Knowledge Sharing Topics & Ideas for your Organisation from Elon Musk

What is meant by Knowledge Sharing?

Knowledge sharing is the idea by which any form of useful information is passed on from one person to another. It could relate to anybody who wants to share his experiences, data, lectures, skillset, work, etc.

Knowledge sharing is one of the fundamental elements in the world of Knowledge management; which also includes Knowledge sharing methods, knowledge sharing sessions, activities, cultures, etc.

Knowledge Sharing Ideas

As we start to unearth into the different views of Knowledge sharing, knowledge sharing tools, best practices, It is important to know something about it.

Knowledge is an asset; it is the part of the economy which is uncultivable until it reaches the right minds. The astute win with it, while a majority still finds ways to be productive with it.

It is good to rub and polish our brain against that of others.
-Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

Systems, Routines, Cultures, Process, Technology, etc. are few of the basic ideas which fall into the transfer of Knowledge from generation to generation and from leaders to followers.

The beautiful transition takes place by means of various mediums combined with reasoning and deep understanding in the basic means of their formation.

This idea of Knowledge Sharing deals with an organisation that has more than one person. It generates a vision through which a small spark can be lit up into a burning fire.

Importance of Knowledge Sharing:

As a famous quote says “There is no wealth like knowledge, no poverty like ignorance”.

Knowledge is the key fundamental of an institution, organisation, specialisation or a trade. Any Field that has more than one user, relates to the sharing of ideas and imagination that makes sense.

Sharing starts when data from one user is transferred to another. Knowledge Management Systems provide adequate platforms for the complete and efficient transfer of information.

Maximum productivity of knowledge is observed when it is presented well with good streamlined ideas. It not only engages a wider range of consumers but also relates and strengthens the connect.

Benefits of Knowledge Sharing:

  • Organisational understanding & collective intelligence
  • Learning opportunities

  • Improves customer delivery
  • Team orientation
  • Profitable communication
  • Innovation & Growth
  • Faster decision making.
  • Transfer of learning

Knowledge Sharing Concepts and Challenges

Knowledge sharing concepts can sometimes constitute a major challenge if not done right. Here’s how:

  • Misinterpretation of Information

  • Manipulation of Objectives
  • Lack of Competent Partnerships
  • Isolation or Priority Preferences

Some have a knowledge sharing culture, some claim to have it, some simply don’t have one.

Organisations that build a strong character is Knowledge management and its fundamental sharing processes often tend to be successful and efficient in work than others.

It is pretty obvious why they tend to be successful based on the pointers just stated ahead. Get teams moving in your team first, then it’s easier to scale once you have a solid platform to share.

Knowledge Sharing Ideas

Providing knowledge sharing ideas of what has been done previously can help to reconstruct the following questions and pointers.

1 What needs to be done next?

2 Check targets and objectives fulfilled

3 What could be done better?

4 Advancements in technology for future

There have been excellent examples to knowledge sharing individuals, who developed unique and strong businesses in our known spheres, let’s just wade in the waters to find out a bit about them and one who mastered the art of Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Management.

Who is this Elon Musk?

Let’s get a quick catch-up of WHO IS THIS MAN??

Elon Musk, He’s one of the most renowned entrepreneurs of this Century, a man who contributed to change the views of business and competitive marketing. He is the analogy of a Creative individual who could single-handedly change and compete in any business of the market.

Are you still wondering how? Let me just take a few lines to tell you his diverse businesses, Are you an Astronaut, a Mechanical or Automobile Engineer, Production Engineer, Banker, Gamer, Construction Worker, Computer geek, Artificial Intelligence Developer. He’s set foot in them all.

Yes, Elon Musk in a technology entrepreneurinvestor, and engineer. Born in South Africa and moved to Canada in his teenage with big dreams and ideas.

His aspiration was to change the world’s perspective on business and innovative entrepreneurship. His idea was from a book by Isaac Asimov‘s Foundation series, from which he learned you should try to take the set of actions that are likely to prolong civilization, minimize the probability of a dark age and reduce the length of a dark age if there is one.

With this brief introduction to Elon Musk, let’s dive in to see what we as aspiring people can learn and decode from his life.

As a dynamic and creative individual, Elon has made his ideas pass on and not be just his imagination. Here comes Knowledge sharing & management. He was able to transcend them across to his team, convince stakeholders, and growing belief and determination from his workers. This is a key aspect of establishing his transformational ideas into reality.

Inspiration is somewhat of a risk, it’s a big risk too. It made Elon think outside of the box, break stereotypes that were set before him.

Elon’s Credentials:

  1. CEO  & CTO at SpaceX made space travel affordable by Falcon Program & reusable rocket. Became the first commercial space ventures.
  2. CEO & Product Architect for Tesla. Modern Design, electric sports car at affordable pricing.
  3. Investor & Concept for Solar City, the single largest solar production plants in the world
  4. OpenAI, development of safe AI to benefit Humanity.
  5. Neuralink, the concept of linking the human brain with Artificial Intelligence, mind computing interfaces.
  6. The Boring Company, an idea Elon tweeted about at a traffic signal. Third generation Tunnel Boring Machine. Future of transportation
  7. Musk Foundation, Philanthropic efforts to provide solar energy and panel to disaster-struck areas.

Knowledge Sharing Methods from Elon Musk

Here are a few tips to learn Knowledge Sharing Methods from Elon Musk

  1. Believe in a small team.
  2. 5 minute meetings, quick and crisp.
  3. Running against odds and routines.
  4. Rethink the entire framework.
  5. Break the Chain of Command.
  6. Personal Meetings.
  7. Feedback Policy from critics.
  8. Work Ethics- get insane.
  9. Create a good working culture and environment.

Here’s a video on what Elon Musk says about the Chain of Command:

Elon’s secret formula:

Perseverance + Love = Abundance.

Organisational Benefits from Elon’s Model of Knowledge Sharing:

1 Being the hardest working employee of the company, by which you set high benchmarks

2 Always keep learning and thinking about the future

3 Eyes always set on the bigger picture

4 Hands-on work is the best possible way

5 Ambitions like no other competitors

6 You’re A-game is only possible with an A-Team.

7 Transparency of Organisation Goals and Targets.

8 When to hold and when to let go.

Knowledge Sharing Topics in Office

List of Knowledge Sharing Techniques for your organisation :

  1. Superior Mentorship
  2. Job Shadowing
  3. Coffee Meetings
  4. F2F Collaborations
  5. Audio-Visual Education
  6. Team Sharing
  7. Quizzes, Conferences and Resource Personnel

Best Tool for Implimenting Elon’s Method of Knowledge Sharing in your Organization

There are a lot of tools out there, some better than others. Take time to evaluate and pick one, but make sure that you introduce yourself to some refreshing new tool.

Helpie wiki is a is the optimum tool for implimenting all these techniques and methods in your organization. Helpie is a full-fledged WordPress wiki plugin and it makes it easy to create any type of wiki website with WordPress.

You focus on what matters to you the most, the best priced and efficient to help you better your knowledge sharing process. Helpie wiki offers best in class features to improve your organisation knowledge management through easy and user-friendly interface with its dynamic capabilities.

Helpie wiki is the best for everyone who trust each other in a team, willing to exchange knowledge and at the same time want to embrace knowledge sharing ideas and knowledge perspectives with a vision for sharing to other members to build strong knowledge management foundations for the organisation.

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Be a positive leader for your knowledge sharing initiative.

Take people by the hand, lead by example, hear people concerns, find solutions and never ever give up or give in.

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