Getting Started

Do you want to create a wiki/knowledge base site but do not have any knowledge on WordPress?

Don’t worry. Follow the below slideshow that will you to create your Kb/Wiki in less than 5 minutes (Just follow the below steps exactly and you are all set to go).

If you do not have a WordPress website already, no issues. You could just follow the second slide below that will help you to get your hosting and create your WordPress website in less than 5 minutes.

Getting Started with Helpie (For complete beginners)

Getting Started with WordPress (For complete beginners)

If you do not have a WordPress website already, here is the guide to create it in less than 5 minutes:

Note: In this guide, I have used the to get your hosting. You can use any hosting of your wish.


Plugin Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 5.2 or greater ( Latest version is always recommended )
  • PHP version 7.3 or greater ( Latest version is always recommended )
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module (for permalinks)

Installing Helpie plugin

  1. You can purchase the Helpie WordPress Knowledge base Plugin from our website.
  2. You can start our 7 days of a free trial by clicking the Start Free Trial button or using our Buy now button in the top menu of our website.
  3. You will be asked to enter your e-mail address and card details as shown below. Don’t worry if you are just trying our free trial. You will not be charged until 7 days are over. You can cancel at any time within 7 days. You will also be notified 2 days before the trial ends via email.
  4. Once you entered the details, you will receive an e-mail as shown below with the link to download the plugin and activation license key in it.
  5. Click Download the plugins basic version and you will receive the Zip file.
  6. From your WordPress Admin, click Plugins from the main menu, then click the Add New button, and then Upload Plugin.
  7. Next, click the browse button and select the file which you downloaded to your computer. Then click Install Now.
  8. Once WordPress has finished installing the plugin, click the Activate Plugin link.
  9. You will be asked to enter the activation key which you received via e-mail. Enter it and click confirm.
  10. You’ll now be redirected to your WordPress plugins page, where you’ll see Helpie listed along with your other plugins, and also a new menu item named Helpie Kb Wiki in your WordPress main menu.

Updating the plugin

  • You can check the updates of our plugin in our account section.Go to Dashboard -> Helpie Kb Wiki -> Accounts. Near the option Version you will be notified about the latest version where you can update it directly.
  • You can also check the updates in the plugins section itself.Go to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Installed plugins. You will see a notification to update near Helpie- WordPress Kb Wiki plugin where you could update the plugin.


So if this is the first time you are creating a knowledge base or wiki, possibilities are that you might find hard to understand the terminologies being used in the Front-end Kb/Wiki content pages and also in the admin section.

This document is basically to help you with that so you won’t have any hardships in setting a perfect knowledgbase/wiki for your site.

Front-end pages (Clients/users side):

Single/Article page is the page where your content will be displayed. It will basically have the content, breadcrumbs, voting system, sidebar(Table of contents), search bar and much more.

Main/Home page is the front page the which will contain all the topics/categories and the articles. This will be the home page where users usually lands at first.

Category/Topic page is the page which will display a particular topic with all the articles under it. Articles are usually organized and grouped in topics/categories.

A typical Knowledge base or wiki will usually have a large number of articles. Users need an easy and quick way to find an article. So, articles could be organized into hierarchies using categories and sub-categories.

Admin section:

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, a new menu called “Helpie KB Wiki” will be displayed in the dashboard.

This is the place from where you could create a new article, categories, tags and access all the Helpie settings.

  • All Articles will display all the articles you have created.
  • Add New Article should be used to create a new article.
  • Articles could be organized into hierarchies using categories and sub-categories. Wiki Category will display all the categories/topics and the sub-categories you created.You could also create new categories/topics from here.
  • You could also classify articles with certain tags to identify the articles based on some important keywords. Tags is the place which will display all the tags that you have created. Helpie Tags will appear at the bottom of the Single article page.

  • Added Tag and Updated Tags would be extremely useful for version control. In case of any new version is released, you can use the added tag to notify that to your users/clients. You can use the Updated tags if that is a feature/article updated.
  • You can gain a deeper understanding of how your Knowledge base/ Wiki works through our powerful insights dashboard. It will display the most viewed pages, most searched keywords, key users, key articles, frequently repeated keywords and also the User happiness index.
  • Helpie settings will have all the settings you need to configure the entire Knowledge base/Wiki including the Main page, Single page, Table of contents, search, etc..
  • Account will display all the billing details, invoices, your license key, the current version of the plugin and much more. You can also update the plugin to the latest version from the accounts section itself.
  • For any feature request or issues you are facing, you can reach out to our support team by submitting a ticket from the Contact us option.

Adding/Editing articles

As you should know, articles and the categories are the most important component in a Knowledge base/wiki. Therefore it is very essential that you know how to manage it properly.  In this article, let’s see how to add and edit articles/content.

Adding a new article:

To create a new article,  Go to Helpie KB Wiki -> Add New Article

You could enter a title for the article in the “Add title” box and you could enter the content in the below box.

Assigning a article to a particular category/topic:

Every article should be assigned to a particular category. A category should be first created to assign a article to it.

You could create a new category/topic in 2 ways. First is to create a category within the article edit screen (shown above) in the right corner.

The other is to use the Wiki category in our dashboard. You can also create a sub-category by assigning a category to a parent wiki category.

Once the category is created, the article could be assigned to any category. You could also assign specific tags, Added tag and Updated tags to that article.

Edit/update an article:

If you want to update or edit an existing article, go to Helpie Kb Wiki -> All articles. You can either search for the article or can find it in the list and select edit. You will see an option to edit the article by hovering the mouse around the article.

Once you are done editing the article, click update in the top right corner.

View the article:

To view the article in the front-end, you could just click the view post option. Once you have added/updated the article, you will see an option to view the post. Just select it and you will be taken to the front view of the article.

You can also edit the permalinks/URL’s of the article. (As shown in the image below)


Delete an article:

Open the list of articles in Helpie Kb Wiki -> All articles option. Hover the mouse near the article. You will see the option “trash” to delete the article.


Demo setup

Do you want to replicate our demo’s ( exactly on your site?

From version 1.9.3, we have added the Onboarding feature where you could import our demo in just a single click.

Note: Before following the steps, if you are new to WordPress, you need to get the Hosting to install WordPress and to get your site up running. We personally recommend these two hosting accounts which are much better with regards to the security and Quality: A2hosting and Siteground.

Steps to Reproduce the demo:

  1. Once you activate the plugin, you can see a notice on the top that would have an option to go to the setup page.
  2. Select the “Go to Setup Page” option. Once selected it will lead you to the Page Setup. Inside that, you will have three options under the “What do you want to create”. If you are creating a Knowledgebase site, select the Knowledge Base option. If it is a Wiki site, select the Wiki option or if it is a Documentation site, select the documentation option. Then select the “Name of your Knowledge Base/Wiki” and also choose the slug of your Kb/Wiki (You can also change it later in our Helpie settings). Once done, click the Next option below.
  3. Next, select the demo site that you want to import. If you want to reproduce our demo exactly, we suggest you to install the Elementor page builder, Astra theme and Helpie FAQ plugin. (On the top page, you will see a link to all these plugins and theme. Just clicking on the link will take you to the page where you can install and activate it). Once done, select the demo that you want to import. You also have option to select the categories that you want to be added from the demo. You can either select All or can select only the categories that you need.
  4. Once you hit the finish button, the importing will be started automatically. Once done, everything is ready. The setup is completed and the site is created. You can click the Visit Main page option that will take you to the Main page of your Kb/Wiki.

If you still have any doubts and need help with anything, feel free to contact us by creating a ticket here.

Migrating from Mediawiki to WordPress

Do you want to move your site from Mediawiki to WordPress?

Great decision.

Here is a complete guide on how to migrate your site from Mediawiki to WordPress:

Difficult to set-up

If you are a complete beginner and still finding it hard to set up WordPress and Helpie, feel free to contact us here. We will do the complete setup for you for a small fee.


= 1.10 =
Fix: Notice error in editor and single page
Fix: German Translation

= 1.9.9 =
Fix: Multiple Search Box Widget
Fix: LMS layout breaks in BuddyBoss theme

= 1.9.8 =
Fix: The Menu gets affected when “Theme Single Template” is used
Fix: Search results page pagination
Fix: Load freemius/wordpress-sdk using composer

= 1.9.7 =
Fix: Server Cache API configured for article publishing and Dynamic Caps features
Fix: Default Category should be set in Add Article Editor Mode
Fix: Submitting Article for review displays as “Article published” instead of “Submitted for Review”
Fix: A user shouldn’t have the ability to edit the article which he has submitted for review (In Pending)
General Fixes and Improvements

= 1.9.6 =
Feature: Set Border Style in Helpie KB Frontend editor
Fix: BuddyBoss Theme conflicts with Helpie KB Category Page
Fix: Remove Duplicate html elements

= 1.9.5 =
Feature: Dutch Translation ready
Feature: Russian Translation ready
Fix: Translation to german not done properly
Fix: Database Table not prefixed Query warning error
Fix: Drag and drop in the term-actions.php:150 Notice error

= =
Fix: Dynamic Caps on Taxonomy dashboard User roles and Usernames field doesnt show up after saved
House-Keeping: Upgraded CodeStar Settings plugin from 2.1.1 to 2.1.5

= 1.9.4 =
Fix: Major Performance Boost to load pages faster
Fix: Issue with Import Tool
Fix: Frontend Editor Image Upload Issue in Bitnami and other similar setups
Fix: access control using username not working

= 1.9.3 =
Feature: Onboarding for new users
Minor Bug Fixes

= =
Fix: Salient theme conflicts dropdown and modal
Fix: Front-End editor button is broken for BuddyBoss theme
Fix: Delete and Trash article option for admin
Fix: Preventing num of duplicate articles from New article in Front-End editor

= =
Fix: Shortcodes that are generated from custom content shortcode plugin does’nt work in Front-end editor
Fix: Says wrong password for category listing subcategory
Fix: String translation of POT file and French MO updated
Fix: Autoliking Conflict with “Page Links to” plugin
Fix: Settings options not shown conflict with “Modern Event Calender” plugin
Fix: Increased number of pages display MainPage and SearchPage settings
Enhancement: Autoliking matches case insensitive titles too.

= =
Fix: Fatal on Apache server when plugin directory name changes
Minor Bug Fixes

= =
Fix: Bootstrap based themes events namespace conflict
Fix: Fatal on plugin directory name changes

= 1.9.2 =
Fix: Child Topic access control issue
Fix: Breadcrumbs issue with Elementor

= =
Fix: Style conflict with some themes including Zerif where H1, H2, … tags’ styles were modified
Fix: Search of other plugins were affected

= =
Enhancement: Option to Change Search Page hence solving issue when it is deleted
Enhancement: Settings Access Control descriptions
Fix: Settings broken issue due to ssl mixed content
Fix: jQuery Conflict with JupiterX ( Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function )

= =
Fix: TOC Toggle issue
Fix: Voting issue
Fix: Issues with empty categories in TOC, Frontend Editor and Category Pages
Fix: Password Protection Bugs

= =
Fix: Issue with Password Protection is Tags Archive
Fix: TOC issues
Fix: User Voting displaying for logged in users even when off

= =
Fixed issue with using Yoast SEO’s Primary category in Breadcrumbs

= =
Fix: Article Listing not showing issue
Fix: Child topic is showing when parent is restricted
Fix: Show strings not translated / translatable ‘Browse all button’, ‘Article Published’, ‘View Article’

= =
Fix: Performance Improvements

= =
Fix: Issues with Single Title of other post types
Fix: Performance fixes for sites with large number of articles / users

= =
New Feature: Backup
Fix: Issues with Settings reset in v1.9.1
Fix: Minor fixes

= 1.9.1 =
New Feature: Autolinking
Enhancement: New Typography and Style Settings
New WP and Elementor Widgets: Breadcrumbs, Voting, Search Results, Search Box, Page Control
Enhancement: Better Settings Interface and helpful tips
Enhancement: Template Source with Theme Template option
Fix: Category Listing children type issue
Fix: Back to top link issues
Minor Bug Fixes

= =
Fix: Data Migration Issues

= =
Fix: Back to Top appearing in all pages and double Back to Top in Helpie CPT
Fix: Airtifact Theme conflict
Fix: Sub Category article appearing wrongly

= 1.9 =
New Feature: Dynamic Capabilities
New Feature: Autolinking
General Fixes and Improvements
Preparation for v2.0

= 1.8.2 =
House-Keeping: Preparation for big updates

= 1.8.1 =
Enhancement: Customize Search Results Page

= =
Fix: Minor Layout issues in Extra theme

= 1.8 =
Enhancement: Build custom Template with Elementor Pro
Enhancement: Title color for Single Page and Category Page
Enhancement: Table of Content show / hide articles
Enhancement: Memory Optimisation
Fix: Fixed issue with User happiness Index
Fix: Apply Widget Title from WP Hook

= 1.7.17 =
Enhancement: Options for featured image in frontend editor
Enhancement: Make primary category option integrated with Yoast SEO plugin for Breadcrumbs
Enhancement: Freemius integration
Fix: Fatal Error due to Allowed memory size exhaustion
Fix: Updated translation strings
Fix: Extra menu height in astra and other themes in cpt page
Fix: Main page hero section title is broken

= 1.7.16 =
Fix: Changing META title does not work of Yoast SEO Premium
Fix: Voting icons don’t work with Fontawesome 5 icons in BuddyBoss theme
General Bug Fixes

= 1.7.15 =
Enhancement: Elementor Pro Template Condition support
Enhancement: CPT Archive Page Meta title and description fields added.
Enhancement: Alphabetical Order option added for Articles
Fix: Salient Theme style overwrites
General Bug Fixes

= 1.7.14 =
Fix: Trash option not working for draft articles
Fix: URL gets mangled in inline-editor.
Enhancement: Option added for Sidebar categories.
General Bug Fixes

= 1.7.13 =
Fix: Main Page Category description limited 15 words is changed
Fix: Not able to open default.pot file in poedit
Fix: META Title of CPT Archive Main page
Fix: Search box not appear in Meris Theme
General Bug Fixes

= 1.7.12 =
Fix: Add new parent category in front-end editor
Fix: Search get content by matched word
Fix: Author name is Anonymous when set to a subscriber role
General Bug Fixes

= 1.7.11 =
Fix: Conflict with Yoast SEO XML sitemap for pages
Fix: Hero section shortcode and Widget not loading assets
Fix: Category page does not show any categories in Newspaper and phlox theme
Enhancement: Added single post label plural field in settings

= 1.7.10 =
Fix: build issue of 1.7.9

= 1.7.9 =
Fix: User Access Restriction does not work in Multiple user roles for a single user
Fix: ShortCode shows up in search auto-suggestion
Fix: Category page displaying wrong articles when categories are nested
Enhancement: Basic preparatory work for Helpie FAQ integration

= 1.7.8 =
Fix: Showing wrong author name based on publishing
Fix: Frontend editor compatibility in Newspaper theme
Fix: Fixed sidebar going below the page footer
General Bug Fixes

= 1.7.7 =
Enhancement: New style for Code Highlighter with shorcode tag ()
Enhancement: Progress bar indication for Publishing
Enhancement: Notification for Publishing
Enhancement: ‘Remove revision’ option for can_approve users
Enhancement: Article ‘Delete’ and ‘Trash’ option
General Fixes

= 1.7.6 =
Enhancement: Can Visit MainPage from Helpie Settings in dashboard
Enhancement: Add option to change our CPT’s single-post label(‘Article’)
Fix: Discrepancy between articles order in the category page and Table Of Contents
Fix: H3 tag is smaller than H4
Fix: limit the number of words shown in the search result
Fix: Mainpage Shortcode conflict with Yoast plugin
General Fixes

= 1.7.5 =
Enhancement: Can change the text displayed on the search placeholder
Enhancement: Can Add Sub Categories in frontend-editor
Enhancement: Show empty categories and sub categories in frontend-editor
Fix: Top Header not displaying on helpie pages in klein theme
Fix: Search Shortcode

= 1.7.4 =
Enhancement: compatible with WP Offload S3 Plugin
Enhancement: Included table feature for inline front-end editor
Fix: Front-end editor Category button not working for Ifeature Pro 5 Theme
Fix: Removed all non-text ( shortcodes … ) content from autosuggest
Fix: TinyMCE plugins path issue
Fix: Blank page after updating main shortcode page by Yoast SEO Plugin
General Fixes

= 1.7.3 =
Enhancement: Display sub-categories with indentation from Table of Contents
Enhancement: Hooks for adding Custom Post title and Post Content class.
Enhancement: Helpie KB fully translatable and French translation ready.
Fix: Internet Explorer not supporting Frontend Editor
General Bug Fixes

= 1.7.2 =
Enhancement: Option to allow ‘anyone’ ( even non logged in users ) to edit or publish from frontend
Enhancement: Option to show icons for categories instead of images
Enhancement: Reduced plugin file size
General Bug Fixes

= 1.7.1 =
Fix: Embed video issue
General Bug Fixes

= 1.7.0 =
Major Feature: Mediumesque Frontend Editor
Major Feature: Revision Controls
Major Feature: Publishing capability with approval system
Enhancement: Modern Table of contents
Fix: Boxed1 category listing not showing children after previous update
Fix: Bridge Theme category Page issue
Fix: Hero Area subtitle color not changing via settings
Fix: String translation in search results page

= 1.6.3 =
Enhancement: Children Type option for Category Listing
Fix: Issue with category listing custom order ( drag and drop )
Fix: Fixed issue with Password Protect
Fix: Text Width being narrow in mobile for some themes
Fix: Increased article listing image resolution

= 1.6.2 =
Fix: 1.6.1 build issue

= 1.6.1 =
Fix: Improved Category image resolution
Fix: Category Page mobile layout issue
Fix: Search autosuggest hidden issue in Genesis
Fix: Added Translation strings
Fix: Issue with Category Listing shortcode
Fix: Main Page Shortcode in PHP 5.6

= 1.6 =
Major Feature: New Category Listing with filtering, sorting
Major Feature: Shortcode + Widget + Elementor Widget for Category Listing ( with styling )
Major Feature: Hero section with shortcode, widget and Elementor Widget
Major Feature: Frontend Stats with shortcode, widget and Elementor Widget
Major Feature: Search Page Pagination and improvements
General Fixes

= 1.5.1 =
Bug Fix: Resolved issue causing blank page error

= 1.5.0 =
Major Feature: Article Listing with filtering, sorting
Major Feature: Shortcode + Widget + Elementor Widget for Article Lising ( with styling )
Major Feature: Automatic Updates from dashboard
Major Enhancement: Search – Show category name, feature image, matched content with highlighting
General Fixes

= 1.4.3 =
Enhancement: Ability to add num_of_cols to

Enhancement: Ability to add num_of_articles to
Enhancement: Search Speed improvements
Enhancement: Hide Excerpts for Protected Categories in Search Results Pages
General Fixes

= 1.4.2 =
Fixed issues when updating by deleting and re-installing

= 1.4.1 =
Enhancement: Ability to set a page as Main Page
Fixed Issue where other sidebars were not shown
Fixed Search Page Restoration when deleted
Fixed UI issues for Bridge theme

= 1.4.0 =
Enhancement: Display number of reads for each post
Enhancement: Ability to Hide the name of the author in recent articles
Enhancement: Shortcode for statistics
Enhancement: Ability to change “helpdesk_category” slug
Enhancement: Show Table of Contents on mobile with dynamic dropdown
General Fixes and Improvements

= 1.3.9 =
Bug Fixes and Minor UI Improvements

= 1.3.8 =
Bug Fix: Boxed Categories list where four Columned is Collapsing each other.
Bug Fix: Categories Listing in Main Page alignment issue in Avada in mobile screen
Bug Fix: Category Listing Alignment Issue – its not centered
Bug Fix: Category Page <ul> not created for orphan <li>
Bug Fix: Issue in Main Page’s layout in near tablet widths

= 1.3.7 =
Bug Fix: Fixed infinite animation loop on the category-listing templates

= 1.3.6 =
Bug Fix: Bug with Search bar and Welcome area transition infinite loop with X Theme
Bug Fix: Install / Update error which showed 2 version of Helpie
Bug Fix: Fixed issues with scrolling in Add or Edit Modal

= 1.3.5 =
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where search did not work with WPML plugin
Bug Fix: Password Protect modal did not work with the Categories Listing shortcode

= 1.3.3 =
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Divi header not shrinking
Bug Fix: Fix a warning in PHP 7.1 and above version

= 1.3.2 =
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with User Access Controlled categories not showing up

= 1.3.1 =
Bug Fix: Fixed a issue with table of contents displaying duplicate articles.
Enhancement: New style settings to add margin-top to the Helpie modules.
Enhancement: New Insights – Most Viewed Pages
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where sidebar did not show more than 5 articles per category

= 1.3.0 =
Bug Fix: Fixed a conflict with Memberium plugin causing live search to not appear
Enhancement: Ability to translate Helpie Settings input strings with WPML

= 1.2.9 =
Bug fix: Where the categories list in main page changed order randomly
Bug Fix: Footer and Modal responsiveness issue in Enfold
Bug Fix: Custom Permalink beginning string ( like ‘/blog’ ) does not affect Helpie’s CPT

= 1.2.8 =
Add option to Enable / Disabled display of “updated by”
Bug Fix: Line breaks disappear from article after they are added

= 1.2.7 =
Improved compatibility with Elementor WP Plugin
Updates to ‘Boxed’ Categories Listing Style

= 1.2.6 =
Bug Fix: PHP Notice for helpie_wa_image
Bug Fix: Notice: Undefined variable: html
Bug Fix: Helpie loading in other pages where its not used

= 1.2.5 =
New Feature: Gradient for Welcome Area
New Feature: Background Image for Welcome Area
New Feature: Gradient + Illustration for Welcome Area
New Feature: Priority based Search
New Feature: Automatic In-Page Table of Contents
New Feature: Knowledge Base Stats Module
Update: ‘Main Page Template’ is now called ‘Main Page Category Listing Style’
Bug Fix: Sidebar scroll issues including scroll, sidebar width issue and highlight article issues
Bug Fix: Where Post pages UI style was mildly affected in the admin area

= 1.2.4 =
New Feature : Modern – New Categories List Template
New Feature : Recent Articles Module
Enhancement: You can now click Search icon to search
Enhancement: In Table of Contents, Highlight current article title in single page template and other improvements
Bug Fix : Autocomplete CSS affects global styles
Bug Fix : Remove ‘capitalize’ in Title text-field of “Add” / “Edit” modal
Bug Fix : Edit Article in Frontend – Character encoding issue
Bug Fix : Search auto-suggest alignment bug
Bug Fix : Capitalize Issue in Categories List
Bug Fix : Helpie main page category Settings are reset when saving settings for the first time.
Bug Fix : User Access : Child term is restricted even if its parent is allowed
Bug Fix: Helpie Add Article Modal not working in mainpage shortcode
Bug Fix: Where saved settings are reset after update
Bug Fix: Frontend Add Media Modal issue
Bug Fix: Where Frontend Editor Edit modal did not show previously added tags
Bug Fix: Where Search auto-suggest alignment is wrong sometimes

= 1.2.3 =
New Major Feature: Frontend-editing – Add, Edit, Delete articles from front-end
New Feature: New categories are now automatically included ( provided they have articles )
New Feature: Boxed Template
New Feature : Show helpie_tags at the bottom of the single article page
Bug Fix: Fixed Encoded characters in Search auto-suggestion
Bug Fix: Search results page showing wrong results
Bug Fix: Remove all JS logs
Bug Fix: User Access: By default, Allow Non-Categorised article to be viewed

= 1.2.2 =
New Feature: Search now looks at ‘tags’ to return suggestions and search results
New Feature: Insights now shows most repeated keywords
Bug Fix: Fix alignment of header in /pauple_helpie/ ( archive url )
Bug Fix: Shortcodes fixed in Elementor, Visual Composer, Divi

= 1.2.1 =
Bug Fixes

= 1.2 =
New Feature: Add ‘article_order’ setting with ‘menu_order’, ‘Ascending Post Date’, ‘Descending Post Date’ features
New Feature: Front-end editing with user role permissions

= 1.1 =
New Feature: Public users ( people who don’t have login ) can now vote. Feature can be turned on / off
New Feature: Search box has been updated to directly go to article on clicking on suggestions
New Feature: You can now change the “Table of Content” to your own title
Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where Shortcodes which caused issues in Divi ( and possibly other page builders )

= 1.0.9 =
Bug Fix: Semantic.css adds body style to all pages, especially admin-section
Bug Fix: Multisite conflicts

= 1.0.8 =
Bug Fix: Password Protect Modal Cookies behaving oddly

= 1.0.7 =
Bug Fix: Password Protect Modal behaving oddly in Avada

= 1.0.6 =
New Feature: Password Protection ( for categories )
New Feature: ‘Added’ and ‘Updated’ tags. Use it to mention when the version in which feature was added
New Feature: Auto-updates compatible with ‘envato-update-plugins’ plugin:
New Update: Moved Helpie Settings from under Settings menu to ‘Helpdesk’ menu

Bug Fix: Where when viewing a category page the main navigation gets moved to the left

= 1.0.5 =
New Feature: Sidebar Category toggle
New Feature: Order articles in the category list
New Feature: Limit number of articles under category in sidebar
New Feature: Visual Composer compatibility
Bug Fix: Content going into footer background in some themes.
Bug Fix: Show custom brand styles in single, category and search templates
Bug Fix: Language switching not working
Bug Fix: Where helpie plugin affected dashboard fonts
Bug Fix: Page scroll doesn’t show up in right column

= 1.0.3 =
Bug Fix: While changing settings, change some settings it returns “header already sent error”
Bug fix: “Undefined variable pauple_helpie_plugin_version”
Bug Fix: Welcome Area Style settings not applied to shortcode

= 1.0.2 =
Bug Fixes

= 1.0.1 =
Bug Fixes
Improved Russian translation, thanks to Michael Kolmanovich.

= 1.0.0 =
* Bug Fixes
* New Main Page settings : Category dnd sorting, article limiter, slug setting, number of columns
* New Single Page settings: Sidebar / Template control, Sidebar options, Show Edit button on front-end, Classic / Emotion / No voting, Show / Hide Comments
* New Category Page settings: Sidebar / Template control, Sidebar options
* New Style Settings: Primary brand color, Welcome Area title color, subtext color, search border styling
* Many New Strings added to Translation files
* Added Russian translation, thanks to Michael Kolmanovich.

= 0.41 =
* Bug fixes

= 0.4 =
* Full Documentation Navigation from sidebar
* Syntax Highlight and Copy shortcode
* Major UI Improvements
* Loading / Interaction Animations.

= 0.3 =
* Support for WordPress 4.7
* Translation Ready
* HELPIE INSIGHTS: User Happiness Score, Key Users, Search Keyword Insight, Key Articles Insight ( with charts )
* Minor UI Improvements
* Minor bug fixes.

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