Best Dropshipping plugins for your WooCommerce Store in 2020

Using WooCommerce for creating your dropshipping store is an easy and affordable way to start your entrepreneur life with the Dropshipping business.

With WooCommerce you always manually enter the products to your store and manually place orders to your vendor when your customers make the order. This becomes tough when you are selling hundreds of products and orders. WooCommerce dropshipping plugins can automate this process for you and thus save much time.

In 2020, there are many dropshipping vendors available like AliExpress, Amazon, , etc.. Each of these vendors might need a different plugin. AliExpress is one of the largest dropshipping vendors in the world and for a new entrepreneur, it best to start your dropshipping store with Aliexpress. So first we will see the plugins for AliExpress products.

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WooCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping plugins – 2020

Alidropship Woo Plugin

Alidropship Woo Plugin is the most affordable and most comfortable solution to build a WooCommerce dropshipping store to sell AliExpress dropshipping products. It has the best integrations with WooCommerce, and it makes use of the hundreds of themes and plugins which are built for WooCommerce to create an Ultimate Dropshipping ecommerce store.

Best Dropshipping Features:

An unlimited number of products – There is no limit to the number of products you can sell in your Aliexpress dropshipping store. Many of the dropshipping tools limit the number of products you can sell.

Everything is automated – Product search, imports, pricing and updates, placing orders, order tracking and everything other thing is automated using this plugin.

AliDropship Google Chrome extension – Using this Google Chrome extension you can easily import products one by one or in bulk.

Built-in image editor – You can use this image editor to edit product images while importing the products from AliExpress.

ePacket shipping filter –  You can easily find products with ePacket shipping option to offer your customers a fast and free delivery service.

  • You can make use of all the payment options from WooCommerce and choose the best option for your customers depending on the country where you are selling.
  • It is best to use this plugin when you have ideas to integrate products from vendors other than AliExpress (maybe not now, but in the future)
  • It is best for ecommerce stores in which dropshipping is just one more option. You are selling products other than dropshipping products.
  • You can make use of all the Woo themes and other WooCommerce plugins to extend your store’s functionality and to make your store more stylish.

If you are not familiar with WooCommerce and WordPress it takes some time to learn and get used to it (but is easy to learn).

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AliDropship plugin

AliDropship plugin is from the same company as AliDropship Woo plugin. The main difference is that it does not need the WooCommerce plugin. It has everything required for an AliExpress dropshipping store in itself and can do everything except for the WooCommerce integration.

Because of its user-friendliness, new entrepreneurs who have no experience with WordPress or WooCommerce would find AliDropship plugin very easy to build their dropshipping store from scratch.

Best Dropshipping Features

All in One solution – AliDropship is a All in One solution i.e, it is enough for your dropshipping store. You don’t need any other plugin. It can handle product imports, pricing, orders, tracking, invoice and everything required for you store. It does not require any other plugin for dropshipping.

One-click import from AliExpress – You can import products from in just one-click.

Built-in themes – These built-in themes are stylish and mobile friendly and allow you to easily customize and setup your dropshipping store according to your own preferences.

All in One Dashboard – The dashboard allows you to see everything happening on your store like visitors, conversions, revenue, orders, return etc.,. With AliDropship your store could be connected with Google Analytics.

Payment Gateways – AliDropship plugins really excels with Payment gateways because it has 18 payment gateway integrations and you could choose the best payment gateways for your store based on your country and your customer preference.

  • It is very user-friendly and best suited for new entrepreneurs.
  • You don’t need to buy any other plugins for dropshipping.
  • Customer support is good and they even have materials for running a successful dropshipping store.
  • You can’t use WooCommerce or other plugins to extend your ecommerce functionality.
  • Your store has to remain strictly as an AliExpress dropshipping store. You can’t add new dropshipping vendors to your existing store.
  • There are only built-in themes. They’re good but they are limited.

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Get a Custom Dropshipping store from AliDropship

For beginners, and entrepreneurs who just want to focus on making sales and business decisions rather than spending time in web design and setting up the dropshipping store, Alidropship has packages for building your dropshipping store and they even give free business consultations.

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Spocket Dropshipping

Spocket is by far the dropshipping leader when it comes to sourcing vetted US and EU suppliers for WooCommerce dropshipping. Integrating is easy, just download the app, connect it to you store so Spocket can do the rest. Enjoy amazing features like branded invoicing and a world-class support team. Best of all, Spocket has a forever-free plan so you can get comfortable with the plugin before upgrading to a paid plan.

Best Dropshipping Features:

  •  Forever-free plan: get started without paying a cent.
  • Branded invoicing: have your customer receive an invoice directly from your brand.
  • US and EU products: enjoy products from the US and EU so your customers can receive their order FAST.
  • Vetted suppliers: no more inconsistency, your customers will get what they ordered and in the time stated. All Spocket suppliers are carefully selected.

DropshipMe plugin

DropshipMe is a unique WooCommerce dropshipping plugin for AliExpress products. In every niche of Aliexpress, there are thousands of products to choose from. Choosing the best product is very important because if you choose unpopular or bad products your customers will not like them.

DropshipMe does this work for you. They have hired experts who carefully select the best AliExpress products (best selling products from the most trusted suppliers) and experts edit the product images and descriptions.

So with DropshipMe you straight away sell only the winning products and you save the time you put on product research and editing.

Pricing plans – There is a free plan which gives you only 50 products to import. The paid plans are not very costly and it is a one-time payment. You can upgrade when you need more products.

When you want more products you can use it along with the AliDropship plugins.

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These are the only available WordPress plugins which place orders automatically to the dropshipper. All other dropshipping plugins just help in importing and exporting products and the orders you have to place manually to the dropshipper.

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Ali2Woo plugin

Ali2Woo plugin is a WooCommerce dropshipping plugin which allows you to easily import any AliExpress products directly into your WooCommerce store.

Best Dropshipping features

Product customization – edit your products as you wish: change titles, descriptions, images, anything!

Inventory and price auto-updates – know that your inventory and prices are always up to date.

Built-In Image Editor – edit images before pushing them to your store from AliExpress, and make changes to product images directly from the WordPress admin panel.

Fulfill and track orders automatically – have your orders shipped directly to your customers in just a few clicks and sync the tracking codes automatically.

Pricing automation – create pricing rules, and price your products in bulk.

  • It has a Google Chrome extension which makes it very easy to import products from AliExpress.
  • It has good features for applying pricing rules and pricing automation.
  • The starter pack is limited to only 1000 product and you have to upgrade if you want to add more products.
  • Auto ordering products is not available. You have to manually place orders to AliExpress.

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WooCommerce Dropshipping plugins for other vendors – 2020

Wooshark WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin (AliExpress + eBay + Amazon + Etsy)

With the Wooshark WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin, you can imports products not just form AliExpress but from other dropshippers such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.  This plugin makes it very easy to import products, images and description from the dropshippers. You can also set pricing rules for your products.

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WP Amazon Shop plugin

With WP Amazon Shop plugin import Amazon products and display them on your WooCommerce store. You a put a buy now button and take orders for the Amazon products on your website. You can get the Amazon products dropshipped to your customers. You have to place the orders manually to your customers with their details. You can also become an Amazon affiliate and earn affiliate commission for other products using this plugin.

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WooCommerce and Dropshipping Marketplaces

New dropshipping vendors are coming up day by day and there are also many dropshipping marketplaces which consist and list of vendors and their products. Each of these cases has specific tools and so we cannot list every single tool here. Especially many of the dropshipping marketplaces could be integrated with WooCommerce to create a dropshipping store.

Though the idea of dropshipping is not new, dropshipping is just more and more popular. So we can expect more tools in the future to create a dropshipping store with WooCommerce plugin. If you have found a new tool you cloud share it on the comments section.

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