WizIQ – Virtual Classroom and LMS Software for Online Education

In the current age of the Internet, learning has taken a new form and has gone beyond the four walls of physical classrooms. People can easily find a plethora of online courses for just about anything that they want to learn. The rising demand for online learning has created opportunities for educators to join the bandwagon. That is why, they select the right Learning Management System (LMS) for the creation, delivery, and management of online learning programs. Also, you would need a virtual classroom to provide room for discussion while also engaging students and educators with each other, all while being connected via the Internet. For instance, the educators look for live online classroom functionality and performance tracking reports to optimize their learning material. WizIQ could be a perfect solution for educators and students looking for eLearning and teaching solutions.

WizIQ for Online Teaching and Training

WizIQ is an online education software that combines the capabilities of both the Learning Management System (LMS) for creation, delivery, and management of online courses along with Virtual Classrooms to manage Students / Learners with capabilities such as Classroom Management, online Whiteboard, Assignments, Discussions and more. It’s a SaaS-based LMS with a WebRTC virtual classroom platform that currently provides the best learning experience for more than 4 million learners across the globe. It helps you manage various aspects of delivering online courses, be it course creation, live classes, course management, and much else. If you want to start your journey as an online educator, there are many reasons why WizIQ should be your first choice of an integrated LMS. Let’s dig deeper into the functions and features of this powerful LMS software.

Key Features of WizIQ

WizIQ has good features to easily create online courses within a few minutes and lets you conduct live classes effortlessly.

WizIQ – Live Classes with Virtual Classrooms

A virtual classroom is a replica of a traditional classroom setting, where instructors teach participants in real-time via Internet-enabled devices. WizIQ, being an online classroom software, has all that you need to deliver collaborative online learning.
  • Provides face-to-face collaboration for Teachers and Students with High definition video conferencing with enhanced audio-video quality
  • Record the online classes with Server-Side Recording (SSR) and capture live-stream of a class directly on WizIQ servers, thereby saving computing resources of devices used by the participants
  • Gives Interactive whiteboard for teachers to illustrate diagrams, share presentations, or even play videos in your library
  • Easy to use administration dashboard to manage live sessions, define roles and permissions for attendees, and automate class-related reports
  • Integrated library access that you can use to store and organize content in the cloud, while also getting anytime-anywhere access for the same

Simplified Online Course Creation with WizIQ

Using WizIQ LMS software, you can create interactive online courses for a targeted audience in just a few clicks. The software also takes care of the course structure, content storage, and functional roles to allow you to focus on creating learning material.
  • Easy to create and deliver online courses from one place
  • Uploading of interactive learning material for the courses in any format
  • Ease of adding text-based and video-based learning material to maintain a sync between different learning styles
  • In-built course structuring that you can follow to upload the content and get started
  • User role administration to assign various roles to the course creator, instructor, or assessors
  • Course branding to customize the look and feel of online courses
  • Administration task automation, including attendance monitoring, enrolment, and reporting

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WizIQ – Online Exam Builder

Using WizIQ LMS software, you can easily create online tests or exams for progress assessment. It comes with an online test generator tool for educators and corporate trainers to help them develop and conduct online steps.
  • Features to set rules and permissions related to the tests/exams
  • Rich text editor to embed multimedia content, including pictures, documents, and videos
  • Selection of multiple question types, be it fields, MCQs, and more, available for test creation
  • Invite-only and time-based access to the participants to make the tests cheating-proof
  • Comprehensive test reports and scorecards with detailed insights
  • Unlimited capacity for participants, which is not limited to space as in the case of physical classrooms
  • Course completion certificate delivery to the participants

WizIQXT – Mobile Learning

WizIQ also comes with Android and native iOS mobile apps are known as WizIQXT to let the interested learners access eContent on the go. They can log in using their smartphones or other Internet-enabled devices, check notifications, and attend classes to enjoy a self-paced learning approach.
  • Supports mobile-led learning for easy course access
  • Custom branding for your online courses delivered via apps
  • In-app notifications and chats for course updates
  • Money-savings for the learners
  • All-device compatibility to deliver seamless learning experience independent of the device type
  • Mobile-led live classes and online tests accessible through mobile devices
  • Messaging feature to enable real-time interactions between students and educators
  • Interactive teaching tools, including polls, raise-hand, and breakout rooms for collaboration

WizIQ Desktop App

If you don’t want to use the virtual classroom in your browser to avoid distraction or for any other reasons WizIQ has a Desktop App that you can download and install on Windows PC. You can record live classes and download the class recordings video so that you can listen to again for better understanding

WizIQ – eLearning Analytics

Not all ways of teaching are suitable for all learners. While some individuals slowly grasp things, others have better mental abilities to learn things faster. Through LMS analytics by WizIQ, you can get an in-depth view of the performance of your course and user retention rate.
  • Easy to add featured courses or classes to increase ROI and traffic
  • Performance measurement through course completion reports and attendance
  • Personalized learning approach delivery for less-than-average learners; insights gained through eLearning analytics
  • Targeted learning approach to save time and effort and class data filtering in performance reports
  • Course performance tracking analysis to get an idea of removing under-performing courses and course improvement possibility as per class performance

Secure eCommerce to Sell Your Courses

Creating online courses has become a booming business for both individual educators and companies. But to sell the courses online requires an integrated LMS eCommerce platform which lets them offer paid courses to the interested learners. With WizIQ eCommerce LMS, you get an end-to-end solution to create and sell online courses/live classes.
  • Receive instant payment through the Stripe payment gateway
  • Course visibility control to restrict content access to the paid users only
  • Easy integration of specific payment portals with particular online courses
  • Quick and hassle-free set-up of payment processing feature
  • PCI Compliance assuring the security of payment transactions
  • Payment report exporting to organize data

WizIQ Integration with Other Apps through Plugins or APIs

By integrating WizIQ virtual classroom with other apps and software through API/plugins, you can perform several activities straight from your LMS, CMS, or current website. These include managing live classes, access class activities, view class recordings, and reports.

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Some of the prime integrations for WizIQ virtual classroom are:


If you have an education website on WordPress, you can transform it into an online learning delivery platform by using the WizIQ Virtual Classroom WordPress plugin. As a result of this integration, you can conduct and manage live classes from within the WordPress dashboard. Think of this integration as a ready-to-be-deployed plugin with which you can add feature-specific value to your WordPress website.

With WizIQ-WordPress integration you can:

  • Use Single sign-on for  WizIQ and WordPress website
  • Schedule, launch and deliver high-quality live sessions for your WordPress site
  • Upload courseware to built-in cloud library for your site

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WizIQ-Moodle Integration

Moodle is a very popular free and open-source LMS software. If you already have created online courses with Moodle or you want to use Moodle for course management, but you want to use WizIQ for a virtual classroom. You can use the Moodle Virtual Classroom Plugin,  to integrate Moodle LMS with WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin helps in scheduling and delivering live classes as a course component. The seamless assimilation of the two plugins enables both the learners and educators to join classes through Moodle. Also, they can use features like a whiteboard, screen sharing, and presentation sharing during the online learning experience.

WizIQ-Joomla Integration

You can integrate an existing Joomla based website with WizIQ Virtual Classroom to offer a collaborative workspace for teams related to your business. You can also utilize this integration to deliver live classes or host webinars on your website. Connecting this Virtual Classroom plugin is easy and is multi-purpose in terms of utility. It can help you connect with your targeted audience face-to-face in the least time possible.

WizIQ-Drupal Integration

Just like a WordPress website, the WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin can be used for websites made using Drupal CMS. Post installing this plugin, it becomes easier to deliver live classes on a Drupal site. Alongside this, you can also add a live class feature to the existing online courses or as stand-alone sessions. This integration gives you access to a plethora of learning-oriented tools and features, like an online whiteboard, share screen, and many others.

WizIQ-eFront Integration

If you use eFront investment and risk management software, you can extend its functionalities and add live collaboration features through the WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin. Once integrated, this plugin becomes a complementary component that enhances the efficiency of eFront to host webinars and collaborate on diverse projects.

WizIQ Virtual Classroom API Integration

WizIQ also provides Virtual Classroom API that helps you to integrate the WizIQ Virtual Classroom with any type of website, LMS or CMS that you have. You can contact WizIQ support for custom integration with APIs, they willing to work with you.

WizIQ Demo

You can request a demo from the WizIQ team if you want to test it out. You can also signup for the WizIQ 14-day free trial.

WizIQ Test

You can also test your system & devices for the WizIQ Virtual Classroom so that you know that it works well with your devices. It requires Flash Player 10.3 or above and it can work on Operating systems such as Mac OS X, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, and Linux. Internet speed requirements are 356 kbps – minimum and 1 Mbps – recommended using WizIQ virtual classrooms

Handa Ka Funda – WizIQ

Handa Ka Funda is an Indian online course website created for CAT and Banking Exams training. Handa Ka Funda is created with WizIQ and it has a WizIQ Sign up page for new students to enroll in the courses. Learners you already have registered can log in using the WizIQ sign-in page.

WizIQ – Reviews

WizIQ has been reviewed by customers in many popular software review sites such as Capterra, TrustRadius, G2, BetterBuys, GetApp, and many other software review sites. They’ve received many 5-star ratings for Customer Support and Ease of Use by customers. Many customers have also mentioned that they’re ‘Highly Likely to Recommend’ WizIQ to a friend. Many people have highlighted negatively about their pricing plan that they do not have any monthly or recurring plans but they had to pay for 1-year and they can’t stop in between and get a refund.
If you want to earn by teaching online, you would want to enroll more students for your classes. One of best ways to get more students to enroll in your class in by offering free trials for the classes. Also, if you display the reviews and ratings given by students who have participated in your classes you would want to use the StarCat Reviews plugin to get reviews and rating systems for your education website.

WizIQ Pricing

You can start the free trial for WizIQ. Next to it, WizIQ pricing starts from $25 per month and are available in two models.

Note: You have to contact WizIQ team for the exact pricing.

1. WizIQ – Live Classroom

This pricing model is meant to deliver live classes from your existing website via API. The3 variants of this model are:

Plans & Features Professional
(for individual educators)
(for colleges, universities & institutes)
(Per minute pricing)
Dedicated Classroom for Each TeacherYesYesYes
Number of Participants 10 -5010 - 100upto 300
Audio Video CommunicationYesYesYes
Content LibraryYesYesYes
File sharing
Screen sharingYesYesYes
API access for website/app integrationNoYesYes
White labeling
Use as you wantNoNoYes

2. WizIQ – Learning Management System

This pricing model is for using WizIQ for delivering self-paced courses.

Features Elite Infinite
25 GB 50 GB
Run online coursesYesYes
Test with MCQYesYes
Learner Mobile AppYesYes
Vanity URLYesYes
Discussion ForumYesYes

Integrated payment gateway
Assignments Certificate of CompletionYesYes
Personalized instructor training for 2 hoursYesYes
Single sign-onNoYes
Custom domainNoYes
Custom SMTPNoYes
White-labeled web appNoYes

WizIQ Vs. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is another popular video conferencing app used by teachers and educators for Webinars,  Conference, and One-One meetings with students and learners.

FeaturesGoToMeeting WizIQ Virtual Classroom
Pricing Starts from$12 per month$25 per month
Best suited for
Businesses of all sizes having needs for web meetings

Employees in corporates, individual teachers, and educational institutes
Product FeaturesYesYes
Content ManagementYesYes
Contact ManagementYesYes
Discussion BoardsYesYes
Calendar ManagementYesNo
Project ManagementYesNo
Video ConferencingYesYes


WizIQ has been improving its software features over time, which has led to its growing popularity in the virtual classroom sector. For virtual classrooms, mobile apps, tests, and elearning analytics, WizIQ is indeed, a robust LMS software bundled with WebRTC virtual classroom that you can rely upon.

Hope this article helps you to know the necessary details about WizIQ online education software. If you have any questions or if you would like us to cover any other topics, do tell us in the comments section.

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