying or avoiding such cases, we as a company will have happier customers then complainers.

Wanting to defend our company is not a bad thing at all but how you’re defending also defines what our company is all about. So listen to their concerns first and then make decisions based on what are good and the best solution for the given customer.

2) Honesty

Telling the customer what they need to hear is more important than telling the customer what they want to hear. As much as pleasing customers is our goal, lie isn’t a part of it. In fact, when we are not honest about given situations we worsen the situation. Whether we can offer customer’s request or not, we should be upfront and polite about it and let the customer know what we are and what we are not offering. That way we don’t lose the customer’s trust with us.

Never offer out false info to satisfy a customer enquiry, instead, explore the various simplest alternative solutions to confirm client satisfaction and retention by building trust.

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3) Knowledgeable

Having customers walk away disappointed or unhelped is the greatest shame to the company and the customer service executive. One of the reasons why customers walk away disappointed or unhelped is because having to take call after call, being passed on by one executive to another because of lack of knowledge. As a customer service agent, we are to know in and out of the product we are selling.

If possible take 10-15 days to sit and focus only on the product we are selling to understand the kind of inquiries, complaints or feedback we may get. This way you are better able to guide the customer and make the customer know they can be helped instead of sounding like you don’t know anything and are confused yourself.

4)  Complaints and Feedbacks

One who values customers also values the opinion of the customers regarding their product. Complaints and feedbacks are really important to know the targeted customer’s requirements and concerns are. We can only sell to the customer what they want; we cannot sell them what we want.

Only when we know the demand that we can work on the kind of supply that is needed. So instead of denying or avoiding complaints and feedbacks, be the company that is ready and willing to work towards customer satisfaction prioritizing customers over sales.

Because we know customers run sales, sales don’t run customers. 

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