Display FAQ based on their Categories

Helpie FAQ has three different ways of displaying your FAQ. To access this, first, go to Helpie FAQ -> FAQ Settings -> Display Mode. Under it, you can see three options.

1. Simple Accordion: Simple Accordion will display just your FAQ’s in a way you have sorted it and will not display the Category of the FAQ’s. The FAQ’s could be toggled if you have enabled the toggle on in the settings. 2. Simple Accordion by Category: Simple Accordion by Category will display the FAQ’s by the Categories they are assigned to. While the FAQ’s could be toggled, the Categories cannot be toggled in this display. 3. Category Accordion: If you want to display the FAQ’s by the Categories and want both the FAQ’s and Categories to be toggled, you can select the Category Accordion¬†display mode.

Auto-ordering of FAQ (Pro Feature)

Using Helpie FAQ Pro version, you can allow automatic ordering of FAQ based on the user engagement. To enable it, go to Helpie FAQ -> FAQ Settings -> Sort By -> User Engagement.

Once you enabled it, your FAQ’s will keep rearranging automatically based on the number of user clicks.

The FAQ’s which has been clicked by the users higher number of times will be arranged in the top and the ones with less number of clicks will be moved to the bottom accordingly. If you still have any doubts, feel free to contact us at support@pauple.com.

Can users submit their FAQ’s? (Pro Feature)

Yes, if you are using our Pro version, you could enable the option for your users to submit their FAQ’s. Go to Dashboard -> Helpie FAQ -> FAQ settings -> User Submission -> Enable the Submission to “ON”.

Once enabled, you can see an option Add FAQ below your FAQ’s. You can choose options like whether their FAQ’s should be directly published or should be sent for approval.

You can set an option for them to give their mail address and send questions or to only send questions. You can also set an email address for the admin and enable email notifications for the admin for every FAQ being submitted.

You can also set what message should be sent for the submitter mail once their FAQ has been approved    



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