Best WordPress Calendar Plugins – 2020 (Free & Paid)

Looking for the best WordPress Calendar plugin? WordPress offers many types of calendar plugins which have capabilities like time tracking, event-hosting, Google Calendar widget, managing bookings and appointments, and many more. We have done the work for you in researching and give you the best WordPress Calendar plugins – 2020.

Importance of a Calendar

“One man gets only a week’s value out of a year while another man gets a full year’s value out of a week.” – Charles Richards

The difference between hard work and a productive work is effective planning and time management. It is up to oneself to get a week’s value out of a year or a year’s value out of a week. The good news is that there is more than one way to effectively manage your time and tasks.


Date and time organization is pivotal to improve the productivity of businesses and there’s nothing more imperative than a calendar management tool to help your website.  From getting alerts on important events to keeping a check on the daily tasks, getting your hands on some of the best WordPress calendar plugins are ever so easy now.

Best WordPress Calendar Plugins & Widgets – 2020

WordPress calendar plugins consist of plugins for managing tasks, tracking time, enabling bookings for events, scheduling appointments etc.  All these plugins can help your website look au courant, complete with options to create your own workplace app and even enable a scheduling and payment gateway.

Here’s a compilation of the best WordPress calendar plugins that you may consider if you wish to track your time or simply help your visitors to register for events.

There are both free and premium WordPress Calendar plugin in this list. The free plugins have powerful pro versions to which you can upgrade when needed.

EventOn – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

EventOn is a the most popular WordPress event calendar plugin with 47,580 sales (till Jan -2020) on CodeCanyon.

It has an elegant calendar design with sophisticated user experience. It is simple, clean and power-packed with features that will take your website to the next level. Well-known for its feature availability, this calendar plugin from CodeCanyon has WPML compatibility for the event registration system.

EventOn – Features

Here is an exhaustive list of the features of EventOn – the WordPress event plugin.

  • Wide range of custom event colors
  • Single view of event page with event card
  • Shortcode generator
  • WordPress Calendar widget at the snap of a finger
  • Interactive featured images
  • Option to integrate with Google Maps
  • Upcoming events alert creation
  • Various styling options for featured events
  • Custom meta fields
  • Options to choose from 5 event categories
  • Filter events
  • Customizable font icons and themes
Sample Screenshot of EventOn Plugin:

Average Rating:


  • Regular License for $24 with 6-month support
  • Extended License for $855 with 6-month support

Calendarize it! – WordPress Calendar Plugin

Calendarize it! is a premium WordPress Calendar plugin from CodeCanyon with 11,446 sales (till Jan -2020). It has jaw dropping user interface and is easily one of the best calendar plugins available in the market for WordPress website.

Its key differentiator is the Visual CSS Editor which offers you the ability to customize designs on developer levels. It comes with extra add-ons and great customer support.

Calendarize it! – Features:

Read on to know more about the features of Calendarize it! WordPress plugin.

  • Broad spectrum of color schemes
  • Visual CSS editor
  • Events addition with point and click interface
  • Recurring events supported (with some exceptions)
  • Layout box builder for events and venues
  • Dashboard notifications
  • Individual calendar for users
  • Advanced filter options with custom taxonomies
  • Mini event calendar and upcoming events sidebar widget
  • Event list available for daily, weekly, monthly options
  • Support for shortcodes, custom post types, and capabilities
  • Date and time format customizable
  • Integrate Google Map for event and venue page
  • Add-ons available
  • Translations-ready
Sample Screenshot of Calendarize it!

Average Rating:



Calendarize It! WordPress plugin has two license options:

  • Regular License for $25 with 6-month support
  • Extended License for $149 with 6-month support

WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager is a WordPress event management plugin for adding event listing functionality to your site. It is a great plugin, if you want to display an events calendar integrated with your event managing software.

It gives you an intuitive events dashboard to easily manage events, even if they are large.

WP Event Manager – Features:

The core plugin with basic event management features are free with Pro add-ons for added functionality.

  • Easily add, manage, and categorize event listings.
  • Powerful Ajax search to find events.
  • Gives you Front-end forms for users to submit & manage event listings
  • Event Calendar (Pro add-on) – display all the future events on your site
  • Sell tickets with WooCommerce (Pro add-on)
  • Register attendees for events (Pro add-on)
  • Google Maps (Pro add-on) to find events based on location
Sample Screenshot of WP Event Manager:

Average Rating:



Event Management features are available on the free basic version.

Calendar is available as an add-on for $39. Also, other important features are  available as add-ons. 

Simple Calendar: A Google Calendar Plugin

Simple Calendar is free WordPress Google calendar plugin which is known for its simplicity and ease of use. It can be easily customized as per your preference and is beautifully designed. Though it has minimal features in comparison to its competitors, it is quick to set up and extremely efficient.

Features of Simple Calendar Plugin

  • Manage events directly from Google calendar
  • Integrate with any public Google calendar
  • Enables single display of multiple calendars in terms of categories
  • Grid and list view options
  • Theme options to suit your webpage
  • Simple configuration changes for Admin usage
  • Translations-ready
Sample Screenshot of Simple Calendar Plugin:

Average Rating:



It’s a free WordPress calendar plugin.

Has premium add-ons bundles and your are charged for the number of sites

  •  1 site (Personal): $49/year
  •  5 sites (Business): $79/year
  • 25 sites: Elite: $149/year

Booking Calendar – WordPress Plugin

Booking Calendar is a well known and responsive WordPress Calendar Plugin available in the plugin repository. It can be easily installed with a simple short code and can be placed anywhere on your WordPress website.

Features of Booking Calendar

Here are some of its interesting features of Booking Calendar plugin.

  • Timeline view for calendar
  • Easy to use interface
  • Receive email notifications of bookings
  • Event import from Google calendar
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Booking Admin Panel that displays bookings in more than one view
  • Search and Filter options
Sample Screenshot of Booking Calendar:

Average Rating:



Freemium plugin with multiple pricing plans ranging from $59.25 to $674.25.

The Events Calendar – WordPress Plugin

One of the best Event Calendar WordPress plugins, The Events Calendar helps you to create and manage events in a jiffy. It also offers you the ability to customize certain display options. The user interface is stunning with a whole lot of settings for you to play around with.

The Event Calendar – Features

Following are the features of The Events Calendar WordPress plugin:

  • Wide range of template tags, filters and hooks
  • Monthly view of calendar with tooltips
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Ajax enabled calendar
  • Location search option
  • Upcoming events widget
  • Several stylesheets for better integration
  • Event categories and tags
  • Translation ready
Sample Screenshot of The Event Calendar:

Average Rating:



Free plugin is basic Version and Pro version has added features which starts from $89.

Modern Events Calendar Lite – WordPress Plugin

Modern Events Calendar Lite is a simple calendar WordPress plugin which has an attractive design and theme. Using this calendar plugin, you can now showcase single or recurring events on your website in a variety of styles.

Modern Events Calendar Lite – Features

Here are few of its many features.
  • Single plus multiple day events
  • Single calendar view – daily, weekly, monthly
  • Stylish skins and styles
  • Ability to import from other calendar plugins (Event On, Calendarize it etc)
  • Options to filter events
  • Shortcode generator
  • Integration with Google calendar
  • One stop Reporting Dashboard
  • Custom color themes
  • Supports multiple organizers
  • Event countdown system
Sample Screenshot of Modern Events Calendar Lite:
Average Rating:
Free Basic version and Pro version with multiple add-ons which cost $35 each.

WordPress also have the best knowledge base and FAQ plugins for giving your customers the best support experience. Every business needs a FAQ section and a customer helpdesk.


What do you think of this plugins list? Which one are you using? Is there others plugins which you think deserves a place on this list? Tell us in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “Best WordPress Calendar Plugins – 2020 (Free & Paid)”

  1. Full disclosure: I wrote this plugin, but here’s hoping the moderator finds some general interest in it 🙂

    I’ve spent years using various calendar plugins with clients and customizing them. The trouble I found with all of them isn’t about the feature set. It’s about the admin who maintains them. You can build the slickest calendar in the world, but if the dates are wrong, the descriptions have typos, the images are outdated or obviously inappropriate, they’re a real turn-off. How many times have I seen a slider on the home page of one of my clients with a bold and beautiful cover image of a marquee event…that ended last week? The admin simply forgot to change it out. It just looks unprofessional, and it’s taking up key real estate for the next marquee event that should be showing.

    So out of frustration (and the bad press about my work with stuff like that on my portfolio sites), I decided to tackle that problem. A calendar plugin with registration generates a ton of data as registrations come in. Can we harness that data to automate some of this marketing to keep sites looking fresh and marquee events in front of eyeballs? I’ve taken a stab at this here:

    So to take this from infomercial to discussion, has this happened to you? Once you got your great calendar, did you find it solved your issue or was there a human factor behind it? For me, the calendar is just the beginning of it. I’m always finding the weak link in the chain is not the tool, it’s the overworked and naturally fallible person who wields it.

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