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How to Install Helpie FAQ

  • Download the Helpie FAQ  plugin from here: Helpie FAQ.
  • Unzip the downloaded package.
  • Upload the Helpie FAQ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress setup.
  • Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu in the WordPress Admin


  • Download ‘Helpie FAQ’ plugin from here: Helpie FAQ.
  • Click on Plugins menu option in the WordPress admin.
  • Click on Add New option in plugins.
  • Upload the Helpie FAQ plugin and Activate it.

How to add my FAQ and Display my FAQ on my site?

Once you installed Helpie FAQ, you can see a new post type created in your dashboard called Helpie FAQ. Select that and go to Add New option under that. You will be taken to a new editor where you can add a title for your FAQ and submit the answer in their content area. If you wanna assign it to a particular category, you can create a new category in the right-hand side under FAQ Categories and assign this FAQ to that particular category.

Once you have added all the FAQ’s the same way, you might not want to display all the FAQ’s in your page or post.

Using Helpie FAQ, you can display Faq on any of your page/ posts using three different ways:

  • Using the Shortcode/Shortcode builder.
  • Using the Elementor page builder.
  • Using Widgets.

Using the Shortcode:

You can place the shortcode in the content area of any page you want to display the FAQ. You can also use our shortcode builder available on every page. Check this article to know more about it.

Using the Elementor page builder:

  • You can also display the Faq on any page using the free Elementor page builder.
  • First, download and Install the Elementor page builder from You can also get it here.
  • Go to any pages and you will see an option Edit with Elementor. Just select it and it will open the elementor builder on your page.
  • Type Helpie FAQ in the builder section in the left and drag it to the content area in the right.
  • Once placed, you can see the FAQ arranged which you created.
  • You can choose the title for Faq, choose which categories should be displayed, choose the theme either light or dark, toggle on/off, open/close the first item, and much more.
  • You can also sort the faq by alphabetical or their publish date and even the updated date. You can either arrange it in ascending or descending order and set the limit of faq’s to be displayed.
  • You can also show/hide the Live search using the elementor page builder.

Using the Widgets:

You can also place the faq’s using the widgets option in the dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets. You will see the option Helpie FAQ. You can place it anywhere in the sidebar, footer or any area which your theme allows.

Add FAQ via Guttenberg Block


With our latest release (V0.4), you could now add Helpie FAQ Blocks using the Gutenberg editor.

WordPress has come up with a powerful Gutenberg editor in their latest update (v5.0). If you want to use their latest editor, update your WordPress to V5.0.

Once you update it, you could see a different editor while editing an article or a page. This is the new Gutenberg editor updated by WordPress. In that, you could see a + sign in the top, when you click it, you could see Helpie FAQ block. If not, try searching it in the search box and you will see it.

Once selected, the block will appear in the content area. In the right end, under the Block option, you will have options to modify the Title, theme, choose which categories to be displayed, set the toggle to on or off, set the open first FAQ item to on or off, show/hide search, sort the faqs and much more. You will also have an option to include user submission if you are using the Pro Version.

You could also modify the style of the title and content using the title settings and single-item settings in the block.

Adding FAQ using Shortcodes/Shortcode builder

With our latest update (v0.2), you could now use our Helpie shortcode builder to add shortcodes easily with a click of a button. When you add a new post or a page, you could see an option Add Helpie Shortcode button near the Add Media option below the title section.

When you select that, you will be asked to select a shortcode. Under that, select Helpie shortcode which will display the Helpie shortcode with all the filtering options available. You can modify anything you wish under it.

You can also use the shortcode [ helpie_faq ] in the content area of any page you want, to display the FAQ. (without the spaces)

  • If you want to change the title in the FAQ, use the shortcode:
    [ helpie_faq title=xxxx ] (without the spaces). You can give any title you wish.
  • If you want to display only certain categories, you can use the shortcode:
    [ helpie_faq categories=xxxx ] (without the spaces) (Remember you should provide the category id here instead of the name. You can find the id of each category by hovering below the category name. Go to Helpie FAQ -> FAQ categories and just hover towards any category and you will see a big URL in the bottom and you can find a number in that which is the category id. Please check the screenshot below)

  • If you want to change the theme of the faq, you can use the shortcode:
    [ helpie_faq theme=light ] (without the spaces). You can either use the light theme or dark theme.
  • If you want to set the toggle to ON or OFF, you can use the shortcode:
    [ helpie_faq toggle=ON ] (without the spaces). You can set it to either On or Off.


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