Helpie FAQ v 1.1 – Introducing Dynamic FAQ Elementor Widget

We have recently launched Helpie FAQ v1..1 with a new Dynamic FAQ Widget for the Elementor page builder. Your favorite WordPress FAQ plugin has got even more powerful.

Many of our users have asked us for a feature to create FAQ directly using the Elementor page builder. Based on your feature request we have launched this new Elementor widget in Helpie FAQ v 1.1.

With this new version, you can create FAQs and Accordions directly on any Elementor posts or pages. Let’s see the capabilities of this new Elementor widget in detail.

Dynamic FAQ  Elementor Widget

Helpie FAQ previously had a FAQ elementor widget that lets you embed previously created FAQs into any post or page with Elementor.

With this Dynamic FAQ Widget, you can create FAQs with FAQ Section Title, Individual FAQ Items with questions and answers with the Elementor editor on a post or page that you’re working on.

In the Dynamic FAQ Elementor Widget you can:

  • Add FAQ Title
  • Add FAQ Single Items with Title and Paragraphs
  • Show FAQ Searchbar for Inline search
  • Add FAQ Search Placeholder
  • Enable/Disable Toggle
  • CHoose Dark/Light FAQ Theme
  • Change FAQ Styling
  • Add Custom CSS for advanced styling

Elementor FAQ Sytling

Dynamic FAQ Widget also gives you powerful styling options similar to that of what you get with Elementor. When you go the Styling Tab in the widget, you can change the Color, Font, Font Size, Text Alignment, Borders, and more options for FAQ Items such as Title, Single Item, Single Item – Header, and  Single Item – Body. You can also make use of the Advanced options in Elementor such as Padding, Background, Custom CSS, etc.,

How to Use the Dynamic FAQ Elementor Widget?

You just have to go to the page you’re working on with Elementor and in the Elementor editor, search for ‘FAQ’, you can see 2 widgets ‘Helpie FAQ – Dynamic Add’ and  ‘Helpie FAQ’ widgets.

Drag the ‘Helpie FAQ – Dynamic Add’ widget to where you want to place the FAQs in the Elementor Canvas nad place it there. Then add the FAQ content in the Elementor editor as you see in the image above.

You can add any number of FAQ Items, and use Elementor styling options to create an FAQ page or section that matches your website or brand.

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