Best WordPress Accordion Plugins (Free & Paid) – 2023

Are you looking for the best WordPress accordion plugins? Accordions are a good way to display some valuable content in a collapsible form. In WordPress, this technique is used to display various types of content.

You can create accordions without plugins, but why do for coding when you have some excellent tools at your hand. There are different accordions plugins in WordPress for various purposes. We will see the best WordPress accordion plugins in 2023 with their uses.

Best Free WordPress Accordion Plugins – 2023

All these free accordion plugins have the latest features and provide support in 2023. They have pro versions with more powerful features which can be useful for your business.

Helpie FAQ 

One of the main purposes of using an accordion plugin is to create collapsible FAQs content to answer common questions about a product or service.

Helpie FAQ is an easy to use WordPress accordion plugin which is used to create and embed FAQs page and sections anywhere on your website. It is optimized for answering customers most nagging questions and proven to be an effective way to reduce support tickets.

Helpie FAQ plugin integrated with Helpie knowledge base plugin to create a customer self-help portal to take care of the customer support needs.

Best Features of Helpie FAQ

  • Works well with all page builders, has a FAQ widget for creating accordion with Elementor page builder.
  • It has a shortcode builder to customize and embed the FAQs and can be used with any post type
  • Has an in-line Search bar so that customers can search and find the answers quickly.
  • Can create a WooCommerce product FAQ tab (vertical)
  • Pro version has useful features like changing accordion colors, fonts and font colors and sizes, User FAQ submission, Auto FAQs sorting, and FAQ insights (tracking).

Easy Accordion

Easy Accordion is a responsive WordPress Accordion plugin with a lot of customization options. It gives you both horizontal and vertical accordion layout options. It also has an intuitive admin panel.

Best Features of Easy Accordion

  • You can have multiple accordions opening together.
  • Every part of the accordions can be customized.
  • Pro version gives you 16+ modern per-designed accordion themes
  • Premium version also has advanced shortcodes for categories and custom taxonomies.

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a multi-purpose WordPress plugin that extends the functionality of the new WordPress Gutenberg editor. It offers more than 15 custom Gutenberg blocks to make your content better and engaging.

One of such blocks is Content Toggle (Accordion). It lets you add FAQs section in your WordPress posts/pages. You can see a demo here.

Best Features of Ultimate Blocks 

  • Supports FAQ Schema to show your FAQs in Google SERPs
  • You can change the color of the title and container
  • Can choose the initial state as collapsed or not
  • Has other important blocks like Table of Contents, Tabbed Content, Testimonial, and much more

WPB Accordion Menu or Category

WPB Accordion Menu Category plugin helps to create beautiful Accordion Menus for your site. It is also the best free Menu Accordion WordPress plugin with beautiful animation effects.

Best Features of WPB Accordion Menu or Category

  • Support multiple Menu Accordions
  • It is compatible with WooCommerce and other ecommerce plugins.
  • Can create category accordions and it supports custom taxonomy.
  • Pro version has more color customization options with FontAwesome and Themify icons.

Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate is the WordPress plugin you need if you plan to add tabs, buttons, boxes, sliders, and carousels along with accordions. It is a 1-step solution for multiple widgets. You can embed the 50+ elements with 1-click shortcode insertion, and you get a live preview.

Best Features of Shortcodes Ultimate

  • Can add accordion tabs in widget-ready areas using shortcodes.
  • Has other important elements like Slider, Carousel, Gallery, Spoiler and much more
  • It is responsive and works with any theme.
  • Has a Premium add-ons bundle with more elements and additional skins.

Accordion plugin by PickPlugins

Accordion by PickPlugins is a powerful WordPress accordion plugin with which you can create accordions, accordion tabs, question & answer section, and WooCommerce accordion tabs.

Best Features of Accordion plugin

  • You can display the WooCommerce product Q&A tab as accordions.
  • Easy to customize the color, font size, and icons.
  • Accordions can be sorted with a drag and drop interface.
  • Pro version has some useful features like Vertical tabs, Search bar, Nested Tabs, and more.

Accordion plugin by ThemePoints

Accordion by Themepoints is an easy to use WordPress accordion plugin that allows you to add multiple accordions in your website. You can add collapsible accordion in post, page or text widgets with color variations.

Best Features of Accordion plugin

  • You can customize the background color, font size & color of the title and content in the accordion.
  • Gives you 5 different color themes
  • Pro version gives you more color themes and more powerful features such as drag and drop sorting.

Best Premium WordPress Accordion Plugins – 2023

These premium accordion WordPress plugins give you some premium features which is not found in any other free plugins.

WooCommerce Category Accordion

WooCommerce Category Accordion plugin is a simple and easy way to list WooCommerce product categories as well as subcategories into a toggle accordion with expand /collapse option.

Best Features of WooCommerce Category Accordion

  • Has 9+ skins to match your theme and 14 Font Awesome icons.
  • Customize how the Accordion collapses with Click, Hover, Toggle, and Continuous collapsed options.
  • It is Widget ready and has easy shortcodes with TinyMCE editor

Accordion Slider  

There are many Slider plugins, all doing the same thing. But Accordion Slider plugin does something different it adds accordions to a powerful image slider. It combines accordion features with the slider. It gives an intuitive and engaging user experience.

Best Features of Accordion Slider

  • It can be integrated easily with image gallery plugins to load images from your gallery.
  • Can load images from external sources such as Flickr.
  • It is touch-enabled so that you can touch, swipe, or tap on mobile screens and mouse drag on desktops.

What do you think of this plugin list? Which WordPress accordion plugin you use? Have you used any of these plugins? Tell us in the comments section below.

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