HelpieKB Wiki is a full-featured WordPress based Wiki, Knowledge Base, and Documentation solution.

Making content the centerpiece is our core value. 

We remove the distractions so you can focus on creating, sharing, and collaborating on content.

The simple way to create, edit and review articles

With our new medium-like editor, content collaboration becomes much easier. A revision system, publishing capabilities, and all the collaboration tools you’ll ever need are all included.

The Frontend Editor supports Rich media content like images, embedded videos, tables, etc.


Frontend Editor

HelpieKB has a default simple, editor.
You can also switch to the default WordPress editor ( in the frontend ) or use TinyMCE Advanced with Helpie.

Publishing Capabilities

Manage who can edit, publish, review articles at global, topic and article levels. We call it Dynamic Capabilities.. Learn More>>

Revision System

Edits on an article are stored as revisions and the reviewers can compare current and previous revisions and publish any of them.

Automatic Hyperlinking

Hyper link

HelpieKB has an auto-linking feature that every wiki user loves. You can automatically create hyperlinks to related content when you write new wiki articles. Learn More>>

Super fast search experience

Our search engine scans thousands of articles in seconds and ranks results based on contextual relevance. It’s even better than other paid WordPress search plugins.

Content relevance and ranking

Relevance and ranking is given to content appearing in different places like title, post content ( exact position in post content ), tags, etc.

Partial keyword match

Matching each word typed in the search box and checking each of them against the content. And each word contributes to the search results score.

Lightning quick live search

We have optimised the search system to work super quickly even with thousands of articles in your knowledge base.

More control over content and users

Protect your content and limit access to certain content using User Roles or Passwords.

Article Level Access Control

Dynamic Capabilities

Dynamic Capabilities is our new way to manage who can view, edit, publish and approve using logged in status, user role, username and more.

You can control it at Global, Topic and Article levels. 

Password Protect Topics

Password protect specific topics / categories. You can use a single password for multiple topics / categories as well.

Even better navigation with Table of Contents

Navigation is essential in a wiki. Your customers / team can now find what they need in a snap.

Automatic InPage TOC

Helpie’s automatic TOC feature automatically adds the headings ( h1, h2, h3, etc ) in your articles into in-page navigation links in the table of contents.


You can also use the full KB navigation feature in table of contents to help you users jump to any part of the KB from your table of contents.

Toggle Topics

If you have a long list of articles under each topic / category, you can choose the toggle topic feature to show only the articles of the current topic and hide the rest.

Do it in style with branding and styling options

Having your wiki / knowledgebase match your brand is important for your user’s experience and Helpie gives you the most extensive set of easy to use tools to do that.

Better Design = Better Learning

Hero-section branding

Using Helpie’s style settings, you can use your creativity to customise your hero section to your Brand’s style. 

Category Listing styles

Helpie has 3 main category listing styles as of now. You can use them to show off a summary of your Knowledge base. 

Template Layouts

Helpie lets you change the basic layout of your main page, category page, single page and search page.

Style with Elementor

Helpie is fully-compatible with the awesome Elementor page-builder and Elementor’s Theme Builder.


Actionable Intelligence.

Get insights into your Knowledge Base, your users, articles and get simple actionable feedback. Get ready to experience the future of customer support and knowledge base wiki.

Most Happy/Unhappy Users

Helpie’s Insights show you the most happy and most unhappy users based on their feedback on your articles.

Best/Worst Articles

Insights displays the best and worst performing articles on your Knowledgebase wiki based on the same user feedback.

Search and Views Insight

Helpie displays the most frequently searched keywords along with their frequency. It also displays the most popular pages.


Multilingual Knowledge Base

WPML Compatible for multilingual sites.

Helpie and WPML can be used to create a multilingual knowledge base. For more information, please see our documentation.

More Customisation

Any content. Anywhere on your site.

You can customise any part of your website to work with Helpie by using widgets, shortcodes, and hooks. For more information, please see our documentation.

Premium Support

Submit a support ticket and we will respond within one business day.

On prior request, we can also provide live chat support.