Contact Form 7 PDF – Generate and Export CF7 PDF & Send Emails

Do you want to create a PDF filler form using Contact Form 7? Do you want to generate PDF after Contact Form 7 form submit? Want to send a PDF attachment in CF7 form notifications email? Want to export the Contact Form 7 entries database as a PDF file?
We will see how to generate Contact Form 7 PDF files.
You can use Tablesome as a Contact Form 7 Generate PDF add-on to do these actions. Using Tablesome you can generate PDFs on your web server using Contact Form 7 entries.
It is the best way to download PDF documents after successful form submission.

Let’s see what we can do:

Generate PDF from Contact Form 7 Form Submission

You can give the option to your site visitors to Download PDF files by filling out a form. To do this you can create a Contact Form 7 PDF filler form with the respective form fields.

Then you can configure the Generate and Send PDF workflow using Tablesome. Here you can select the PDF Template that you want the PDF to be filled with the form fields.

Then you can select how users can download the PDF,

  1. You can attach the ‘Download the PDF’ in the form success message
  2. Send the PDF as an attachment in an email

Both the admin and the form submitter will be able to download the PDF form entry.

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Send PDF for Contact Form 7 Email

You can also configure the email to be sent when the form is submitted such as the auto-responder email, notification email, confirmation email, etc.,

You can send the email to the form submitter, admin, or other multiple email recipients (contact groups).

After the workflow is completed your CF7 PDF filler form will be ready.

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Templates for Contact Form 7 PDF generator

With Tablesome you can build your own Contact Form 7 PDF templates. You can add different PDF templates with different CF7 forms.

  • You can create a custom PDF  template with various CF7 form fields and other content such as Logo, Background color & image, Content body, Header/Footer text, etc.,
  • PDF templates can be in both Portrait and Landscape
  • We can use Page Breaks in the template and new content will be moved to the next pages in PDF.

The generated PDF will be attached to the auto-responder email to the form submitter. The user will be able to download the PDF that is attached to the email.

Contact Form 7 Entries –  Manually Export PDF

Not just single Contact Form 7 entries, you can also export as PDF all the entries or a list of selected (filtered) from the saved Contact Form 7 entries database.

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