Best WooCommerce Catalog Mode Plugins – 2023 (Free & Paid)

Before we dive into a few of the best Woocommerce catalog mode plugins in 2023, for the sake of beginners let me give you an intro to what it is all about.

WooCommerce in itself enables a user to turn their site into a completely functional WordPress Ecommerce website with only a few clicks. Since you are reading this article, chances are you already have a website in which you’re ready to begin selling.

If you make sales across different types of customers and want to present your store differently to different customers WooCommerce catalog mode plugins could help you. These plugins allow you create a wholesale store, enabling you to offer different prices to different customers.

They also help to give different experiences for registered and unregistered users. Your  customers can also go through a few steps before they are allowed to purchase your product.

If you want to create a simple product catalog, you can create it using a free WordPress table plugin to create it, rather than using a WooCommerce catalog mode plugin.

If you’re looking to add such features to your WooCommerce store, then please help yourself by going through this list below to find the best WooCommerce catalog mode plugins.

Best Premium WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugins – 2023

Some premium plugins have free version in WordPress repositories. But they’re mentioned in the premium list because the features in free version are very limited. But you can try the free version before buying the paid ones.

YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode

YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin is an easy way to convert your WooCommerce store into a Catalog by removing the price and payments options required for purchasing from your store and replacing them with custom text such as ‘Login for Price’. You can also add contact forms for each single product for potential customers to use.

YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode has a free version that offers fairly limited options but decent features.

Features of free YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode:

  • You can enable or disable Catalog mode from the settings page
  • You can hide “Add to Cart” button in product pages and also hide “Cart” and “Checkout” pages

Features of premium YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode: 

  • Catalog mode can be included or excluded for selected products and the list can be easily managed
  • Can enable purchases only to users registered and possible to limit the plugin to registered or unregistered users
  • Allows to add a custom call-to-action on the product pages
  • Can replace the product price with alternative text at product, category or tag level
  • Has smooth integration with other YITH plugin such as YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor, YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles, YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons, and YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote
  • Also compatible with WPML for translation

Sold by Yithemes for Single site – $ 79.99


YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote

YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin allows store owners to communicate and negotiate with potential customers. You can give the potential customers the ability to add items to a list and submit to the admin to get a quote.

TheYTIH Request a Quote plugin can be integrated with YITH Catalog Mode plugin mentioned above you help the customers to create their list from the products and to request a quote from the sellers.

There is a free version helps to hide the price and ‘Add to Cart’ to prompt your users to contact you to get a customiz offer for their needs.

Features of free YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote:

  • Easily insert the request form on any of your site pages and receive an email for each request
  • Users are enabled to select one or more products and request a quote

Features of paid YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote:

  • You have the option to restrict unlogged users from requesting a quote
  • Can create automated PDF in emails
  • Allows to negotitate the price with options for the user to either accept or reject after their inquiry has been answered

There fore, I would suggest you use this plugin alongside the YITH Catalog Mode plugin which will serve as a great functionality extension for your website.


Sold by Yithemes for Single site – $ 79.99

Also see Best WooCommerce Request a Quote plugins

ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode, Wholesale & Role Based Pricing

ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode, Wholesale & Role Based Pricing plugin as the name suggests it not just a simple catalog mode plugin but the catalog mode can even be applied for any specific user roles.

This plugin comes handy when you have products that require inquiry and quotations from potential customers. You can also use it in times when you are revising product prices, updating stocks, or maintenance issues, so that you will not loose the potential customers.

It also has a free version with basic features to turn your site into a catalog.

Features of free ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode:

  • Can remove the “add-to-cart” button, also replace it with another text like a URL redirecting to another page
  • Provide the “request a quote” option to your customers
  • Hide product prices directly or restrict users from locating the cart and checkout pages

Features of premium ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode:

  • Set individual product prices based on user-roles, select desired user roles and set custom product prices
  • Offer different prices for individual products in variable products and pricing can be set as Simple, Variable and Grouped products
  • Price adjustments can be made to match discounts fro Flat amount value or Percentage value
  • Settings can be customized for registered, unregistered or guest users
  • Supports WPML

Sold by ElexExtensions for

  • Single site – $ 79.00
  • 5 sites – $ 109.00

WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode & Enquiry Form

The WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode & Enquiry Form plugin enables you to remove the price and ‘add-to-cart’ button or allows you to substitute it with an inquiry form. Only if you require it because you’ll find more settings than just that, even more then you can expect! Has an Exclusion list feature that helps you to exclude selected products or product categories from the catalog mode and you can sell them on the same WooCommerce store

Features of WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode & Enquiry Form:

  • Option to remove the “add-to-cart” button and the price
  • Apply the catalog for all users, only logged-in users or only NOT logged in users
  • Easy to redirect the cart or checkout pages and own button text
  • You can exclude product categories and products
  • Substitute the “add-to-cart” button on category or archive pages
  • One”go-to product page” option and the other “go-to a custom URL” (with target option)
  • Add an inquiry form that opens in a pop-up window

Sold on CodeCanyon $ 49 for single domain with 6 months support

Additional $ 16.50 for 12 months support

WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin by Global-Trend:

With the WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin by Global-Trend the “add-to-cart” button will be excluded from the full shop, so shopping functionality will not be available on the site anymore. Customers will only view your products and their details and if needed make any query on your site.

You can also append an additional button per product like showing a message to your visitors “Call for price or product inquiry. Or you can just add any custom URL link to redirect them to another page on the same window or in a separate one.

Features of WooCommerce Catalog Mode:

  • With a simple click, you can obtain “Catalog mode”
  • You can replace the “add-to-cart” button with custom buttons
  • Easy to customize buttons, the option to keep the “Price tag” or not, custom button and link support
  • Easily hide the prices of the products
  • Restrict Catalog mode to certain categories and certain user groups like, registered or no registered users

Sold on CodeCanyon $ 13 for single domain with 6 months support

Additional $ 3 for 12 months support

WooCommerce PDF Catalog

The WooCommerce PDF Catalog plugin allows to create a PDF Catalog from your whole Shop or just from a product category.

You already have a WooCommerce shop and want to show it to your customers offline? this plugin might be the right fit. HTML or CSS will not be needed to obtain this, you can easily create a PDF catalog shop in the admin panel.

Features of WooCommerce PDF Catalog:

  • More than 30 possible layouts, 6 product layouts, and 5 category layouts
  • Add an Index. table contents, cover page, QR-code of your products, some special advanced settings and extra texts before OR after your products
  • Choose a container padding, positions of the links, add borders, and background colors
  • how subcategories and When showing subcategories you can exclude parent products
  • Choose text size, line height, text alignment, image size, and vertical alignment
  • Hide or show elements like title, price, image, description, SKU, categories, QR-code, tags, etc.,

Sold on CodeCanyon $ 69 for single domain with 6 months support

Additional $ 24  for 12 months support

Best Free WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugins – 2023

These free plugins have premium versions but they can be used as standalone plugins.

Pricing Deals for WooCommerce

This is a similar plugin powered by all the effective pricing and discount features, it can efficiently create a wholesale store, just like that.

Features of Pricing Deals for WooCommerce:

  • Give discounts based on the quantity of purchase
  • A commonly used strategy like “Buy one and get one free” deal can be applied to increase sales
  • Can choose to implement the discount in the presence of a WooCommerce coupon or not
  • You can choose to display discounts on the catalog pricing
  • With the assistant of a shortcode, you will be able to display the offer text to the customers, a good way of marketing
  • You have the option to choose between a cart discount as a unit price or as a WooCommerce coupon that can be automatically inserted

There is a pro version of Pricing Deals for WooCommerce that comes with more visibility control and sale-ability control for Wholesale and retail products.

WooCommerce Catalog Enquiry

The WooCommerce Catalog Inquiry is another excellent free plugin. Its prominent feature is its inquiry form. This plugin is the best choice if you want both shop and catalog mode concurrently.

Depending on user groups instead of users you can apply Catalog mode and you can also decide the group you want to apply the catalog settings whether to the registered or non-registered users.

Features of WooCommerce Catalog Inquiry:

  • Hide “add-to-cart” button from the product page or any other pages like shop, catalog, etc.,
  • You can also hide product prices from the guest users or all users
  • Based on their categories you can exclude some products from catalog mode
  • Option to restrict the selling of products at the product level and restricted products will appear automatically
  • Add a custom button or a link to individual products or all the products in the shop
  • Responsive product inquiry form, customizable inquiry form fields
  • Easy to customize inquiry form and inquiry form supports Captcha

There you go, the above list might help you in choosing the right WooCommerce Catalog mode plugin for your shop. Since every plugin has it’s on the pros and cons you might have to go with a combination to achieve your requirements.

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  1. hi there, i have a website built on woocommerce but i really can’t put price tags since there are to many factors to consider also there are way much everyday changes , on top of that we sell in bulk and bulk in my jobs means from +10 of an item to a cargo trailer, everything you said was great, except you didn’t mentioned SEO, will it affect SEO if i use catalog mode?

    1. Hi Alireza,
      I can understand not having price tags on a product page could affect SEO. I’m sure the Catalog plugins have addressed this otherwise thousands of users would not be using them. But to know exactly how they’re dealing with this issue, you have to ask the plugin developer.

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