WordPress 5.0 – Gutenberg editor – What you need to know?

WordPress 5.0 which was launched recently is the talk of the web designing world.  The new block-based editor known as Gutenberg editor is very much different from the old Classic (WYSIWYG) editor

How does this editor work? How can you make the best use of Gutenberg? Let’s see these in this post.


At first, Gutenberg editor could be little confusing, especially if you don’t have experience with page-builders it will take some time to learn. It is certainly more powerful and faster than the previous versions.

If you get used to working with the editor, then you can get the work very fast; quite faster than before even with unoptimised hosting.

WordPress 5.0 main focus – intuitive site-building

WordPress is the most popular website-builder and leads the market. But there is a rise in Hosted website builders who are offering freemium websites with drag and drop editing and pre-made templates. With the intuitive Block-editor WordPress hopes to give a fight to other website builders.

What’s great in Block-editor?

You may have known that in Gutenberg everything is a block and using these blocks you can determine every part of your content.

What’s cool is, you can change the layout and settings for every block you make. What’s even better is you can save these blocks as ‘Reusable blocks’. You can use this reusable block like a template and  you just have to go to Add Block -> Reusable to pick your reusable intro block

REST API in WordPress 5.0

There are several additions to the REST API that help provide the new block-based editor with all the data it needs. It means that it is going to be more easy for developers to create applications.

Block-Enabled Plugins

WordPress plugins repository now has a Block-enabled plugins list which gives you the list of all plugins which offers blocks for the block-based editor. There are a number of plugins which are being added to this list everyday and developers are creating new plugins which are able to make the best use of this block-editor.

We are happy to inform you that our Helpie FAQ plugin has been added to this block enabled plugins list.

If you are plugin or theme developer Gutenberg gives you the opportunity to develop a fast-growing product with little marketing. So developer make the best use of it!

HelpieWP plugins and WordPress 5.0

At HelpieWP, we work continuously to make our products compatible with the latest updates. All our plugins work well with WordPress 5.0.

We have also made a Gutenberg block for Helpie FAQ plugin. With this block, you can add and customize FAQs to any pages with Gutenberg editor.

For Classic Editor Lovers

For those WordPress users who are not happy with Gutenberg Editor, they can use 2 plugins – Classic Editor plugin and Gutenberg Ramp plugin.

Classic Editor is an official plugin maintained by the WordPress team that restores the previous (“classic”) WordPress editor and the “Edit Post” screen. This plugin will receive support till 2022. It also you a “Classic Editor Block” in the Gutenberg editor.

The Gutenberg Ramp plugin adds a settings screen where you can enable Gutenberg selectively for specific post types.

Should I update to 5.0 immediately?

Though 5.0 is advanced, it still has some bugs. But the team is work continuously to fix all the issues.

You may try waiting a little longer and get a more stable version or you could try it in a local site with your themes and plugins and your personalized settings. If you don’t have any issues then you can update. But make sure to backup all your data before you update.

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