Best WooCommerce Request A Quote Plugins – 2023 (Free & Paid)

Many Ecommerce platforms only allow price to be shown only for single products. It becomes a problem when you want to sell your products in bulk and when a price negotiation is involved.

A request for quote allows vendors to submit bids for how much they will charge for the precise product or service you are seeking. Every online shop and business website need a request for quote feature. In WooCommerce, you can a use a plugin to add request for quote feature.

With the best WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin – 2023 you can engage with your users and create leads. You will easily be able to enable your users to leave a quote of their favorite items. Let’s take a look at a few of the plugins that will help you accomplish just that.

Best Premium WooCommerce Request a Quote plugins – 2023

YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote:

YITH Premium WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin helps store owners to communicate and negotiate with potential customers. This plugin give customers the ability to add items to a list and submit it to the administrator to get a quote for them.

This allows you to sell your products and services without a fixed price to the catalog and enable your customers to request custom quotes. There is a free version of this plugin with limited features that you can try before buying the premium plugin.

The price and ‘Add to Cart’ button can be hidden for every product to prompt your users to contact you to obtain a customized offer for their needs. Send temporary quotes and leverage on the scarcity principle.

Features of YITH Premium WooCommerce Request a Quote:

  • Allows to add an “add to quote” button on all the product pages, or show only on particular pages and also to other archive pages.
  • You can hide all the prices on all the products, enable your customers to request a quote also or only for “out of stock” products.
  • Can customize display for each product on the quote page and emails like SKU, image, regular price, the style and the colors of the “add to quote” button can be customized.
  • Pick the kind of form you want for quote requests, allow or force user registration by the quote request form, refuse the ability to send quote requests to non-logged in customers.
  • Display or hide “accept and reject” buttons on the quote email, on “my account” page and in the PDF document. Ability to send an automatic email with proposal quotes.
  • You will also receive an email every time a customer has accepted or rejected the proposal, you can remind your customers that a quote is about to expire by sending them an email and much more features.

Sold by Yithemes for Single site – $ 79.99

Call for Price for WooCommerce:

The Call for Price for WooCommerce plugin by Tyche Softwares extends WooCommerce capability by giving a ‘Call for Price’ button when the cost field for a product is kept empty. There is a ‘Call for Price’ text and its style can be customized. This plugin supports all sorts of products.

There is a free version that puts a “Call for Price” button with limited functionality.

Features of Call for Price for WooCommerce:

  • Enable custom text for each product type like simple, grouped, variable and external. Also enable customer text for other sections and pages like shortcodes, homepages, related products, and archives.
  • Allow “call for price” for all the products falling in a specific price range or for out of stock products. Sale tag for products with blank prices can be hidden.
  • Allow “call for price” on specific product tags and categories or force “call for price” on all the products through a single setting. Text and styling per product can be configured.
  • “Add to cart” button for costs left empty, the hide can often be disabled for “read more” button and for “call for price” merchandise. Enable custom writing for “call for price” products on archive pages.

Sold by Tyche Softwares for

  • Single site – $ 59
  • 5 sites – $ 199

Best Free WooCommerce Request a Quote plugins – 2023

NP Quote Request WooCommerce:

NP Quote Request WooCommerce plugin enables your customers to easily submit a quote request to your WooCommerce store. It is a very flexible plugin that can be used in a variety of store settings. You can change the WooCommerce cart into quote request only or change selected items into quote items for which users can request quotes for those selected items only by enabling you to generate more leads and more customer engagement.

Features of NP Quote Request WooCommerce:

  • It allows to send a quote request on selected products that are in simple and variable product types
  • Customers can submit their cart as a quote request at checkout and this can be allowed for all product types
  • Has 3 premium add-ons that provide additional functionality and customizabilty

Product Enquiry for WooCommerce:

The Product Enquiry for WooCommerce plugin allows to add an inquiry button to every product for your potential customers to send an inquiry or request a quote for a product that they are thinking of buying. By mentioning their inquiries through quote requests or inquiries forms, you can turn an unsure customer into a new buyer.

Features of Product Enquiry for WooCommerce:

  • Allows potential customers to make an enquiry about a product by asking a question directly from the product listing page
  • You can sett the button label text as “Make an Enquiry”, “Request a Quote” or “Quote to Order”
  • An email is sent to the site owner with the details of the quote request

Has a powerful pro version with advanced features that could be optimized for capturing leads.

eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin (with Quote Cart extension):

eCommerce Product Catalog plugin is a WordPress Catalog plugin to add simple but beautiful product catalog that has a premium extension to add the functionality of “request a quote”. It helps to request quote for product catalogs or particular products without price (you can also enable it for priced products).

Features of eCommerce Product Catalog:

  • Allows the potential customers to get product quotes directly from product pages by clicking the ‘Get a Quote’ button through a customizable form.

  • You can show products with or without price anywhere on your website and custom parameters, customize fully product display with template files, WordPress customizer or CSS, put in order the products into multi-level categories, multiple product catalog, and tags.
  • In many different ways, you can filter your products to give your customers what they want, get your products found easily with product search, with a CSV spreadsheet import and export your products.
  • From the product, catalog let your visitor request a quote or selected products or for all the products, allow full functionality of WordPress eCommerce at any time to design an online store or a shop with or without payments, many more features with tons of compatible premium and free plugins.

Woo Invoices – Quotes and Invoices:

Woo Invoices is an extension that acts as the middle-man between the Sliced invoices plugin and WooCommerce plugin enabling you to simply generate invoices and quotes for WooCommerce orders. Both of these plugins are required and not to worry for both of them are free.

Features of Woo Invoices:

  • Create quotes for WooCommerce orders automatically, quotes and invoices can be created by the back end where when admin is creating orders, create invoices from front end only when the client checks out.
  • Pay by invoice can be added as a checkout option, create invoices for WooCommerce orders automatically, on invoices allow default payment methods and allow invoices for particular shipping methods only.
  • Add a link and instructions to the invoice in the emails, print invoices, and quotes easily to PDF by using PDF invoices premium extension, which also enables your customers to print their invoices and quotes, the PDF can also be attached to the emails that are sent to the customers.

We have come to the end of the best WooCommerce request a quote plugins. Choose one of these plugins that best goes with your interests and enable your online store or shop to improve your sales today.

What do you think of these request a quote plugins? Which do you use? Do know of any other WooCommerce request a quote plugins that could be listed here. Tell us in the comments section.

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