Why Should You Learn WordPress?

In the Internet-connected world, there is a dire need to grow business digitally. All the traditional ways of doing business are gradually adapting to the technological advancements in the field of the Internet. It is where the need of having a website is profoundly felt. In such a high-demand environment, WordPress makes creating websites easier for everyone, without knowing how to write code from scratch.

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If you are looking forward to building your career or establish a business of creating websites for others, learning WordPress CMS will work as a shining feather in your skillset. Before you begin the practical learning process, you must know what WordPress is, how it works, and the benefits of WordPress.

What is WordPress?

  WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) launched in 2003 solely to create blogging sites. The founder developers, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little created it as a blogging platform for users to publish content online without the hassles of coding. Since it was an open-source platform, web developers across the world began developing more features and adding them to the platform. At its core, the CMS is written using PHP and MySQL programming languages.

Note: The WordPress we are discussing here is the free CMS software offered in WordPress.org and not the hosted WordPress platform that you see in WordPress.com.

WordPress – Statistics

By the end of 2018, websites built using WordPress gained more than 22 billion views per month. As expected, WordPress has grown in popularity to become the most popular CMS having the highest market share of more than 35% of all websites built across the globe.

It is estimated that the CMS empowers more than 20 million websites around the world. Although there are many other CMSs like Drupal, Magento, and Joomla competing with WordPress, it is still the leading CMS having more than 60% of the CMS market share and it is loved by its users for the ease of creating websites of all kinds and a myriad of other features.

How Does WordPress Work?

Back in the past, there was no other way to create a website than to write a series of code in a specific programming language. WordPress is known to change the game as you can start creating a website by installing WordPress in a few minutes. For website management, you get an easy-to-use backend dashboard from where you can control every aspect of your website using its web-based editor.

  • The credit of dynamic attributes of this CMS goes to PHP, which is a server-side language and runs on your web server. Indeed, PHP becomes popular because of WordPress.
  • On the other hand, there is MySQL, which works to store information and create a database. Also, it gives users access to the database to create, update, or delete any information.

Why is WordPress Popular?

The popularity of WordPress CMS can be based on the following aspects:

  • Comes with a WordPress backend dashboard – a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for the end-users to manage the website’s content
  • It can be used to create any kind of website using both free and premium WordPress themes & plugins
  • Creates MySQL queries for the database

Learning Dilemma – Why Learn WordPress Over Other CMS?

If you want to learn how to create a website, you might have several other CMS names in mind, namely Joomla, Shopify, and Magento. Although they are all platforms used to build websites, each of them has their own perks and benefits. For example, you should learn how to build a site using Shopify if the sole purpose of learning is to create online stores. You cannot use Shopify to create a blog site. Similar is the case with Magento. But learning WordPress is above all because of a variety of reasons.

It is Free and Open-Source

The essential requirement to learn software, in general, is to have its paid version installed on your computer. However, WordPress is free for you to download and start learning it. Also, it is open-source, which means it has large communities of independent developers across the globe that you can connect with to ask for help. You can become a part of these communities as beta testers if needed.

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1. Best Suited to Create Any Type of Website

WordPress CMS is one of the simplest ways to create and publish blogs, but it is not limited to just blogs. You can create almost any kind of website, be it a Business website, Blog site, Portfolio site, Forum site, Ecommerce sites, and Membership sites. The list goes on, because of the availability of free and paid WordPress plugins to add extended functionalities to your website.

2. Very Small Learning Curve

There are countless things that you can learn about WordPress. But the best part is that they all are easy to learn. For instance, you can get your hands on the WordPress dashboard management from the very first day of using the website. Since there are no roadblocks to gaining access to the CMS, you can practice developing a wide variety of websites using this CMS.

3. A Myriad of  WordPress Themes Pre-Built Importable Sites Available

A website’s design theme plays a crucial role in its success. To design a website, you need a professional designer who will create graphics, logo, landing pages for your website and then work on the HTML conversion process. With WordPress, it is possible to skip the design part by installing the available free and paid WordPress themes and customizing them to fit your needs.

4. Easy to Create and Manage WordPress Websites

You can easily create a WordPress website in less than 5 minutes. Web design agencies often sell pricey WordPress website management plans to their clients. However, if you learn about diverse aspects of WordPress website development and management, you can easily do it. Website management process generally include tasks like security checks, backups, plugin and theme update, and spam management.

5. Full Control over the Website

The non-open source CMS comes with several limitations. These include limited customization of built-in functionality, limited code adjustments, partial ownership of the site’s content. However, WordPress is above all. You can customize the site the way you want and get complete control over its files, database, and pages.

Ways to Make Money Using WordPress CMS

Whether you look at WordPress as a way to generate some passive income or do a full-time job, there are many ways you can follow to make money using this CMS. There are plenty of opportunities to help you utilize your knowledge about website building using this CMS.

Short of money-making ideas using WordPress? Here are a few ways you can follow to earn money using WordPress –

6. Run Ads on Your WordPress website

Irrespective of the niche of your site, you can rely on your user base to help you earn money online based on advertising. Think of your website as a billboard where thousands of visitors look at every day while seeking the information you post. For potential advertisers, an ad on your site can help them sell products or gain clients, which is why they will pay you for the ad placement on your WordPress website.

You can do this via Google Adsense, creating sponsored content or by developing an in-built ad system to run ads. Keep in mind that there are specific guidelines that your website must fulfill before you start to generate income via the advertising route.

7. Start an Ecommerce Website

If the primary goal of learning WordPress is to create an online store, you can build your business using this CMS. It comes with a WooCommerce plugin, which adds the Ecommerce functionalities to a WordPress website and helps your store stand out.

More particularly, you can grow your local business, if any, via a WordPress-based online store. Otherwise, you can start an online business from scratch and sell products to a specific niche to earn money. See how to create a free Ecommerce website with WordPress.

8. Create a Membership Site

Creating Membership site

If you are an expert in any specific field and want to sell your expertise to business owners or end consumers, creating a membership website using WordPress is a good option. There are WordPress plugins, like MemberPress and others, using which you can add various features to your site without any hassle. Your site can be about selling premium content, such as Blog posts, Podcasts, Webinars, and Consultations. 

9. Develop WordPress Themes and Plugins

If your interest is in writing codes and designing websites for a wide variety of users, WordPress still has opportunities for you to earn money. Just like many other website designers and developers, you can create paid themes and sell them online via different platforms. Similarly, you can develop premium plugins to add unique functionalities to a WordPress site and earn money selling subscriptions to use plugins.

If you feel you are just a beginner but want to create themes, join a team or venture that is in the business of developing themes to gain real-life experience.

10. Offer WordPress Development Consulting Services

Once you become good at creating WordPress websites, one quick and easy way to earn money is to offer WordPress website development services. To do this, you need not join any web design firm but can start earning from home. An important thing that you need to dive into this business is a well-designed portfolio of websites you have developed before. Your previous experience matters a lot to define how much money you can earn this way.

WordPress is a dynamic, highly versatile CMS that you can learn to create websites of all kinds. Learning this CMS will put in charge of developing your website and that of others to earn money. You can make the most of your knowledge about WordPress based on your life goals.

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