Integrating FAQs with your Knowledge base

A good knowledge base helps the support staff as much as it helps the customers because it is a real challenge to make the customer read your knowledge base before reaching out to you for support. You may have a well-written knowledge base which has all the answers to the customer’s questions, but you are still getting support emails asking the same repeated questions.

How to reduce the support questions? How do you make the customers go through your knowledge base before coming to you?

The best way to solve this problem is to have FAQ pages and FAQ sections on product pages and other pages. People may not directly go to your knowledge base for a solution, but they will certainly read through an FAQ section.  If you would link your FAQs to their respective knowledge base article, they will surely check out your knowledge base.

Customers usually do not search using the same keywords, and your self-help article title may not be the same as the question they have in mind. In all these cases FAQs can be very much helpful.

Thankfully, we have a free solution Helpie FAQ plugin to create easy FAQ pages and a section with Accordion and Toggle options.

What is more interesting is that Helpie FAQ can be integrated with Helpie Knowledge base.


How to integrate FAQs with Helpie Knowledge base?

First you need to have a self-help portal created with Helpie Knowledge base wiki plugin. Then you need to install Helpie FAQ free plugin from which could be done from the backend of your site.

After installing and activating Helpie FAQ plugin, go the FAQ settings and in the “Integrations” option click “Helpie KB” and enable the knowledge base integration as shown in the picture below.



Adding the FAQs

You can click on “Add new” on Helpie FAQ and write your question and answer, and then you can add the respective FAQ Categories and Tags.

When you integrate FAQ with Helpie knowledge base you can also add corresponding Wiki categories. If you use WooCommerce you can add the FAQ to the specific Woo-products.

Now your FAQs are ready, and you can put them anywhere on your website using FAQ widget, shortcode or using Elementor page builder.


Displaying FAQs on your Knowledge base

When you have added a Wiki category to the FAQs, it displays the FAQs in the corresponding category page in your knowledge base. You can choose to display it above or below the list of articles in that category.

Customers may not go inside every article and read them, and so it would be great when you can answer all the common questions on a single page. You can also enable the FAQ search-bar so that customers can search for answers in the FAQs.


Linking FAQs to specific Knowledge base article

When you have an FAQ page outside your knowledge base or have an FAQ section on other pages, you can put an anchor text linking to the corresponding knowledge base article. This method is not a very technical, but could prove to be very helpful to make people read your knowledge base.


These are the features in the first version of Helpie FAQ plugin, and we are working to improve our plugin to suit your needs. If you have a suggestion or feature request, do let us know in the comments section or email us on

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