How to Add Product Questions and Answers in WooCommerce

Do you want to show questions and answers (Q&A) in WooCommerce products pages? Do you want to increase your WooCommerce store sales by answering customers common questions? Want to increase customer engagement with your WooCommerce store?

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It’s very common for customers to have specific questions about various products that they want to buy online. As the person who is selling the product you have a responsibility to answer these customer questions.

Many of these customers will probably leave your eCommerce site without purchasing anything because they do not want to make the effort to contact your support.

It would take a long time for you to respond to every customer who contacts you via your customer support. Because of the time it takes to answer the customer’s questions, they may purchase it from another site or lose interest in the product entirely.

WooCommerce Questions and Answers

A simple questions and answers (Q&A) section on your eCommerce product pages answers customers’ questions right away and easily solves this problem.

Having a Q&A section or a Q&A page is a great way to increase sales by intelligently answering your customer’s most commonly asked questionnaires.

The Q&A section could serve as a collective product knowledge base for individual products. In WooCommerce its easy to add a Q&A section to your product pages with a WooCommerce questions and answers plugin.

Helpie FAQ – WooCommerce Questions and Answers plugin

To help customers can find the information they need with just a few clicks you can make use of the Helpie FAQ – Q&A WooCommerce plugin. You can add a Question & Answer area to product pages with the Helpie FAQ – Q&A plugin to enable customer conversations about your product.

Helpie FAQ – Woocommerce Q&A plugin is a great way to generate commonly asked product questions and answers about products and displaying them in an appealing manner.

Customers may ask questions about any product in your store with the Helpie FAQ – Q&A plugin, and admins can respond, update, or delete their answers as well as add new questions from the frontend and backend product page.

WooCommerce Questions and Answers plugin – Features

Helpie adds a Q&A Tab to product pages, in addition to the native WooCommerce Description and Review tabs.

You can add the Q&A Tab to all product pages or just a subset of them. You get a Q&A section with a Quick Add button with a frontend form for questions and answers.

Product Questions and Answers Moderation

Administrators (or any user role with access) can moderate questions and answers and restrict which content appears in the product Q&A section. Also Admin can:

  • choose to allow non-logged-in users to cast votes
  • also edit the questions and answers
  • see notification in WooCommerce backend when a new question or answer is added to a product
Who can answer the product questions?

Anyone with access can answer a question. The Administrator, Shop Manager or any logged-in user who is probably a customer who bought the product can post an answer.

Even non-logged-in users can post the answer to product questions but it will go through a moderation process.

Customer Engagement in Product Questions and Answers section
  • Customers can provide information about the products and contribute to product questions and answers.
  • Not only can logged-in customers ask questions about each product, but you can also allow non-logged-in (anonymous) users to ask product-related questions.
  • Customers can also can upvote the product questions to rate their helpfulness
  • Questions are ordered based on the upvotes they receive
  • You can also send automatic email notifications for a reply to the questions and answers (upcoming feature).
Questions and Answers Search Bar

You get a custom search bar for the Q&A section, which allows you to search within the Q&A section to quickly find answers to your questions, especially when there are a lot of them.

SEO-Friendly with QA Schema

Helpie FAQ is perfectly SEO friendly, and it includes Question and Answer schema markup (QA schema) in the WooCommerce product Q&A section. It seamlessly integrates with the WooCommerce product schema.

So, when people search on Google for questions related to the products you sell, your WooCommerce product page will appear at the top of the search results page. It could also be shown as a Rich Snippet containing QAPage structured data.

People are more likely to click your page and buy your product when they read the questions and answers in the search results page. This means that you can get more organic traffic from Google, which will lead to more sales.

How to add a WooCommerce Questions and Answers section?

You have to first install the Helpie FAQ – Q&A plugin on your WordPress site. There is a free trial available that you can use to try it out on your WooCommerce site.

Enabling WooCommerce Question and Answers Settings:

After installing the Helpie FAQ – Q&A plugin,

  • Go to Helpie FAQ → Settings → Questions & Answers
  • Make sure that the ‘Show Q&A in Products’ field is enabled
  • Then in the fields below you can change the settings for your Q&A Section like Who can add answers, Who can add questions, etc,.
  • After setting up the Q&A settings, save the settings

With Helpie FAQ – ( WordPress Q&A plugin) you can add product questions from both the backend and frontend of your WooCommerce site.

Adding Question and Answers to WooCommerce Products

Let’s add questions and answers from the frontend WooCommerce product page.

To add a new question, go to the WooCommerce product page where you want to add the questions and answers and then,

  • Go to the Q&A tab, which will be next to the Description and Reviews tabs
  • Click the “Add Question” button and them fill the question content in the form and then click ‘Submit Question’ button
  • Based on the permissions given to the user, the question will be directly published or will be awaiting
  • In the same way you can post the answer below the question.
  • A question can have multiple answers

To moderate the answers you can go to Helpie FAQ → User Answers.

Here you can see all the submitted user submitted answers. Here you can choose which answer to publish and which to delete.

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