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Helpie Most Advanced Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin 1.2.4

Helpie 1.2.4 is out and we will tell you what has improved in Helpie making it the best Knowledge Base plugin for WordPress indeed.


Modern Style Category listing of articles

Helpie now has a new Main Page Template called ‘ Modern’  category listing. In Modern, the main Category and the sub category will be shown. You can add a description for the main category if you want. You can a font- icon ( choose from 675 of Font-Awesome’s icons ) for main category from Dashboard -> Helpdesk -> Helpdesk Category.

Modern MP Template gives your user a super clear overview of the particular topic.

Helpdesk -> Helpie Settings -> Main Page -> Main Page Template

Selecting Modern Template in Helpie Backend

The listing with subtopics and brief description of the category all come up nicely on the Helpdesk Main page.

Modern template in action

Here Food, Getting started, OfficeWork and Roommates are the categories and the within each box are the articles that are present under each category.



Show Recently Published articles in the Main Page


You can now enable ‘Show Recent Articles’ option in Helpie 1.2.4 the option to display Recent Articles. To enable it go to Hepie backend -> Helpdesk -> Helpie Settigs -> Main Page -> Show Recent Aticles.

location to select Recent articles in backend


Once that option is enabled click on save changes and you will be able to see the recent articles. They appear below the Categories in the KB Main page.

Recent articles live on KB main page

The recent articles come up all graciously on the main page of the KB almost like magic 🙂



Helpie 1.2.4 Highlights the article you are reading in TOC


It is now intelligent enough to understand which article you are reading in a category and highlights it in the Table of Contents so that you can easily find your way. See how “Your First Knowledge base Article” is highlighted in Table of Contents.

TOC with current article highlighting


The Demo is always live if you want to try out!!


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