Getting Started

How to Install Helpie FAQ

  • Download the Helpie FAQ  plugin from here: Helpie FAQ.
  • Unzip the downloaded package.
  • Upload the Helpie FAQ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress setup.
  • Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu in the WordPress Admin


  • Download ‘Helpie FAQ’ plugin from here: Helpie FAQ.
  • Click on Plugins menu option in the WordPress admin.
  • Click on Add New option in plugins.
  • Upload the Helpie FAQ plugin and Activate it.

How to add my FAQ and Display my FAQ on my site?

Once you installed Helpie FAQ, you can see a new post type created in your dashboard called Helpie FAQ.

Select that and go to Add New option under that. You will be taken to a new editor where you can add a title for your FAQ and submit the answer in their content area.

If you wanna assign it to a particular category, you can create a new category in the right-hand side under FAQ Categories and assign this FAQ to that particular category.

Once you have added all the FAQ’s the same way, you might not want to display all the FAQ’s in your page or post.

Using Helpie FAQ, you can display Faq on any of your page/ posts using three different ways:

  • Using the Shortcode/Shortcode builder.
  • Using the Elementor page builder.
  • Using Widgets.

Using the Shortcode:

You can place the shortcode in the content area of any page you want to display the FAQ. You can also use our shortcode builder available on every page. Check this article to know more about it.

Adding FAQ using Shortcodes/Shortcode builder

With our latest update (v0.2), you could now use our Helpie shortcode builder to add shortcodes easily with a click of a button. When you add a new post or a page, you could see an option Add Helpie Shortcode button near the Add Media option below the title section.

When you select that, you will be asked to select a shortcode. Under that, select Helpie shortcode which will display the Helpie shortcode with all the filtering options available. You can modify anything you wish under it.

You can also use the shortcode [ helpie_faq ] in the content area of any page you want, to display the FAQ. (without the spaces)

  • If you want to change the title in the FAQ, use the shortcode:
    [ helpie_faq title=xxxx ] (without the spaces). You can give any title you wish.
  • If you want to display only certain categories, you can use the shortcode:
    [ helpie_faq categories=xxxx ] (without the spaces) (Remember you should provide the category id here instead of the name. You can find the id of each category by hovering below the category name. Go to Helpie FAQ -> FAQ categories and just hover towards any category and you will see a big URL in the bottom and you can find a number in that which is the category id. Please check the screenshot below)

  • If you want to change the theme of the faq, you can use the shortcode:
    [ helpie_faq theme=light ] (without the spaces). You can either use the light theme or dark theme.
  • If you want to set the toggle to ON or OFF, you can use the shortcode:
    [ helpie_faq toggle=ON ] (without the spaces). You can set it to either On or Off.

Using the Elementor page builder:

  • You can also display the Faq on any page using the free Elementor page builder.
  • First, download and Install the Elementor page builder from You can also get it here.
  • Go to any pages and you will see an option Edit with Elementor. Just select it and it will open the elementor builder on your page.
  • Type Helpie FAQ in the builder section in the left and drag it to the content area in the right.
  • Once placed, you can see the FAQ arranged which you created.
  • You can choose the title for Faq, choose which categories should be displayed, choose the theme either light or dark, toggle on/off, open/close the first item, and much more.
  • You can also sort the faq by alphabetical or their publish date and even the updated date. You can either arrange it in ascending or descending order and set the limit of faq’s to be displayed.
  • You can also show/hide the Live search using the elementor page builder.

Using the Widgets:

You can also place the faq’s using the widgets option in the dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets. You will see the option Helpie FAQ. You can place it anywhere in the sidebar, footer or any area which your theme allows.

Add FAQ via Guttenberg Block

You could now add Helpie FAQ Blocks using the Gutenberg editor, using the Helpie FAQ block. If you don’t see it when adding blocks, try searching it in the search box and you will see it.

Once selected, the block will appear in the content area. In the right end, under the Block option, you will have options to modify the Title, theme, choose which categories to be displayed, set the toggle to on or off, set the open first FAQ item to on or off, show/hide search, sort the faqs and much more.

You will also have an option to include user submission if you are using the Pro Version.

You could also modify the style of the title and content using the title settings and single-item settings in the block.



Fix: General fixes


Feature: Added option for set order to the FAQ Categories
Feature: The FAQ Categories now have options for sorting and arranging them by name, publish date, last edited date, articles count, and order.


Fix: Adding unrelated content to the FAQ group


Fix: Can search FAQ content with . (dot) in the search keyword
Improvements: FAQ Insights – Added search queries
Fix: General fixes


Pro: Questions and Answers for Woocommerce Products
Feature: Can add FAQ to the FAQ groups by selecting group options in FAQ add/edit page
Feature: Can customize the FAQ group slug name
Fix: Removed prefix from the heading in FAQ group archive page


Fix: Media support added to the FAQ Group text editors
Fix: Load the Woocommerce product categories to the Woocommerce Integration Page in FAQ settings
Fix: Remove tags from FAQ schema
Add excerpt notice to the FAQ Group edit page


Feature: Added option for changing the “Ask Question” button text
Improvements: Remove logs


Added helpie docs link under the Helpie Faq menus


Improve FAQ-Group level settings.
Feature: Integrate top LMS plugins to add faqs in their lesson and course pages.


Fix: Bever Builder Conflict with FAQ


Tested with majore release version of WordPress 6.0
Fix: General fixes


Feature: Added FAQ-Group level settings.


Security Fixes


Fix: Latest version of Elementor conflict with Helpie FAQ


Fix: Every FAQ item displays a copy of the complete FAQ instead of just displaying it’s answer when elementor template is used


Fix: Deleted Category is displayed as an empty box in the Front-end
Fix: Adding HTML in FAQ titles is not working

Fix: Loading the flush_rewrite_rules on every page
Improve Query Performance

Remove Duplicates
Fix: General fixes

Fields Sanitization


General bug fixes
Added Sanitization to form fields


Improvements: Re-organized the settings menu
Fix: “Edit with Elementor” is not working in PHP 8.0
General bug fixes


Fix: FAQ Url Attribute should work with pagination


Feature: FAQ Pagination.
Feature: Option to add Heading Tags to the Accordion Headers
Fix: FAQ Schema does not work when the Category display mode has been selected


Fix: Shrinks the text size after updating the WordPress v5.8
Fix: Upload Media is not working when PHP 8.0 is used along with WP V5.8


Fix: Fatal error when a plugin “WP ULike” is activated
Fix: Style compatibility with Elementor plugin latest version.
Fix: Remove All Logs from JS
Other general fixes and improvements


Improvements: Added 7 day free trial to explore our premium features.
Fix: Fixed License activation issues.


Feature: Added custom Title icon option for FAQ’s and FAQ categories.
Feature: Added post slug options for the FAQs URL attribute.


Feature: Implemented “Read More link” in the accordion
Fix: Not able to see more than 5 categories in the User submission categories dropdown
Fix: User Submitted FAQ does not add in FAQ Groups.
Enhancement: Grouped FAQ General Settings.


Improvements: Simplifying the display mode settings
Fix: Add categories to the FAQ user submission form
Fix: General fixes


Fix: Display mode setting is not working for FAQ Groups.
Fix: PHP version Compatibility Issue
Improvements: Assign categories to FAQ’s in the FAQ Group page itself.


Improvements: FAQ List Styles
Fix: Used the internal Font-Awesome lib instead of calling CDN.
Fix: Load the Font-Awesome lib only when the custom toggle icons are used.


Fix: Extra paragraph tags are added for faq groups
Fix: The First FAQ is always displayed in a single line (even when they are added as separate paragraphs) for FAQ groups.
Fix: FAQ’s are displayed in a single line (even when they are added as separate paragraphs) when the Elementor plugin is active.
Feature: Not able to see newly added FAQ in the default FAQ page.


Improvements: Default FAQ Styles
Feature: Option added for Customizing the FAQ Accordion border.


Fix: PHP version Compatibility Issue


Fix: Restoring a FAQ Item from the trash does not sit back to it’s particular faq group
Fix: Updating the .pot file
Fix: Redirecting to valid support forum link
Fix: General Fixes


Fix: console log error while using FAQs search
Feature: New premium style fields are added.


Fix: Search not showing by default (need to save settings)
Fix: FAQ In-line search field should take dark theme colors
Feature: Implemented post-tags for creating and editing faqs
Feature: Search brings a FAQs by tags
Improvements: For searching FAQs


Fix: Switch off the default faq limit in settings
Fix: User engagement mode displays zero faqs when Insights have no value
Fix: Global search should not bring faq post type results
Enhancement: Added a string for empty faq results
Fix: Console log shows errors if the search query includes any spaces
Fix: Faq search filters only the first word in a sentence
Fix: Empty string in the search bar throws a console error
Fix: Clearing the string in the search box should bring back all faq’s again.


Fix: Create FAQs using FAQ group is not getting added if Yoast seo plugin is active


Improvements: Helpie FAQ walkthrough steps updated.


Feature: Added Custom Option for changing the accordion header and body background and their font styles and colors.
Improvements: Removed “Display Categories Options”


Enhancement: Option to change header tag for FAQ title.
Improvements: Refactored the accordions code structure.


Fix: FAQ Groups UI Changes


Enhancement: Generating Rich Snippet FAQ Schema without duplicates.
Fix: Duplicate FAQ page error in Schema when Elementor Template is used for that page.
Fix: Non Arrays Causing PHP Warning and Error Exception, when re-arranging the Helpie-Faq Submenu’s in wordpress admin dashboard.
Fix: The search filter should bring only the particular faq searched for and the category title it belongs to. It should not bring the category titles of FAQ’s not searched for.


Enhancement: Implemented Latest Version of freemius wordpress-sdk.
Fix: Anchor link added in generating FAQ Schema Snippets.
Fix: FAQ Group Title added in FAQ Shortcode.
Fix: Duplicate FAQ page error in Schema when Fixed-TOC plugin is used.
Improvements: Helpie FAQ activating after rendering the FAQ Groups, and storing the default FAQ Group Contents.


New Feature: Added FAQ Groups. Bulk Option to adding FAQ Posts.
New Feature: Custom Helpie FAQ Toggle Icons.


Fix: Categories Filter Shown in FAQ Shortcode Builder.
Fix: FAQ Schema Rich Snippets Generated for Creating Dynamic FAQs.
Improved: Generating Rich Snippet FAQ Schema.


New Feature: Add New FAQ Display Option. List all FAQs Without Toggle Option.
New Feature: Added Custom FAQ slug.
Fix: Sorting Options its working for categories.
Fix: In Mozilla Firefox, When clicking FAQ Toggle doesn’t take us back to the top of the page


New Premium Feature: Add FAQ to all products/Product category in WooCommerce
New Feature: Add New FAQ Widget Option to filter Product FAQs only
Fix: JS Click events Working On User Submission


New Feature: Dynamically Add FAQ Items using Elementor
Fix: Refactoring FAQ while activating Free plan to Premium Plan
Fix: Implement FAQ Shortcode Builder
Fix: Notice Error undefined index while generating FAQ Schema
Fix: Remove H1 Tag while User submission success message
Fix: Remove All Logs

= 1.0 =
Enhancement: Shows Premium plans options to free users
New Feature: FAQ Structured data
New Option: Open All FAQs By Default

= 0.9 =
Fix: Anchor link to specific faq in same or different page
Fix: Duplicate CSS Style sheets has been rendered

= 0.8.4 =
Fix: issue where clicking on the FAQ item title, does not expand the content

= 0.8.2 =
Fix: issue with activation v0.8.1

= 0.8.1 =
Fix: Helpie FAQ is broken in Woocommerce Tab
Fix: Rendering of WordPress Jetpack Slideslow Block not working
Fix: Enable WPAutoP setting does not work

= 0.8 =
Fix : Search filter, WooCommerce FAQ tab brings empty category titles
Fix : Categories=all does not work
Fix : By default the display Mode is set to Category Accordion
Fix : Display mode Simple acordion by Category and Category accordion not working for KB categories and Woocommerce Products
Fix : Helpie FAQ is broken in Woocommerce Tab in some Themes
Fix : Disable return on search, as it reloads page
Fix : Shortcode Builder issue

= 0.7.9 =
Fix : User submission notification mail not sent in Gutenberg editor

= 0.7.8 =
Fix Compatibility issue with HelpieKB v1.9.1.8

= 0.7.7 =
Fix: Wrong file uploaded

= 0.7.6 =
Fix: When nothing is found on search, it should display “No search found”
Fix: Fatal error while activating with a SEO plugin
Fix: Error message with helpie_faq_submission_get_logged_email
Enhancement: Upgrade Page add features

= 0.7.5 =
Fix: sizeof() Warning in Elementor Widget
Fix: Changed default ‘display_mode’ setting from Category Category to Simple Accordion
New Option: Enable / Disable wpautop

= 0.7.4 =
New Feature: Sort by “menu_order” option. Can be used with
Fix: Search icon not displayed for some

= 0.7.3 =
Fix: Fatal Error with Helpie KB – v1.8.1 and below

= 0.7.2 =
Fix: Updated Compatibility with Helpie KB

= 0.7.1 =
Fix: Freemius security issue

= 0.7 =
* FAQ Insights [PRO]
* Fix: Search by content case-sensitivity issue
* Other general fixes and improvements

= 0.6.1 =
* Search FAQ by Content

= 0.6 =
* Auto-ordering based on user engagement [PRO]
* Display Categories / Accordion for FAQ Categories

= 0.5 =
* Compatible with WordPress 5.0
* Fix: Gutenberg Block issue in WordPress 5.0
* Other fixes

= 0.4 =
* Joyride Tutorial to help new users get started with Helpie FAQ
* New Admin notice
* Faq Page
* Demo Getting Started Content

= 0.3 =
* New Feature: Gutenberg Block
* Minor Fixes

= 0.2 =
* New Premium Feature: User Submission with Notification
* New Feature : FAQ ShortCode Builder
* Fix: Category, Products and KB-Category Filtering
* General Bug Fixes

= 0.1 =
* Basic WooCommerce Integration
* Basic Helpie KB Integration
* Elementor Page builder Support
* FAQ Shortcode and Widget
* Sorting, filtering, limit, order and options
* Inline FAQ search
* Light and Dark Themes
* Accordion UI
* German, French translation ready


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