Introducing Helpie FAQ Plugin: New Way to Answer Common Questions (Free of cost)

Helpie WP introduces Helpie FAQ Plugin – a complete FAQ management plugin to answer common questions effectively and it’s a free plugin.

If you have a WooCommerce store or a business website you will know that most of the questions from the customers are repetitive. Most of the website and stores have an FAQ page to answers the repetitive questions.

We are proud to announce our free solution to answer you customers common questions without having to start a conversation.

Earlier ways for FAQs

For WooCommerce stores, there were 2 ways before to create FAQs,

Paid Plugins: There are some paid FAQ plugins available to integrate WooCommerce and FAQs. They may also provide options for creating FAQ tab on Woo product page.

Free tools and some coding: If you can code, you can use your coding skills and other free tools available to integrate WooCommerce with FAQs and also create an FAQ tab.

Other business websites: Many business websites don’t use any dedicated tools for FAQs. They have a page for FAQs in which they put all the common questions and answers. This page is not user-friendly and inadequate for answering peoples questions.

The New way for FAQs

With Helpie FAQ Plugin you can integrate WooCommerce with your FAQs and also create an FAQ tab for individual Woo products totally free of cost and without having to know any coding.

Helpie FAQs helps to cut the time spent on answering customers repeated questions so you can focus on sales and conversions!

Don’t waste time on answering repeated question. Just focus on sales!

Helpie FAQ Plugin

Helpie FAQ Plugin provides a quick and easy way to create FAQs, easier than writing a WordPress post. It presents the FAQ in a collapsible way with Accordion / Toggle display and can be embedded anywhere in a website using a shortcode.

The first version of Helpie FAQ includes:

  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Woo product FAQ tab
  • Live AJAX FAQ search
  • Elementor page builder integration
  • Knowledge base integration

WooCommerce Integration

Helpie FAQ plugin and WooCommerce plugin are smoothly integrated to have the Categories & Tags, and FAQs can be sorted using WooCommerce Categories and Tags.

WooCommerce FAQ tab for individual Woo products can be created, and you can easily add an FAQ tab to each product page so your customers can see answers to common questions about the products they’re browsing. You also add or edit FAQs on individual Woo products page.



Live AJAX FAQ search

Helpie FAQ plugin provides an FAQ search box so that users can instantly search all the common question and answers without having to contact customer support.


Elementor Integration

Elementor page builder users can integrate our FAQ plugin, and they would get FAQ widget as an element on Elementor, and they can embed this widget anywhere in the elementor canvas.

Knowledge Base Integration

Helpie FAQ plugin can be integrated with Helpie Knowledge base plugin and the FAQ can use the categories and tags of the knowledge base and FAQ can be used along with knowledge base articles.


Much More

There are many more features, check our Helpie FAQ plugin page to see all the features and their uses.

You can download and use this plugin for free, so Get Helpie FAQ Plugin Now!

This just the first version we have much more features coming in the future!

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