5 Best WooCommerce Reviews Plugins – 2020 (Free and Paid)

 A review is a great way to encourage new customers to buy product from an Ecommerce store. But it is not easy to get woocommerce product reviews from all the customers. To get reviews from the customers you need to best tool for the job. Which is the WooCommerce reviews plugins.

You may be tired of finding the best reviews plugins for your WooCommerce store. You can calm down now. Because we have articulated the many WooCommerce reviews plugins and have also narrowed down their key features, their pros, and cons, pricing, etc. so that you could easily opt for the best WooCommerce reviews plugin – 2020.

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Best WooCommerce Reviews plugin (Free & Paid) – 2020

Since these plugin directly deal with money making most the plugins have only premium version. But still there are few free WooCommerce reviews plugins which we have added to this list. Free WooCommerce rating plugins have limited features but they maybe enough for a basic Ecommerce website.

StarCat Reviews plugin

StarCat reviews plugin is an advanced plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. It is a complete review management system. It has seamless integrations with WooCommerce plugin through which you can change the default WooCommerce review functionality to that of StarCat reviews.

Key Features of StarCat Reviews

  1. Customer Ratings – customers can easily login to your ecommerce store and give their ratings and reviews
  2. Multiple Rating Criteria – you can allow users to rate multiple criteria (features) of your products
  3. Comparison Table – users can create comparison tables to compare the product features, specifications, price, ratings, etc.,
  4. Pros and Cons – customers can add the various pros and cons of the products in their review
  5. Sorting and Filtering – gives you advanced sorting and filtering options which helps customers to choose from the best rated products
  6. Woocommerce Photo Reviews
  7. Review Voting to show most helpful reviews.
  8. Reply to user reviews, even users can reply to other reviews.
  9. Restrict reviews to everyone, logged-in or purchased users.
  10. Edit Reviews after publishing them.
  11. Notification and Reminder based on product purchase and other events.


  1. Best Features and Pricing
  2. Very Good Code Quality and Standards
  3. Excellent Customer Support
  4. Public Roadmap: https://trello.com/b/zWqIJ7bU/starcatwp-review-plugin-roadmap
  • $29 for Single Site
  • $69 for 5-Sites
  • $99 for 30-Sites

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YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews

Whether you have small e-commerce or a huge online business, reviews are the simplest way to improve your products sales and loyalize customers.

YITH WooCommerce Advanced reviews plugin will let you manage reviews made by customers that have bought one or more products from your website in the most natural way, and consult them quickly and handily.

Key Features of YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews

  1. Title Review: Users can add a title on your review to make a brief recap of the review content. They can also attach a file to their reviews.
  2. Percentages and bar graphs: You can represent clearly your customers’ feedback with percentages and bar graphs.
  3. User voting: Users can vote reviews whether they were helpful or not. You can also either allow users to reply or not
  4. Reviews approval: Before they are shown to everyone, you can avoid any potential inappropriate reviews to show up without your authorization.
  5. Inappropriate reviews: Your users can participate in making your site better by marking inappropriate reviews so that you can find them and hide them.
  1. They are 100% WPML compatible and Weglot compatible.
  2. They have 42 reviews with a rate of 5 stars (42 of 63).
  3. Their customer support is excellent.
  1. Expensive pricing.
  2. The free version does not have much to offer.
  • Free
  • $79.99 for a single site.
  • $139.99 for six sites.
  • $199.99 for 30 sites.

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce is an awesome free WooCommerce customer review plugin. The hardest thing for any WooCommerce store owner is to make the customers review their product.

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin helps you get reviews from customers who have bought products from your store but have forgotten to give a review. This WooCommerce star rating plugin empowers you to set up automatic review reminders for customers who recently purchased a product from your store. Reminder emails are sent to your customers, inviting them to review the new product(s) they have purchased.

Key Features of Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

  1. Automatic Review Reminder Emails will be sent to customers who recently purchased a product asking for the review.
  2. You can set a single review form which includes questions about all products in the order so that you can get a review of several products at one shot. The cool thing is after submission of the review forms; the plugin will transfer reviews to pages of individual products.
  3. Generate new coupons for customers who review their purchases and can set emails to be sent with the newly generated coupon or existing coupon once they have submitted the review.
  1. It has all the features which a product owner will need and more surprisingly all to be free. Automated process makes getting reviews very simple.
  2. You can also import the reviews of your product from Amazon or eBay using a.CSV file.
  1. One major disadvantage is that the free version does not allow you to collect reviews on your domain name while the review invitation emails are sent via CR, which is an independent service for verification of customer reviews.
  2. You can though customize the “From” Email Address and “From” name, but it is available only in the Pro version. While considering the extensive free features they provide, this is much acceptable

Ultimate Reviews Plugin

Ultimate Reviews plugin enables you to accept and manage reviews from users for your products and services. Reviews could be displayed with shortcodes.

Key Features of Ultimate Reviews

  1. Has a user review submission to allow users to submit their reviews under every product.
  2. Can create additional review fields such as value, appearance, quality, etc. It not only allows the star rating system but also has others such as a point and percentage rating system.
  3. It could be integrated with WooCommerce where a new reviews tab can be included in every of your product.
  4. You can choose to send a reminder to review after an order has been set and can also send follow-up emails.
  1. The Ultimate Reviews free plugin enough for people looking for basic user review features. If you want to integrate the user reviews with WooCommerce, you have to upgrade to premium.
  2. It provides much styling option which no review plugins focus. You can customize almost everything and also allows the possibility of adding custom CSS in their settings itself.
  3. It allows some cool features like access restrictions in reviewing like “Requires login,” “Require Admin approval,” and much more, which will prevent many unwanted and fake reviews.
  1.  Provides only minimal possibilities with the free version.
  2. While it does have automatic reminders asking for reviews, this is also under Pro version which the “Customer Reviews for WooCommerce” has it in their free.

WP Product Review

WP Product Review plugin is handy for people who review products.

With the WP Product Review plugin the Reviewer (a.k.a.) the Author can write a review of products and the readers who have also used the products themselves can also rate the products and submit their reviews.

This is a great WordPress Customer Review plugin all in all.

If you are creating a product review website, this plugin will be the right choice than to go for the previous one.

Key Features of WP Product Review

  1. Buy Now button – add a “Buy Now” button with your affiliate link on the reviews for sale conversions and earning affiliate commissions.
  2. Allow Users to Review and Rate – it also allows for user review where the readers who have used the products can add their review of the products.
  3. Combine User review and Editor Review – you can change the original editor review according to the user reviews by using their “visitor review influence” option and selecting the percentage effect on the original rating.
  4. Has a Pros section and Cons section in the review section.
  5. The Latest and Top products can be displayed using their widgets.
  1. The WP Product Review plugin creates the best environment for users to read a product review and give their own rating.
  2. Can add product from Amazon.com with an API key which automatically gets the product name, image, affiliate link, and price.
  3. The automated comparison table is generated from reviews. Many other things are also automated, which saves time.
  4. WP Product Review Lite (free) plugin has enough power to create a product review website on its own.
  1. Like the WP Review Pro, essential features like Comparison table and the Listing table are not in the Free version.
  2. The price is very costly, considering that their product can be best used only if he/she is reviewing a product while not much beneficial if he/she is reviewing any other services or content. Price can be a little less.
  3. They don’t have much style customization compared to WP Review Pro.
  4. The Amazon integration feature and front-end review submission are beyond their basic Pro version, which is more expensive.

WooCommerce Reviews Plugin by Wiremo

Wiremo is a convenient WP Customer Reviews plugin aimed to help consumer-centric teams improve their products and make their organization more productive by listening to their most substantial asset – customers.

Key Features of WooCommerce Reviews Plugin

  1. Automatic email: Wiremo plugin will automatically send in an email to your customers asking for review once they have purchased your product.
  2. Replies to reviews: You can also respond to every review in public to show you care about every customer.
  3. Import reviews: You can import your existing WooCommerce reviews from other platforms via CSV file.
  4. Social review sharing: You can share your reviews to social media pages directly from the widget or ask your customer to share their own reviews.
  5. Top rated products: You can show Top rated products to your customers on your product page.
  1. Their features are focused precisely on what a WooCommerce shop owners will need in asking for a review.
  2. Excellent customer support.

Very costly as the pricing is per month basis.

  • $19.99 per month
  • $49.99 per month
  • $200+/month

Hope this article helps you in choosing your suitable WooCommerce review plugin. Do let us know in the comments which one you are going with and why.

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