How to Enhance your LearnDash Site with Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit

LearnDash LMS plugin is the go-to choice for websites designed to sell courses online. Being a popular and highly trusted WordPress plugin, LearnDash is used in the sites of Fortune 500 companies and major educational institutions all over the world. If you have heard about this plugin, you might know about some of its prime features, such as the facility to create and sell online courses, automatically delivery of content based on a predetermined schedule, offering certificates and badges to learners, and much else.

However, it has been found that LearnDash sites require many features that need custom programming. They are not available with the LearnDash plugin itself. For instance, not all sites that sell online courses rely upon the basic wp-login.php file to facilitate a smooth learning experience for their end-users. Since they want something better, they prefer going the programming route to write the code from scratch as required.

Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit

If you have a LearnDash site and want to add such explicit features, resorting to coding is not the only way out. You can use the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit plugin with which you can significantly improve the learning experience of users at your site.

In this article, we will talk about the features you get with both free and pro versions of the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit plugin for your eLearning site.

Test the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit

Want to try this plugin? Fortunately, there is a LearnDash demo site provided by the plugin author.

There is also a free version of the Uncanny LeanDash Toolkit that you can try on your LearnDash site. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Admin dashboard of your LearnDash site
  • Then go to Plugins –> Add New
  • Type ‘Uncanny Learndash toolkit’ in the search bar and in the result you will find the plugin
  • Click install and then activate the plugin and you will be taken to a screen such as you see below
  • Here you can see the free plugin features listed as modules. You can activate only the modules that you need and below you can see the Pro modules in a locked state

Try using the free modules and if you like it and want to try the Pro version you can upgrade. We will see some of the important free and pro features in this article so that you can have a fully equipped eLearning site.

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Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Features – Free Version

1. LearnDash Front End Login Module

By default, WordPress comes with a backend login page that gives access to the WordPress dashboard. But you don’t want your users/subscribers to have this kind of login.

With the Front End Login module, you can create a highly customizable login form that is accessible from the frontend for your users on your LearnDash site. It, You can also create a login page that matches the brand values while also provides additional information to the end-users.


Features of the Front End Login Module

  • You can manually verify the users and users will not be able to sign in until you approve their accounts
  • Can include a Google reCAPTCHA to the login form to confirm its not a bot
  • Enable / Disable Register link so that new learners can enroll
  • Include a Forgot Password and Reset Password form
  • Comes with shortcodes with which you can embed them in different pages

2. LearnDash Hide Admin Bar Module

If you do not like to show the WordPress admin bar to the learners on your site, you can hide it using this module. It will enable you to prevent exposing the WordPress dashboard to various users associated with different User Roles on your website. It will simply turn off the black admin bar that appears at the top of the pages of a typical LearnDash site.

3. LearnDash Log In/ Log Out Redirects Module

Do you want to redirect your users to a specific page or a custom page with they Log in / Log Out? This module does this job. It helps you redirect learners to a specific page on your site when they sign-in or sign-out, respectively.

You can easily enter URLs of those pages in the module settings to redirect non-administrator users to the linked URLs on login or log out.

4. LearnDash Groups in User Profiles 

If you manage a big LearnDash site with a large number of groups in it, tracing course permissions for each learner becomes a tough nut to crack. However, you can make things simpler for you by using LearnDash Groups in user profiles. It adds a list of the groups to a user’s profile to which he is associated. This way, you can quickly check group memberships and make the required edits whenever needed.

Other Useful Modules in Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Free Plugin

1. Resume Button

For a learner, it is easy to get lost on a site that has so many courses on it. This module has been designed to allow the signed-in users to return to the last section they visited on your website, be it a course, lesson, or post.

2. Disable Emails

This module in the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit is useful during site development or bug fixing stage, during which you do not want the end-users to receive unexpected emails from your site. When activated, this module will disable all the outgoing emails from your LearnDash website.

3. User Switching

This is an advanced feature in version 2.2 of the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit. As the name suggests, it allows you to view your LearnDash site like an end-user, thus performing the necessary tests and check flaws to improve user experience. You can even check user behavior related to the changes or updates you make to the courses.

Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Features – Pro

Pro version of the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit, comes with 25 additional powerful modules. In other words, this pro plugin has everything you need to improve various functionalities on your LearnDash sites.

1. LearnDash Autocomplete Lessons and Topics – Module

This Pro module allows you to control marking LearnDash lessons and topics as completed automatically. When this module is enabled when the learner completes learning the topics and lessons in the course it will automatically redirect them to the next lesson, without having to come back to the old lessons. It means when you enable autocompletion, the ‘Mark Complete’ will not appear.

For this module to work properly, the lessons must be linked with a course. Alongside the topics needs to be linked to both the related lesson and course. It also gives you the facility to enable autocompletion for all topics and courses.

Other AutoComplete Pro Modules

  1. Autocompletion of Lessons and Topics As Per Quiz Results – When a learner gets to see the results of a linked quiz and get passing marks it automatically marks the LearnDash lessons and topics as complete. You can only enable this module at a global level, meaning for all topics and lessons at once.
  2. Autocomplete Lessons & Topics When Quiz Is Graded – If you have enabled manually grading quiz results, using this module you can automatically mark LearnDash lessons and topics as completed when the associated quiz is manually graded.
  3. Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Gravity Form Submission – You may use a form with a lesson for feedback or homework to be completed by a learner. This module can automatically mark LearnDash lessons and topics as completed when the learner submits the form. It only works with Gravity Forms.

2.  LearnDash Enhanced Course Grid Module

This module displays your courses in grids and intended more towards how signed-in users see the courses. It also adds flexibility to display the courses in the grid format. Using this module, you can add the LearnDash Course Grid to any page with the help of a shortcode or block.

Particularly for signed-in users, the order of course visibility is based on a learner’s progress and enrolment status. It comes with a shortcode with which you can filter the course list with any of the course attributes such as Category, Enrollment, etc.,

3. LearnDash Group Registration

This module for LearnDash sites allows users to register themselves to an existing group or to switch between groups at the front end. It is useful to create registration pages for clients where their staff/users can create accounts and get immediate access to the LearnDash groups.

Each LearnDash Group will have a unique registration URL (Admin eyes only) by visiting that unique page, users are added directly to the associated group. A user can be changed to another group or added to additional groups by simply visiting the registration URL of another LearnDash Group.

Other Useful Modules in Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Pro Plugin

1. LearnDash Drip Lessons by Group

The Drip Lessons in LearnDash works for individual users enrolled. Using this module you can unlock access to LearnDash lessons for LearnDash Groups rather than for all the enrolled users.

2. LearnDash Course Dashboard

This module gives the learners a course dashboard where they can see all courses they enrolled in and their progress. They can see the Lesson, Quiz, and Quiz Certificate and there is a resume button so that they can start where they have last stopped.

3. LearnDash Certificate Preview

Giving certificates to the learners at LearnDash sites tends to boost their morale. However, for the admin, creating those certificates and then testing them if they are accurate is a time-consuming task. Being a part of the Pro Suite of modules of Uncanny Learndash Toolkit, this module simplifies the process of certificate creation.

Other Useful LearnDash Plugins from Uncanny Owl:

In addition to the LearnDash Toolkit, Uncanny provides some other LearnDash plugin that can help you automate and expand the capabilities of your LearnDash eLearning site.

Uncanny LearnDash Codes

The Uncanny LearnDash Codes plugin is very helpful if you have a LearnDash site that has hundreds and thousands of students enrolling in your courses.  Using this plugin you can generate codes that can be used by learners to self-enroll into LearnDash groups and courses. This also generates codes when users register, make a purchase, or simply login. You can even give discount coupons that can be redeemed.

Uncanny LearnDash Groups

If you are selling courses to educational institutions and to companies using the LearnDash Groups feature, you would need better Group management, Reports, Insights, and more. The Uncanny LearnDash Groups plugin serves this purpose and comes with the powerful group management features that allow the group leaders to manage everything from the frontend.

Uncanny Automator for LearnDash

With the Uncanny Automator plugin, you can automate your eLearning site by creating Trigger for the learner action. For example, if a learner fails in a quiz it could trigger an action such as a one-on-one session with a teacher.

This is a very powerful plugin with which you can create a very unique and create eLearning site.

Hope this article gave you some useful information about the tools available to enhance your eLearning site and how you can do so. Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments section.

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