5 Fastest WordPress Themes in 2021

Are you searching for a fast loading WordPress theme? Do you want to increase your WordPress website’s speed? We have the list of the fastest WordPress themes in 2021.

Why need a Fast Loading WordPress Theme?

No one wants a slow website. People don’t want to wait for a websites to load more than few seconds and quickly exit your site. Search engines uses site speed to rank your site. If your website is slow you could lose your SEO and thereby lose your sites traffic.

How we tested the Themes

We created a sample page with contents and tested all the themes on the same page.

We used free tools on the internet such as  Pingdom, GTmetrix, and Google PageSpeed Insights.

The themes have been tested on a staging website with moderate hosting speed. Loading time very much depends on hosting and if you test these themes with a faster hosting service, you could get better loading times.

We have not only tested the fast loading free, lightweight versions of the themes but we have tested the Pro versions with all of their heavy modules.

Theme + Elementor Page builder

Using a Page Builder increases the page size and the page loading time. So we have also tested these themes with Elementor Page Builder to know which theme loads the fastest when used with Elementor. Now you can even say Fastest Elementor Themes.

We created a test page with Elementor Pro using many of the Elementor’s widgets and tested the page loading times.

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Fastest WordPress Themes – 2021 (Free and Paid)

Themes in this list have a free, lightweight version and a powerful, fast loading Pro themes. All of the themes mentioned in this list have free versions and you can also say this list as Fastest Free WordPress themes. Both the Free and Pro are fully responsive in desktop and mobile versions.

1. Astra

We found Astra to be the fastest WordPress theme, and it has recorded the quickest loading time in our tests. The Pro version was also, and it was the fasted theme with Elementor page builder.

Google PageSpeed score: 83        GTmetrix PageSpeed score: 80

Astra Free theme

Astra free version is a lightweight and responsive WordPress theme. It was really fast because the page size was really low and the loading time was the fastest.

It is not just a fast theme but its customizability and flexibility along with its integrations make it one of the best multipurpose themes.

Astra Pro Theme

In the Astra Pro theme, we activated all the Pro modules which increased the page size, but it still had a very fast loading time.

The Pro version is loaded with many powerful features like Many Header options, WooCommerce widgets, Many Site layout options, integrations with many popular plugins, etc.,

Astra with Elementor

Using Elementor page builder with Astra theme made the page loading a little bit slower. It normally happens with any page builder. But it was still the fastest theme to be used with Elementor Pro.

2. GeneratePress

When GeneratePress theme was used on the same page, the page size increased, but it was still very fast.

Google PageSpeed score: 80        GTmetrix PageSpeed score: 79

GeneratePress Free Theme

The free version of GeneratePress is a fast loading multipurpose theme, which is very much performance focused.

It has a minimalist look with a full-width header, a widgetized footer, and various post formats. It also has a blog-style layout and a shop section.

GeneratePress Premium Theme

GeneratePress premium version is very powerful with many modules. When all of the premium modules are activated, it made the theme bulky and had increased loading time.

But not all modules are necessary, and it is best to enable only modules required to maintain the speed.

The premium version gives you lots of customization options and additional features to make your site more flexible.

GeneratePress with Elementor

GeneratePress with Elementor page builder is fast even with the increased page size. The results are similar to the Astra theme. GeneratePress theme is good with many other popular page builders.


OceanWP theme on the same page had a fast loading time but more than that it had a very low page size which was impressive.

Google PageSpeed score: 75        GTmetrix PageSpeed score: 82

OceanWP Free Theme

OceanWP is a lightweight and highly extendible WordPress theme. It is the most feature-packed free theme available and has several options to personalize your website, multiple widget regions and responsive design.

OceanWP Pro Bundle

There was a concise loading time, and page size remained small with OceanWP theme Pro extensions.

There is no single Pro version, but in the Pro bundle, you get a list of extensions which extended the features of the theme. You can activate only the feature needed. We tested the theme with all the Pro extensions.

OceanWP with Elementor

OceanWP theme is also very page builder friendly. It has a special Elementor widget extension in Pro bundle. With Elementor page builder OceanWP was faster than GeneratePress theme. You can build websites with creative designs with OceanWP and Elementor.

4. Newspaper

Newspaper is one of the fastest premium WordPress themes out there. It is designed as an intuitive interface to ensure a valuable user experience on any website.

Google PageSpeed score: 97%  GTmetrix PageSpeed score: 99%

*Tested with official Demo sites of Newspaper Theme

Newspaper with tagDiv Composer 

The author created the tagDiv Composer builder to perfectly complement the blog, news, and magazine Newspaper theme. It ranges thousands of elements that are easy to drag and drop, highly customizable and usable on the frontend.

Entirely customizable with the Composer, all the Newspaper designs are flexible and have the wow-factor.

Newspaper with Pre-Made Templates

Newspaper has a plugin called tagDiv Cloud Library with a set of 810 pre-made design templates. You can import some of them to your homepage, author, category, or other pages, and even on your articles.

Easy to work with, fast and performant at the same time, we find Newspaper to be a great theme for any WordPress site

Newspaper with Elementor

The tagDiv says that the theme is not tested with Elementor, yet in their community, some website owners are using the popular page builder with Newspaper Theme on their websites. The author custom-made a frontend page builder specifically for the Newspaper theme (tagDiv Composer is not being sold as a standalone plugin).

The tagDiv Composer builder it’s constantly improved with each update to be more intuitive, and it gives Newspaper theme a powerful core functionality.

5. Airi

Airi theme despite being heavy in page size had a quick loading time. Using Airi theme with Gutenberg editor is a pleasure.

Google PageSpeed score: 65        GTmetrix PageSpeed score: 76

Airi Free Theme

Airi is a free and flexible business WordPress theme. It is suitable for all kinds of business websites and has pre-made Elementor layouts.

Airi Pro Theme

Airi Pro though it adds weight it still maintains the speed like the free version. The Pro version gives you extended WooCommerce options.  It has more pre-made layouts and enables you to quickly create an awesome looking website for yourself or your business.

Airi with Elementor

Airi has special integrations with Elementor page builder, and the theme is quite fast as other themes mentioned here. It has Custom Blocks for Elementor.

6. MantraNews

MantraNews WordPress theme had one of the lowest page requests on our test. We need to add some complimentary WordPress plugin with MantraNews theme for more functionality which would add page size and number of requests.

Google PageSpeed score: 86        GTmetrix PageSpeed score: 74

MantraNews Free Theme

MantraNews is a fast loading and free WordPress News-Magazine theme for building sites such as a news portal, personal blog, creative blog, publishing house and any other informative website.

MantraNews Pro Theme

MantraNews Pro Theme gives you more features like Advanced Featured Slider, Parallax Header & Footer, Additional Colour and header options and many more. Even with all the added functionality of the Pro version, it still gives you fast loading time.

MantraNews with Elementor

It doesn’t have official compatibility with Elementor but we tested it with Elementor, and surprisingly adding Elementor with MantraNews did not change the loading time.

7. Schema

Schema theme was heavier on page size but had fast loading time. It is also a popular WordPress theme.

Google PageSpeed score: 65        GTmetrix PageSpeed score: 65

Schema Lite Theme

Schema Lite is a free and fast loading WordPress theme for blogs. It also had a low page size and good loading speed.

It has custom options panels and has widgets and shortcodes.

Schema Pro Theme

Schema Pro theme adds more weight but remains fast like the free theme. It is more Header options and customization options.

Schema with Elementor

In our Test, Schema Pro worked with Elementor, but it doesn’t have an official Elementor integration. So we wouldn’t recommend Schema theme with Elementor.

Fastest WooCommerce Theme

We give you the WordPress themes which are dedicated and have the best integrations with WooCommerce plugin and can be said as the Fastest WooCommerce theme – 2021.

WooCommerce adds little bit to the loading time than a blog page but the product pages are still fast and their page requests are still kept low.


Shoptimizer is the fastest WooCommerce theme that we tested. Other multipurpose fast loading WordPress themes mentioned above are fast with WooCommerce but Shoptimizer is a dedicated for creating an Ecommerce store.

Google PageSpeed score: 84        GTmetrix PageSpeed score: 83

Shoptimizer with Elementor

When Elementor is added to site, the page size and loading time of the WooCommerce product page increased but it was common with all the other themes mentioned here.

Shoptimizer WooCommerce theme has official integrations with Elementor page builder and there are specialized Elementor widgets with this theme.

Does your fast loading WordPress website have a knowledge base?

If not you’re missing out! The goal of any business website is to acquire customers and to satisfy the customer needs. So every business website will require an FAQ page or help section. Helpie FAQ plugin and Helpie Knowledge base plugin allows you to do create these FAQ and help sections for your fast loading website. They work well with all the fast-loading themes mentioned above. Also, they can be seamlessly integrated with Elementor page builder.

What do you think of our list? Which theme are you using? How fast is your theme? Share with us in the comments section.

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