How to Create a Product Comparison Website and Earn Affiliate Commissions

Are you looking for a way to create a shopper comparison site that lets shoppers compare different products and choose the best one? Want to create product comparison websites such as a mobile comparison websites by yourself to earn money through affiliate marketing? You have to the right place.

In this article, I will teach you a beginner-friendly and cost-effective way to create a product comparison website.

What is a Product Comparison Website?

Product comparison websites are also known as comparison shopping websites or price comparison websites is like Google for online shoppers. These comparison websites have all information about the products on a niche market. The shoppers can compare and filter the products based on pricing, features, reviews, shipping, and another criterion.

Earning  Money through a Product Comparison Website

The product comparison website is connected to merchants like Amazon, eBay, etc., and they receive their information from the merchants. When shoppers click the “Buy Now” button from your comparison site and buy the product you get a commission for referring the sale which is known as the ‘Affiliate Commission’. You can make a steady passive income or even a primary income through a product comparison website if it is done right.

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Creating a Product Comparison Website with WordPress

Finding your Niche

Before moving onto creating the comparison site, you need to find a specific niche market that your product comparison site is going to target. There are thousands of comparison shopping websites and so you can earn income only if you stand out from the crowd. So target a niche market and only add products that come under your niche. For example, if you choose to create a mobile comparison website you will have to compete with many popular, mobile comparison sites on the internet.

Once you have grown in popularity you can expand your niche then. Read this article to find the best niche for your product comparison website.

WordPress for Product Comparison Website

WordPress is a beginner-friendly platform that can create any type of website. Especially, for creating product comparison websites, WordPress has some great tools. So we will use WordPress CMS and some of its themes and plugins to create our product comparison website.

First, we need you to need to get a domain and hosting, and then we install WordPress CMS on your domain. See this tutorial to get a domain, hosting, and install WordPress.

Types of Comparison Websites

Before we go to the specifics of the website, we need to have a clear idea of what type of product comparison site we want to build. So let’s see the different types of product comparison websites.

  1. Price Comparison Site – compare the pricing of a single product from various merchants. Also show Pricing history, Discounts, and other offers.
  2. Feature Comparison Site – compare the Specifications, Pricing, and related criterion of similar products.
  3. Review Comparison Site – compare the Ratings, Reviews, Pros & Cons of similar products.

You can even create a product comparison website having all the 3 aspects. But the key difference is comparing the same product from the different merchants and comparing different products.

StarCat Reviews plugin for your Product Comparison Website

StarCat Reviews is a WordPress review plugin that comes with an advanced comparison table feature. You can create all types of product comparison sites that I just mentioned above.

So it can also be called a WordPress comparison site plugin. It helps to create a comparison-shopping website that compares various aspects of similar products such as product features, pricing, ratings, reviews, pros & cons, and more.

With this plugin, you can create a product comparison website which includes both features comparison and review comparison. Yeah both type-2 and type-3 combined on a website.

If you want to build a product comparison website with only feature comparison or review comparison, you can do so. But it is up to you. But I will advise you to leverage the power of review comparison to your advantage.

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Why Create a Review Comparison Website?

It is important to understand that you only get an affiliate commission if the shopper buys the product through your referral. If the shopper has to buy the product, you need to have content that convinces the customer to make the purchase. This is where a review comparison comes.

93% of Consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions, according to a survey done of

In recent days, many popular product comparison websites have included ratings and reviews to their product comparison. Websites now have include rating individual features separately and adding them to the comparison table.

Review Comparison Site – Example

The image below is a clear example of what I’m talking about. It is the screenshot from which is a popular tech product comparison site in India. Another good example of this kind of product comparison site is

If you don’t want to give ratings for individual features of a product, even adding an overall rating could make a significant difference in the purchase decision of the shopper.

You can also create a review comparison table comparing the various Pros & Cons and other aspects of the products like Ease of Use, Handling, etc.,

When you have a convincing comparison, it greatly enhances the shopper to make up their mind, and hence you will certainly get your affiliate commission.

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Creating a Price Comparison Website

Price Comparison websites are the most common types of comparison shopping websites. PriceGrabber, PricePirates, and ShopMania are some of the popular price comparison sites. A price comparison site compares the different prices, discounts, offers, and pricing history of a product from the various merchants selling the same product.

If you want to create a simple pricing table check these WordPress pricing table plugins.

REhub Theme for Price Comparison Site

ReHub is a good WordPress theme to create price comparison affiliate marketing sites. It is very easy to create a price comparison site with WordPress because there is a price comparison WordPress theme called REhub. The REhub theme makes it very easy for you to create a price comparison website.

It comes with some ready-made sites so you can import the pre-built site of your choice. See this tutorial to create a price comparison website with REhub.

It can be integrated with 2 plugins which help to get affiliate income.

Content Egg plugin – syncs your price comparison website with the seller’s website and updates products and prices.

Affiliate Egg plugin – scrapes data from product pages. Can use it if the merchant does not provide API.

You could also see the best Price Comparison WordPress themes for Affiliate marketing.

What do you think of this method? Did you try it out? What tool did you use to create your product comparison website?

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