SpinupWP: Best WordPress-Optimized Cloud Server Control Panel App

Across the globe, there has been a constant buzz about cloud web hosting for a few years. If you own a business website hosted on a shared server, the chances are high that it may face performance issues because of shared resources on the server-side as offered by the hosting service provider. It’s for WordPress site owners who are facing problems with Managed WordPress hosting and want to move to a dedicated server.

Before we move on to talk about SpinupWP, consider this example –

Let’s assume you launched a classified platform based on WordPress dedicated to allowing the end-users to sell or exchange old goods online. You hosted the website on a shared server initially to check the response from end consumers. However, as time passed, the concept grew popular and caused the regular surge of traffic. As the server requests go beyond what it can handle, the site crashed.

One way to deal with this situation is to opt for dedicated hosting services where your website will have its own server. If you think of switching to cloud hosting, there is a challenge – very few cloud service providers offer a user-friendly control panel that is optimized for managing WordPress sites. SpinupWP is something that helps you overcome this challenge.

Note: When talking about SpinupWP, we are talking about a cloud-based control panel service, and you should not get confused with spinup.com which is a cloud hosting service.

What is SpinupWP?

SpinupWP is a powerful control panel that you can use to host your WordPress website on a dedicated server. In other words, SpinupWP is a cloud-based server control panel that enables you to host WordPress websites on a cloud provider of your choice. You can spin up an optimized WordPress website on a server of your likings in almost no time using SpinupWP. It is created and managed by Delicious Brains the team behind some famous WordPress plugins like WP Offload Media and WP Migrate DB Pro plugins.

How to Get Started with Using SpinupWP?

  • Firstly, you need to buy a Virtual Private Server (VPS) at a cloud service provider such as DigitalOcean.
  • Then sign up for SpinupWP.
  • Lastly, connect your VPS to SpinupWP.

You can then host your optimized WordPress websites at your own servers. This control panel eliminates the need to work on software patches, security, and similar other aspects that you would otherwise have to take care of on your own using a dedicated server. You should also know that SpinupWP is specially designed for WordPress websites, other web applications can be installed as long as it works with our LEMP stack (Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Redis, etc) including Laravel we do not recommend it.

SpinupWP Features at a Glance

  • No limits on WordPress installations
  • Impressive performance
  • Well-made platform with helpful hints
  • Proper documentation
  • Useful developer features
  • Strong control on servers

Prime Features of SpinupWP

Let’s see the features in detail.

1. Server Management

SpinupWP comes with several essential features that you need to manage WordPress website hosting on a VPS. These include:

  • You can easily connect, add, or delete servers to its control panel; increasing multiple servers as well
  • Ease of managing applications (WordPress) to install new websites
  • Automatic setup Caching

It also installs two plugins on every website – one to purge caches and the other to limit server logins. If you have limited IT knowledge on server set-up, you can quickly learn how to use this control panel.

2. Security Management

SpinupWP comes with a handful of safety features, which is essential to manage the server on which your WordPress website is hosted. It ensures server security in the following ways:

  • Automatic server security updates
  • Disabled SSH access and login for the root user
  • Limited access to NGINX and SSH via firewall
  • NGINX security settings
  • Complete isolation of one website on the server with respect to the other. It means that if one site on the server is affected, it won’t have any impact on the others.
  • Two-factor authentication to log in to the platform
  • Free SSL certificate – it means that whenever you add a website to its panel, a free SSL/TLS certificate is acquired, installed, and configured to your site. Plus, you need not worry about the renewal of these security certificates.

Also, it monitors failed attempts to access the server, which gets blocked when they reach a threshold. The panels also help in the prevention of XSS, clickjacking, and similar other attacks.

3. Performance Control

Caching is one of the key aspects that determine the performance of a WordPress website. Using SpinupWP, your site gets set-up with Redis Object Cache. It reduces database requests considerably to ensure lag-free website performance.

You can also enable full-page caching for lightning-fast delivery of the website pages to the end-users without hitting the PHP code.

4. Error Logs

You don’t get error logs enabled in WordPress by default. It can be because the log gets stored in a public directory and can take up significant space in the hard drive.

On the other hand, SpinupWP enables error logs, keeps them in a safe place, and ensures their regular rotation similar to other server logs.

5. Site Cloning

Most of the developers work upon deploying a staging site before making the live site available to the targeted audience. Using SpinupWP, it is quite easier to create a copy of an existing website, including its files, database, and specific server configuration.

Once you are ready to upgrade the site to a higher PHP version and want to check its compatibility, site cloning comes handy with SpinupWP. It makes creating a site clone quick and easy. You can also test the new PHP version in isolation without causing any change on the live site. If everything seems good to your advantage, you can switch the changes to the live website.

6. Work as a Team

Having a complex WordPress website means you cannot handle all its backend operations all by yourself but need a team for that. One primary reason why people switch to cloud hosting is that it enables workplace collaboration.

With SpinupWP, you get partial workplace collaboration benefits as well. You can create a team account, add/invite several team members, and give them permissions to spin up servers. This feature is highly beneficial for you if you work for a diverse clientele and maintain their servers. In terms of user permission, you can either give total permissions just like you have or control them with a limited scope of server handling.

7. Guidance About Server Settings and Upgrade

When it is about maintaining the server-side configurations to run a website, having guidance about the best practices always works. If you hire someone to do this for you, you will have to pay the price for it. However, with SpinupWP, you get built-in support and guidance. This control panel will help you with suggestions to maintain the server. It also provides feedback about the server status so that you can get to know about what is happening at the server end.

It will also offer professional guidance in the following aspects:

  • Server upgrade recommendations
  • Page caching performance improvement
  • Email deliverability

8. File and Database Backup Scheduling

With most of the dedicated server providers, getting automated server backup service comes at a price. Although it is a highly useful service, you wouldn’t want to restore the server completely in case you deleted some specific data stored in it accidentally.

It’s where you need site backups, which includes media, themes, and plugins installed on your website as well as its database. Using SpinupWP’s site backups, you can restore one of many sites hosted on your server or only specific data from the site. Once you enter the account details of your preferred cloud provider, SpinupWP will send the site backups to you regularly

Creating a Custom Site using SpinupWP

As mentioned earlier, you can include other web applications in the SpinupWP server but they need to work with their LEMP stack.

If you have a custom site on a Git repository such as Github and you want to add this site to the SpinupWP server, then during the “Installation” step, select the Don’t Install Any Files option, so that you can setup the site manually.

SpinupWP Vs. ServerPilot,  CloudWays, and RunCloud

Tough RunCloud and CloudWays are more popular than SpinupWP, the advantage of SpinupWP is in the fact that it is created especially for WordPress sites.

But people who are more experienced in server management will go far other services because their UI is so clean and comes with fewer options as to not to confuse the users.

Also, if you’re a beginner and would require technical support for day to day use, other services could be better for you.


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