Auto-ordering FAQs & Category display in Helpie FAQ v0.6

What’s New in Helpie FAQ v0.6?

Helpie FAQ v0.6 was just released. There are some key features in this version. They are

  • FAQ Auto Ordering (Pro)
  • New Display Modes (Free)

Auto Ordering FAQs (Pro)

FAQs are usually arranged in the order they are created, in the best effort you can manually arrange the FAQs on the list. One can only guess what’s on the user’s mind.

Some webmasters would even spend so much money to use trackers with Heat Map or some advanced analytical tools to find which content the users are finding most useful. And still, they have to go and manually arrange the FAQ list. But there is a better solution today. It is Helpie FAQ Pro!

Helpie FAQ is not only the most advanced but also a smart FAQ plugin for WordPress. It has the insight of which FAQs are useful to the users and which FAQs no one is reading. From a list of FAQs, it can analyse how much the users are reading the FAQs.


You just have to select ordering by “User Engagement” in FAQ settings and Helpie FAQ will arrange the FAQ list by calculating the user engagement in each FAQ and display the most engaged FAQs first to the users for them to quickly find the answers they are looking for.

WooCommerce FAQ tab+ User Submission + Auto Ordering –> Ultimate Answering plugin

The combination of WooCommerce FAQ tab feature which is already in Helpie FAQ free version, User Submission in the Pro version and this new Auto Ordering feature could help give customers best answers even if you WooCommerce store has hundreds of FAQs.

When customers quickly find the answers they are looking for, they gain confidence in your products. This leads to better sales and conversions. So if you are a WooCommerce user, it is best to get Helpie FAQ Pro now!


The New Display Modes on v0.6

Many of our users requested a category wise display of FAQs, and so we have added 2 new display modes,

  • Simple Accordion by category
  • Category Accordion
Simple Accordion by Category:

This Display mode shows your FAQs with Category name as the Title in a selected order.


Category Accordion:

With this display mode the FAQ categories themselves are display in accordions, and each Category Accordion can be open to view the list of FAQs under each category.


If you still haven’t tried Helpie FAQ plugin, Download now, its free!


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