Helpie 1.9 Introducing Dynamic Capabilities

We just released Helpie v1.9 with dynamic capabilities. Helpie, the most advanced Wiki / Knowledge base plugin for WordPress, has become more powerful than ever.

Helpie 1.9 has taken collaboration to the next level. Never before has there been a WordPress wiki plugin which allowed for seamless colloborative wiki experience. You can have full control over every page of your wiki website.

What type of wiki websites can be built with Helpie 1.9?

Helpie 1.9 is a full-fledged WordPress wiki plugin and it makes it easy to create any type of wiki website with WordPress. You can build curated wiki sites, public facing wikis, private wiki networks, and a customer logged in helpdesks etc.,

The Dynamic Capabilities of Helpie 1.9 makes it possible for you to build all these types of wiki websites mentioned above. Let see what the dynamic capabilities are in the article.

What’s in the Helpie Dynamic Capabilities?

With the new Dynamic capabilities, you control who is capable of performing different actions in your wiki website which is decided on various levels and factors.

It is many times powerful than the previous User Access Restriction features of Helpie.

Also Helpie 1.9.1 with Autolinking and new Design features

The Dynamic Capabilities

On various levels, you can control who can view, edit, publish and approve the contents.

Who Can View – decide you can see the content. It’s a read-only access.

Who Can Edit – choose you can edit the content. The edits need not be published directly and can wait for the approval.

Who Can Publish – choose the people who can write new content and publish them without any need for approval.

Who Can Approve – pick the user who gets to approve which version of the edit (revisions) gets published.

Levels of Dynamic Capabilities

Helpie’s dynamic capabilities give you 3 levels of control over your wiki content.

Global Level

Global level control is for the entire wiki website. You can access the global level capabilities from Helpie Settings page. Here you can set the capabilities, and it will applied for all the wiki contents.

Topic Level

You can also control the capabilities on various Topics / Categories. The Topic level capabilities can be applied from the Wiki Categories page. Here you can set the capabilities for every single Topic / Category, and it will be applied for that specific Topic / Category only.

Article Level

The best thing about Helpie’s dynamic capabilities is that it even lets you control the capabilities to every single article pages. The Article level capabilities can be applied from Article pages. Here you can set the capabilities for every single Article, and it will be applied for that specific Article only.

Note: The levels are hierarchically ordered as Article >Topic >Global. So even if someone does not have access on a Global or a Topic level, they can still be given access on an Article level.

Control Factors

The dynamic capabilities can be applied based on various factors such as,

All – you can allow anyone including non-logged in users.

No One – no one will be allowed.

Logged In – only users who are logged in to your wiki website is capable of using the access.

User Role – choose which user roles can have the capabilities.

Username – give the capabilities to specific users based on their Username.

Exclude / Include – you can choose to Exclude or Include the capabilities for factors such as User roles and Usernames. It becomes handy when you have a great number of users and user roles.

Guest User Role –  When you control the capability using user roles, you can see a new user role called “Guest”. It represents non-logged in users. You have to apply ‘Everyone Except’ rule in order to give access to all logged in user roles. See in the image below.

A Basic Breakdown of Dynamic Capabilities

See the table below to have a better understanding of how the dynamic capabilities work.

✓✓✓ – High Priority

✓✓  – Medium Priority

✓     – Low Priority

When you set different capabilities for a topic and an article under the same topic, the Article level capability will be applied for that specific article. For all other articles on the same topic the Topic level capabilities will be applied.

It works in the same way for Topic level and Global level capabilities. Topic level will have more priority.

Test the Dynamic Capabilities for Yourself!

So what are you waiting for? Helpie gives you a 7-day free trial. Start a free trial and test the Dynamic Capabilities for yourself.

If you are already a Helpie wiki user, update the Helpie wiki plugin on your website to enjoy the new wiki features.

Currently, we have Multi-site licenses available for very affordable pricing. Since Helpie gets better and better the price could go up any minute. So don’t keep waiting!

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